Storylines containing “Devil Chef”

150Dark Horse PresentsBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Killing Time; Concrete: Sympathy from a Devil; L’il Devil Chef: Trouble in Lunchland; The Nevermen, Part 3; Death Come Quietly; Dirges in the Dark; The Fish Police: Fish City 2 Nite
100.2Dark Horse PresentsHellboy: The Chained Coffin; Alec: The Snooter; Devil Chef: The Shining; Fat Dog Mendoza: The Secret Life of Leftovers; Bitchy Bitch: Dream On; Yes
4Deadline USA (2nd Series)Nail Boss; Timulo; Devil Chef; A-Men; Beryl The Bitch; Wired World; Syd Serene; Young Kafka; Johnny Nemo; The Number 8 Bus To Hell; Tortilla Baby; Hot Triggers
107Dark Horse PresentsRusty Razorclam; The Ninth Gland, Part 1; The One Trick Rip-Off, Part 7; Devil Chef, Part 1; Internal Revenue; Humiliation and Debasement
108Dark Horse PresentsThe Ninth Gland, Part 2; Devil Chef, Part 2; The One Trick Rip-Off, Part 8; The Perfect Tree
109Dark Horse PresentsThe One Trick Rip-Off, Part 9; Devil Chef, Part 3; The Ninth Gland, Part 3; New York Pets
5Deadline USA (2nd Series)Young Kafka; Wired World; Devil Chef; Timulo; Milk And Cheese; Hugo Tate; A-Men; Music Feature-Seaweed; Johnny Nemo; Ingrate; How Jenny Left Earth; Atomic Baby; Gwar