Storylines containing “Faces”

5Zagor (Epicenter)1000 Faces of Fear
4DC Special13 Shock-Ending Stories 13; Ghost Writer; The Magic Hammer; A Piece of Rope; Last Mile Martin; The Dream Lamp; Door of No Return; Beware After Dark; The Tree Man of Tanganyika; Written in the Sands; The Secret of Salzo the Great; The Secret Locked in the Ice; The Bullet Man; The Strange Faces of Death
86Our Fighting Forces3 Faces of Combat!; Battle Seas Hitchhiker!
7DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest4 Faces of Sgt. Rock; Burma Sky; Haunted Tank: Target of Terror; War That Time Forgot: Big House of Monsters; Enemy Ace: The Bull; Unknown Soldier: A Sense of Obligation
2Manhwa Novella Collection9 Faces of Love
1Thrilling Detective Heroes (Adventure House)A History of the Thrilling Pulps; Dr. Coffin: Skullface; Duffy Kildare: Sinister Night; Dr. Feather: The Dead Man Screamed; Mr. Finis: A Trap for Mister Finis; Bagdad, Hobo Detective: Death Rides the Silver Streak; Dr. Zeng: Camelback Kill; Nick Ransom: Mahatma of Mayhem; Race Williams: Not My Corpse; Archie McCann: The Unknown Murderer; Don Marko: The Frightened Faces
85Boris Karloff Tales of MysteryA Monstrous Hoax; The Counterfeit Man; Mirror, Mirror on the Wall; The Thousand Faces of Fear; The Magic Lenses
23.1Batman and Robin (2nd Series)A Tale of Two Faces
23.1-2Batman and Robin (2nd Series)A Tale of Two Faces
23.1/ABatman and Robin (2nd Series)A Tale of Two Faces
23.1/BBatman and Robin (2nd Series)A Tale of Two Faces
104Secret HeartsA Woman Has Two Faces
398BatmanAbout Faces!
398-2BatmanAbout Faces!
398-3BatmanAbout Faces!
398-4BatmanAbout Faces!
398/A-2BatmanAbout Faces!
10Epic IllustratedAbraxas and the Earthman: Press Gang; Bookview; Bird; Liaison; Doctor Watchstop Faces the Future; Children of the Stars; Flightus Interruptus; Portfolio Visions; Mediaview; Marada the She-Wolf; Gameview; The Weapon; Heart and Steel
2Aw Yeah Comics!Action Cat & Adventure Bug Versus Cell-Phone-Guy!, Part 1; The Many Faces of Ghost Bug; The Best Fight Ever!; Jokes N’ Poses!
6Adventures of Alan Ladd, TheAlan Ladd and the Beautiful Bodyguard; The Ears of Hollywood; Alan Ladd, Fighting Editor; The Man of a Thousand Faces; Alan Ladd Walks the Last Mile
Anl 1959/AGirl (Hulton)Alec Guiness - Man of Many Faces; Emergency Ward 10; Tom Thumb; Pat Boone; Sir John BArbirolli; Kenneth More; Making Your Own Film; Friends of Frankie
5Monsters UnleashedAll the Faces of Fear; The Dark Passage; Demon of Slaughter Mansion; Werewolf Tale to End All Werewolf Tales; Once a Monster
58Transformers, TheAll the Familiar Faces!
246Transformers, The (Marvel UK)All The Familiar Faces, Part 1; Demons; Action Force: Law of the Jungle, Part 1
247Transformers, The (Marvel UK)All The Familiar Faces, Part 2; Dawn of Darkness; Action Force: Law of the Jungle, Part 2
248Transformers, The (Marvel UK)All The Familiar Faces, Part 3; Fallen Star; GI Joe: The Lower Depths, Part 2
65/ARipley’s Believe It or Not!An Affair of Honor, Horse Thief, Faces in the Deep, Track of the Specter, Watery Visions; Horse Thief; Faces in the Deep; Track of the Specter (text); Watery Visions
65/BRipley’s Believe It or Not!An Affair of Honor, Horse Thief, Faces in the Deep, Track of the Specter, Watery Visions; Horse Thief; Faces in the Deep; Track of the Specter (text); Watery Visions
65Ripley’s Believe It or Not!An Affair of Honor; Horse Thief; Faces in the Deep; Track of the Specter (text); Watery Visions
1536BuntyAn American At The Manor; Suzy’s Scene; Carrie’s Cab; Molly The Matron; Polly Pimpernel; Two Faces Of Tina; Cosy Corner Letter Page; The Taming Of The Teraway; Remember Rachel!; Toots
46Simpsons ComicsAngels with Yellow Faces; Picture Perfect
24Simpsons ClassicsAngels with Yellow Faces; Picture Perfect; Cover Gallery; The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. Simpson; Where Has All the Flour Gone?
1Blockbusters of the Marvel UniverseAnnihilation War; Armor Wars; Atlantis Attacks; Avengers/Defenders War; Battletide; Civil War; Crossing; Dark Reign; Destiny War; Doom Supreme; Evolutionary War; Fall of the Hammer; Forces of Darkness, Forces of Light; Great Catalcysm; Heroes Reborn/Return; House of M/M-Day; I.T. Plot; Inferno; Infinity Gauntlet; Kree-Skrull War; Lost in Space-Time; Maximum Carnage; Maximum Security; Midnight Massacre; Mutant Massacre; Mys-Tech Wars; Odyssey; Operation: Galactic Storm; Richards-Storm Wedding; Secret Invasion; Secret Wars; Star Wauugh!; Timequake; Vampire State; War of Kings; World Faces Destruction; World War Hulk; World War One; World War Two; Appendix
1Five Little ComicsAnother Little Epic; Some Words Albert Likes; Fifteen Faces In Charcoal; Birth Of A Nation; Fun With Phonics!
97Vampirella (Magazine)Army of the Dead, Part 1; Many Faces of God; A Night Full of Zombies!; Hershey’s Rock; Wormbrand
9Hulk 2099As the Faces of Men
1-2Uncle Scrooge McDuck–His Life & TimesBack to the Klondike; Trouble from Long Ago; Tralla La; The Seven Cities of Cibola; The Lemming with the Locket; Land Beneath the Ground!; Island in the Sky; The Many Faces of Magica De Spell; Micro-Ducks From Outer Space; Go Slowly, Sands of Time
5Original Black Cat, TheBanker’s Holiday; The Furnished Room; The Phony Crusade; Man of 1000 Faces
330Strange (Semic)Batman (Bruce Wayne): PILE-OU-FACE, Part 2; Doubles faces; JLA: FOUDRES CELESTES; Wonder Woman (Diana Prince): LIGNES DE VIE, Part 2; Flash (Wally West): CAUSE ET EFFET
34Mad XLBattyman; Spy vs. Spy; The MAD Richter Scale for Human Beings; 6 Degrees of Separation Between Anyone and Anything; When Nuns Go Bad; The Volatile Vegetable Vignette; The Perturbed Puppeteer’s Pronouncement; The Dopes of Haphazzard; The Lighter Side Of…; MTV’s Real Real World Casting Questionnaire; A MAD Look at Batman; George W. Bush Faces the Drug Issue Head-On!; MAD Mumblings; Half Fact/Whole Fact; Monroe &…; The MAD Living Wall; MAD Marginals XL; The Bad-Mouth Bears; Other Dangers of Smoking; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes of a High School Prom; Obituaries for Merchandising Characters; 7th Heaving; MAD Salutes Some Legedary Moms and Dads; Drawn Out Dramas
27Marvel Super Action (UK Edition)Betrayal!; Hulk Faces the Fury of A Giant Alligator!
MC 1Feeble AttemptsBird at the Highway; Coffee Girls; 2-16 Learn From My Experience!; 9-15-03 Monday; Skaters!; Half-Week in Review; Incredible Change-bots!; Needy; I Ride Trains; 9-29 Diarya Comic; Phone Sex Last Night; I’m Famous; 11-9 What the Fuck?; Coffee 7-7; Fuckin’ It Up; Flying to Washington; Googly Eyes! Yay!; That Explains the Long Faces; 7-17 Happy Birthday; Bird; Throw Money at It and Make It All Better; Unicorn Vs. Mountain Lion; Dragnut
79Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom Faces Doctor Spectro; The Dreadful Dream of Daniel Drelly (text); Moon-Run!
128House of MysteryCaptives of the Robot Brain!; cartoon: Moolah the Mystic; Hand of Glory; The Deadly Faces of Dawn; cartoon: Professor Eureka; Phantoms on the Battlefield (text story); The Sorcerer’s Snares!
494Adventure ComicsChallengers of the Unknown: Contract on a Champ; Superboy: Superboy’s Big Brother; Aquaman: To Win is to Lose; Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel Faces Fear; Superman: The Legion of Super-Villains; Spectre: The Sinister Lives of Captain Skull
2Darkminds (Vol. 2)Changing Faces
2/ADarkminds (Vol. 2)Changing Faces
2/BDarkminds (Vol. 2)Changing Faces
2Batman & Robin AdventuresClayfaces Slime Spree
430Detective ComicsClue of the False Faces; The Haunted Studio Mystery
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