Storylines containing “Dangerous”

56Spirit, The (8th Series)…Taxes and the Spirit; A Day at the Zoo; Wanted: Dangerous Job; Pito
4Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (2nd Series)99 Problems…, Part 4; The Most Dangerous Player
2Clue ComicsA Clue for You; On Stage for Murder; The Short, Dangerous Life of Packy Smith
14Clue ComicsA Clue for You; On Stage for Murder; The Short, Dangerous Life of Packy Smith
150Battle Picture Library (2nd Series)A Dangerous Man
4Spicy TalesA Dangerous Mission; Killer’s Foil; Ant-Hill Vengeance; Murder in Wax; Spy trail; The Spider
882Phantom, The (Frew)A Dangerous Voyage
3Richie Rich and GloriaA Funnier Carnival; The Mysterious Invention; It’s Too Dangerous; Calamity Gloria; Super Rumpus Room; Little Lotta: That’s History; LIttle Dot: Dot Detour
206Richie Rich (1st Series)A Gift of Givng; Racing Robot; Cadbury: Notes to You; Richie’s Dollar Sense: Shine Silver (text story); Little Lotta’s Food Fun: Cereal Candy; Mr. Woody: Dangerous to be Near Him
1ColossusA Most Dangerous Game
5Richie Rich Gold and SilverA Much-Amusement Park; Hard Working Crooks; The Genius; Hey, Stoopid!; Little Lotta: Papa’s Little Helper; Uncle Chump; Dangerous Assignment
1Maximum Security Dangerous PlanetA Very Dangerous Planet
4/HCAvengers Assemble (2nd Series)A Very Dangerous Planet; Illegal Aliens; A World of Hurt; Interstellar Intrigues; Whatever the Cost!; No Rest for the Weary; Scorched Earth; Above and Beyond; Condition: Green; THOOM; The Cat Came Back; The Ultron Imperative; House Cleaning
5MomeAbduction; Wally Gropius, Teen Millionaire; Music for Midnight; Thaddeus Gropius, CEO; Two Idiot Brothers: Get A Shovel; Art History Notes/Hoax Paper; Lucid Night-mare, Part 1; I Feel Like I Don’t Even Know You; Life with Mr. Dangerous, Part 4; A Story of the Oki Islands; Andrice Arp Interview; My California Journal; 3 Legged Myrna & Her 2 Lovers; Nothing Eve, Part 1; Me and the Buddha; Meet the Dropouts
1Men of Mystery Daring Adventures SpecialAirboy; The Blue Beetle: Unmasked; The Doll Man; The Avenger: The Sea Monsters; Mandrake’s Magic Page; Ibis the Invincible Battles the Amazing Riverman!; Manhunter: South Seas; T-Man: The Terror of the Orient!; Men of Mystery Presents another U-Solve-It; Bulletman: The Dangerous Escape; Ibis the Invincible: The Guardians of the Tomb; Camilla
22Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 2)Al’s Baby: Blood on the Bib, Part 7; Anderson, Psi Division: The Jesus Syndrome, Part 1; Heavy Metal Dredd: The Most Dangerous Guitar in the World; Judge Dredd: Mechanismo Returns, Part 1; Sleeze ’n’ Ryder, Part 4
49Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 4; Art and the Nazis; Bloodstar, Part 5; Changes, Part 12; Dangerous Curves; Good-Bye, Soldier; Rock Opera, Part 16; Stories from London; Tex Arcana, Part 2; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 5
65True ComicsAmerican Adventures in Industry; Boss of the N.Y. Yankees (Larry Macphail); What Would You Do?; How It Got Its Name: Chicago; Most Dangerous Passage; True’s News from Hollywood (text); Balkan Escape; The Story of Scotlan
8Captain Marvel Jr.And His Dangerous Doubles Goes To War; Captain Marvel Jr. Will Die!!; Tunisian Adventures (text); The Snortville Sneeze: Untitled; Suprised When Captain Nazi Repents; Meets the Conquerors From The Grave
1Hot Stuff DigestAnything You Can Do; Aunt Blasta!; Devilish Godfather; Stumbo the Giant: Danger from Afar; Richie Rich: Dresses Can Be Dangerous; Strictly From Hunger; The Big Meal; Stumbo the Giant: What Am I Good For?; Richie Rich: The Fast Force; The Little Stranger; Rare Specimen; Stumbo the Giant: There’s No Place Like It!; Mayda Munny: Missing Miss Misses!; The Firebug Invasion; Lennie Litter
300/AIron Man (1st Series)Appetite for Destruction!; The Soft Machine; The Iron Legion; Armored and Dangerous
3405CommandoArmed - And Dangerous!
3Mortal Kombat: Goro, Prince of PainArmed and Dangerous
18Punisher 2099Armed and Dangerous
7Spider-Man AdventuresArmed and Dangerous
1Spider-Man Interactive Comic BookArmed and Dangerous
78Silver Surfer, The (Vol. 3)Armored And Dangerous
2/ANorthguard (Chapterhouse)Aurora Dawn, Part 2; Dangerous Encounter; Northguard: Faster, Cosplayer! Kill, Kill!
1Bones of the ChildrenBare Bones; Aftertaste; The Lion and the Cucumber; The Happy Language; Camera Obscura; Close to You; Night Song; Remembering What He Was; The Wicked Web; Suckerbait; The Unclaimed Zones: An Interview with Poppy Z. Brite; An Excerpt from: Exquisite Corpse; Crank & Deceit; A Most Dangerous Game; Transformation; Wayne’s World; Rattling Good Reads; Chance Meeting; Dead Art
47Romance Stories of True LoveBittersweet Love; Wondrous Interlude; Art…For Love’s Sake!; Broken Love; Dangerous Deception (text story)
171X-Men (2nd Series)Bizarre Love Triangle, Part 1; Dangerous Liaisons
18Joe Palooka (2nd Series)Black Cat Defies Death (text story); Adventures in Hollywood; Little Max: Battling Bee; Black Cat: Dangerous Bet (text story)
57Men of MysteryBlue Beetle: Unmasked; Bulletman: The Dangerous Escape; Ibis the Invincible
1Annie Oakley and Tagg (Gold Key)Bonanza Burro; One Man’s Law; Dangerous Crossing; Crazy Ropers; Bison Range Branding
123Four Color Comics (2nd series)Bugs Bunny’s Dangerous Venture; Experiment 74-X
6MomeCab Ride; Love Love Tentapod (After T. Saeki); Iacocca High; Hopscotch; Testosterone; The Notary; Everyday I Love You Less and Less; Jillian Banks, Debutante of the underworld; Iraq; Frustration Land; Dad’s Chickens; Everyday Terrorists; Harvest Dance; Virgin Vinyl; Life With Mr. Dangerous, Part 5; Love Gazebo; Diarrhea; First Teen Fancy; At Loose Ends, Part 1; Dupes; Gabrielle the Third; Nothing Eve, Part 2
618Four Color Comics (2nd series)Capt. Harry Wheeler Sheriff, Soldier and Arizona Ranger (text); Gold of the Arivaipas; Dangerous Destination; Thanks to an Outlaw (text); Ace Meets His Match; Old Bill Williams, Plainsman, Preacher and Scout (text)
101Master ComicsCapt. Marvel Jr.: The Ghost Building; Dizzy Daisy: Silly; Colonel Corn & Korny Kobb: Fire Fighters; Nyoka: The Snake Plantation; Dizzy Daisy: Short Witted; Bulletman: The Mystery of the Wonder Drug; Zuzu the Zoo Keeper: Sickly; Whitey Whiskers: Dangerous Sleep; Bloobstutter; s Secret Weapon (text); Muscle Hedd: Questionable; Tom Mix: The Impossible Odds
0All-New Classic Captain CanuckCaptain Canuck Case File; Artctic Assault; Armed & Dangerous; Double Start Crossed, Part 1 & 2
0/AAll-New Classic Captain CanuckCaptain Canuck Case File; Artctic Assault; Armed & Dangerous; Double Start Crossed, Part 1 & 2
69Li’l AbnerCase of the Magic Vase; Dangerous Mission, Shipwrecked (text); Roddie; Snoopy; Sorority Dance
50Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-2Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-3Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-4Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-5Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-6Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
50-7Classics Illustrated (British)Castle Dangerous
141Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Castle Dangerous
141-2Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Castle Dangerous
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