Storylines containing “Elephant Cemetery”

101Heavy MetalAnother Image; Bodyssey, Part 4; Elephant Cemetery, Part 1; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 7; Metamorphosis; Metropolis; Rebel, Part 5; Rock Opera, Part 57; Sillavango, Part 1; Tex Arcana, Part 32; Trance-End; Trivial Metal, Part 1; The Whisper Mystery, Part 3
105Heavy MetalRock Opera, Part 59; Jessie, This is Sahamis Base Calling, Part 1; The Bus, Part 65; Elephant Cemetery, Part 5; Slot Machine; Poe! Phooey!; Tex Arcana Meets the Toast of Europe, Part 35; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 11; The Lord of Eltingville has the Answers; The Jealous God, Part 2
104Heavy MetalRock Opera; Mara’s Edge; Khantrax’s Bedtime Story; Sillavengo Disappears; The Jealous God, Part 1; Slot Machine: Risks; Elephant Cemetery, Part 4; Weird Soup; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 10; Tor Johnson in New York; Rebel, Part 8; Timescooter