Storylines containing “Eye for an Eye, A”

5Legion of Super-Heroes (3rd Series)An Eye for an Eye, a Villain for a Hero
330Tales of the LegionAn Eye For An Eye, A Villain for a Hero!
330Tales of the Legion (Canadian Edition)An Eye For An Eye, A Villain for a Hero!
Bk 1Legion of Super-Heroes (3rd Series)Here A Villian, There A Villian…; … Where A Villian?; Everywhere A Villian…?; Lest Villainy Triumph; An Eye for an Eye, A Villian for a Hero!; Silver Linings
Bk 1Mammoth Book of Comic FantasyPeregrine: Alflandia, Pizza to go, A Malady of Magicks, Golden Apples of the Sun, Death Swatch, Press Ann, Troll Bridge, The Toll Bridge, Alaska, The Cat With Two Tails, The Warlock’s Daughter, The Glass Slip-Up, Tender is the Night-Gaunt, Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar, Looking-Glass Land, the Story of the Four Little Children, The Disadvantages of Mind, The Return of Max Kearny, The Unpleasantness at the Baloney Club, A Fortnight of Miracles, Aphrodite’s New Temple, The Fifty-First Dragon, The Boscombe Walters Story, Fall’n Into the Sear, The Cunning Plan, War of the Doom Zombies, The Tale of the Seventeenth Eunuch, And Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth, Queen of the Green Sun, Wu-Ling’s Folly, Mebodes’ Fly, The Return of Mad Santa, Ruella in Love, Been a Long, Long Time