Storylines containing “Dragonfly”

127Our Fighting ForcesAngels over Hell’s Corner; Battle Album: Yamato; Private Buck’s Army!; Dragonfly
7New Talent ShowcaseChemical Illusion; Round 8; Return of the Dragonknights, Part 3; Confrontations; The Human Potential; Dragonfly, Part 1
1Dragonring (Vol. 2)Demon Hunter, Part 1; Dragonfly
19House of SecretsDesigns for Disaster; cartoon: Peter Puptent, Explorer; The Man Who Turned to Gold; Face in the Firelight (text); puzzle: A Judy Jupiter Space Stickler; Body Possessed; The Lair of the Dragonfly!
4Dragonfly & DragonflymanDragonfly & Dragonflyman, Part 4; Not Required Reading: Heliopause; The Rescue; Jewel-Eyed Terror
5Dragonfly & DragonflymanDragonfly & Dragonflyman, Part 5; Pickle’s Pantry; Not Required Reading Co.; Not Required Reading CO2; Final Transmission; Franklien vs. the Sea Witch
1Dragonfly & DragonflymanDragonfly & Dragonflyman: Police Crackdown; Captain Ginger: Bully; Poe vs. The Black Cat; When Stars Explode
1DragonflyDragonfly Vs. Psiborg
4AmericomicsDragonfly; Shade: The Night Has a Thousand Screams, Part 2; Atomic Mouse: Backward, Turn Backward, O Time, In Your Flight
42Brave and the Bold, TheHawkman: The Menace of the Dragonfly Raiders
2871CommandoHunt The Dragonfly
1U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected StoriesPresidential Letter to Sam Glanzmzn, Forward, Introduction, Frightened Boys… or Fighting Men?, The Browning Shot, The Idiot!,1-2-3, Black Smoke, Dragonfly, The Kunko Warrior, Double Rescue, How Many Fathoms, Buckethead, Missing: 320 Men, Deat5h of a Ship, Cause and Cure!, In the Frying Pan!,Buck Taylor, You Can’t Fool Me, Cabbages and Kings, Kamikaze, Hip Shot, In Tsingtao,X DD479, Red Ribbon, Vella Lavella, Dreams, Batmen, SC’s War Diary, Imperivm Neptvni Regis, Prelude, Mail Call, What Do They Know About War?, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the War, Comic Strip, Color Me Brave, Ride the Baka, A Nightmare from thr Beggining, Another Kunko Warrior, This is the Ship that War Built, Buck Taylor, The Islands Were Meant for Love, Portuguese Man of War, Tailor-Mades, The Sea Is Calm… The Sky ?Is Bright…, Who to Believe, The Kiyi, The Thousand-Stich Belt, Accident, King of the Hill, Today is Tomorrow, Where . . . ?, Rocco’s Roost, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Toro, Moonglow, Lu7cky . . . Save Me, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, I Am Old Glory . . ., A Glance Into Glanzman, Between the Pages, Not Granted, . . . And Fear Crippled Andy Payne, Why?, The Trinity, In a Gentlemanly Way, Rescued by Luck, Even Dead Birds Have Wings, Home of the Brave, I REMEMBER: Dreams, I REMEMBER: Squish Squash, Snapshots, The Figurehead, Back and Forth 1941-1944, Back and forth `941-1945, Afterword, The Final U. S. S. Stevens Story
1Fem FantastiqueRad; Dragonfly
60FemforceRegrets and Broken Hearts!; Dragonfly: No Room left on the Gravey Train
8New Talent ShowcaseStarting Over; High Speed Insanity; Dragonfly, Part 2; Shattered; Clinic Conflict
Bk 5FemforceThe Blue Bulleteer: Thanks Given; Ms. Victory: Catspaw!; Tara and Garganta: Infestation From Space; Synn of the Femforce: When a Tree Falls in the Forest…; Upclose of…Dragonfly: The Golden Age of Leather; Upclose of…Dragonfly: Origin; Femforce Up-Close on Stardust: One Slip…
275Superman (1st Series)The Dragonfly Invasion of Metropolis!; Fabulous World of Krypton: The Princess and the Glass Treeman!
3Femforce Up CloseThe Golden Age Of Leather, The Origin Of Dragonfly,
200Strange AdventuresThe Guardian Eye; Lair of the Dragonfly; the Man with the Comet Head
185Superman SupacomicThe Monser Who Unmasked Superman; Kill Me if You Dare; The Dragonfly Invasion of Metropolis!; The World of No Return!
6Wrong Earth, TheThe Wrong Earth, Part 6; Dragonfly, Part 2; Dawn of Hope; Yelp (text); Not Required Reading (text); Teenage Troubles (text)
2Mam Tor: Event HorizonViking Zombie Elvis; F*cking Savages; Dragonfly; Dustbowl; Lorne: The Eagle and the Serpent; Machivarius Point: Mercenaries; Rumours of Ragnarok: Sea and Thunder; Ghost Town; A Trace of Fragile Bliss; Grandma’s House; Top of the Food Chain; Pacify; Wormcast; Number 6; Chase Variant; Tom Tom Mocoubre…grid ref n497s728e551w155; Like a Machine; Lap of the Gods; Ride Red Ride; The True Adventures of Jed Lightsear; Necromachia; Closing Pandora; Trip Trick; Gallery; Bizness as Usual; Gail Pin Up; Farthing and Hicks
1Best Of Star * Studded Comics, TheWorlds Within Worlds; The Star-Studded Checklist; Let’s Talk it Over; Introducing the Libery Legion; Introducing the Eye; A Friend in Need; Splash Panel Gallery #1; Slaves of the She-Beast; A Chat with Gary Acord; The Blade; The Power of the Transmuter; White Dragon; Xal-Kor to the Rescue!; Powerman vs. the Weaponer; Doctor Weird; Interview with Alan Weiss; Satan’s Hirelings; The Battle of Credibility Gap; Death in the Skull-World; Dragonfly; Introducing Wildman and Rubberboy; Re: Warrior of Llarn - Interview with Roy Thomas; Warrior of Llarn; SSC advertisement; Excel; Meet the Fans; …And More!; Return of the Nebula; Origin of the Lion; Blueprint for Banditry; The Count; The Spook; Never-before-published rarities & bonus feature:; Dr. Weird pages; Powerman pages; Crime Crasher vs. The Black Dragon; Update - The Texas Trio; Did You Know? - SSC Oddities & Trivia; About The Author
2Wrong Earth, TheWrong Earth, Part 2, Dragonflyman and Stinger: Not in My Backyeard; How to Tell If You’re a Time Traveler; Lackey Luck; Mircrowave Directions for Your Chicken-Fried Steak Entree