Storylines containing “Fame”

81Crime Does Not Pay“Deadly” Matt Cornish, The Scourge of the Fishing Fleets!; On the Level; It Looked Like Suicide!; The Tear Gas Murders!; Our Police Hall of Fame: Chief Emile E. Bugnon Wood-Ridge, New Jersey; Who Dunnit?
3Power of the Atom15 Minutes of Fame!
19/ADaisy and DonaldA Case of Grumps; Fame and Fortune; Getting the Business; Gyro’s Helping Hand
19Richie Rich & Dollar, the DogA Dog’s Life; Watch It, Dog!; Dogs will be Dogs; Reggie Rides Again (text story); The Fame Game
1Bigg TimeA Farcical Fable of Fleeting Fame
192Jughead with Archie Digest MagazineA Fisherman’s Tale; The Big Blast; Here’s Health; Snack Attack; Rhyme Without Reason; Barber’s Itch; To Dye For; Backpack Packin’; Cool Collection; It Takes Two to Tangle; Movie Madness; Friend in Need; Vicious Cycle; Snaps; Peek-a-Boo!; Fame Aim; How to P
3Tick, The: Days of DramaAccessorize Your Way to Fame and Fortune!
8Real HeroesAdmiral Nimitz; One Man Army of the American Revolution; Commando Commander; Fighting Blood; They’ll Fly Again!; Real Heroes’ Quiz; The Man Who Wouldn’t Die; Real Heroes’ Hall of Fame (text); Yanks Launch Jap Carrier; Get Tough; Sailor From Nevada; Meet Murray Patrick- Canada’s All-Around Athelete; J.E.B. Stuart: Ghost of the Confederate Cavalry; Reel Real Heroes (text); Escape!
263Donald Duck (Walt Disney’s…)All Washed Up; Fly Now-Pay Later; Double Incentive; His Level Best; The Price of Fame; Them’s the Breaks
3Spirit, The (10th Series)Angel Smerti, Part 3; The Spirit, Black & White: 15 Minutes of Fame
576ArchieArch @ Crafts; Beach Bored; The Fame Game!; The Wrong Goodbye
61Laugh Digest MagazineArchie: Girl Watchers; Li’l Jinx: Buy Buy!; Veronica: Court Retort; Josie: Birthday Boy; Archie: Mirror Miracle; Jughead: Gum Chum; Li’l Jinx’s Pal Charley: Shaping Up!; Reggie: Patch Quilt; Archie: Down Under; Li’l Jinx: 4..3..2..1.. Blast Off!; Mr. Weatherbee: Blame Game; Leroy: Bright Sprite; Jughead: Loaf Oaf; Betty: Help Yelp; Mr. Weatherbee: Talk Nice; Archie: Everything You Hear; Archie; Shark Lark; Sabrina: Power Shortage; Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica: One Big Pane; Chuck!: The Fishy Facts; Veronica: Trap Flap; Jughead: Sighs Unseen; Li’l Jinx: Got the Message; Jughead: Fame Aim; Reggie: Court Jester; Archie: Score Lore; Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica: Mask-Her-Aid; Archie: Drip Dry; Jughead: Motor Mirth; Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica: Boy Oh Boy; Jughead’s Dog Hot Dog: Peace Caprice; Little Archie: The Big One; Jughead: Home Sweet Home; Archie: Heap Cheap; Jughead: Inspector Jones
1/HCComics About CartoonistsArtist Loves Model; The Amazing Story of Walt Disney; Inkie; Inkie: Do You Believe in Lucky Tokens?; Scribbly Meets the Editor!!!; Big Doin’s!!!; Such is Fame!!!!!; Scribbly Meets the Boys!!!!; Was His Face Red!!!; Gettin’ Up in th’ World!; Joe Palooka and Me; Dick Tracy and Me; Nancy and Me; Steve Canyon and Me; Kar Toon and His Copy Cat; G.I. Joe: Beautiful Benny of Company B; The Mad Artist; Pen Miller; The Thrill That Comes Once in a Lifetime; Our Boyhood Ambition; Life’s Darkest Moment; Li’l Abner; Night-Monster; Suzie; Grossly Xaggerated; Hey Look; Frankenstein; The Blue Men of Bantro; The Peculiar Pacifier; Tale of Terror; Thible Theatre; Sergeant Spook; Squeedlegump; The Spirit; Scoop Scuttle; Dream of the Rarebit Fiend; Comic Valentine; My Daddy Should Have Listened; My World
35Marvel Super ActionAvengers: Pursue the Panther!; Avengers Hall of Fame
34Archie’s Double Digest MagazineBackstage Woe; A Drew Flaw!; Battle Prattle; Fame Game; Basic Training; Pile Guile; Traction Action; It’s A Lotta Hokum!; Four-Wheeled Panic; Snow Joke; Change for the Better; Message From Ma’s; Generation Gap; Merry, Poppins; A Static Situation; Windsong; Make That Grade!; Squared Away!; Powers Unknown; Holey Error; Box Office Bonanza; Another Man’s Shoes; Lame Brain; Spell Bound; The Protectors; Suspense Offense; Storm Warning; Snap Flap; Shot to Pieces; Never Kid A Kidder; Excuse My Alibi; Night Fright; Boy, Oh, Boy!; Hassle Vassal; Monsters A La Mode; Willie Mack; Hands Off!; English Translation; Model Muddle; Laugh Clown Laugh; Hair; The Learning Process; Trap Flap; Color Him Red; The Cost of Quality; Queen For A Day; The Tip-Toe Tipoff!; Eye for Eye; Dis-Missile; The Thing in the Ghastly Green Box; Hold That Lion; Belted Out!; Spring is Sprung
11Diary LovesBorn to Kill; Fool’s Paradise; The Price of Fame; Love on the Menu
222Walt Disney’s Comics and StoriesChip ‘n’ Dale: The Fame Game
219Superman (1st Series)Clark Kent, Hero… Superman, Public Enemy!; The Fickle Finger of Fame!; The Super Heat-Wave of Metropolis!
228Adventure ComicsClark Kent’s Bodyguard; The Floating Hall of Fame; The Ozark Archer
39Tales From Riverdale DigestClown of Renown; Super Suit Me!; For Whom the Ball Tolls; And Now a Word From Our Monsters…; Scarlet’s Guide to Fighting Vampires!; Moose: Oddball Sports: The Fame Game!; Seeing Things; Tennis Menace; Up in the Air!
72Crime Does Not PayCrag Denby: The Movie-Struck Egomaniac; On The Level; Andy Yole; Superstitous Bill Clemence; Our Police Hall of Fame: Cheif Ed Morelock Lindenhurst (text); Who Dunnit?: Untitled
10Real HeroesDangerous Journey; Carl Akeley, Jungle Adventurer; Nine Against the Sea; The Ata Girls; Pierre Radisson Canadian Trapper; Real Heroes’ Quiz (2 pgs); The Who Loved To Fight!; Old Glory’s First Battle; Reel Real Heroes (text); Happy Birthday to You; Carlson’s Raiders; Real Heroes’ Hall of Fame (text); U.S. Camel Corps; Flying Marine
135Unexpected, TheDeath Come Walk With Me; The Corpse was the Star; The Map of Menace; Fame Comes to Killer Farnum; The Carbon Copy Man; This Tree Bears Deadly Fruit
2-2WeirdoDon’t Mess With Big Bitch; Hillary’s Impertinemt Pump; The Entropy Crisis; A Bagatelle in Hell; Make Mine Mucilage; Remember… Posterity Is Just Around the Corner; Weirdo Does a Total Makeover; Backwoods Comic Postcards; Dooley Squats; Mr. Bunch Takes a Sabbatical; How Bob’s Body Brought Him Fame Instead of Shame; Art Drawings; Bloods in Space; Figure Studies at the Art Museum; The World of the Future: Some Things Never Change!; Brombo the Panda
162Jughead’s Double DigestFair Flair; Zoo Boo Boo; Yo-Ho-Ho!; The Lure; The Real Thing; See Food Diet; Genius at Work; Lotions of Love; Lagoon Goons; Fame Aim; A Sweet Story!; Limited Availability; To Surf Or Not to Surf; In This Corner; Snack Attack!; Buddy Buddy!!; Debt Fret; Zest Quest; A Good Sign; The Sea Serpent of Carson’s Creek; Forgot to Remember; Brolly Folly; Lawn Mourn; Wit Bit; Memories; Extreme Dream; Cool Pool; Mr. Clean; Retcon-Job; Munch Bunch; A Pie to Satisfy; The Shoe Must Go On!; Angler’s Angle; Kiss Bliss; The Big Dream
67Debbie Picture Story LibraryFake Fame
4FuriousFallen Star, Part 4; Fame is Fickle Mistress
5Avengers AcademyFame
5/AAvengers AcademyFame
5/BAvengers AcademyFame
5Earth 2: SocietyFame
9Elementals (Vol. 1)Fame
Bk 3Next Men (John Byrne’s…)Fame
72Tweety and Sylvester (2nd series)Fame and Star Dumb!; Fly Me; The Time Machine; All Puffed Up
72/ATweety and Sylvester (2nd series)Fame and Star Dumb!; Fly Me; The Time Machine; All Puffed Up
96Donald Duck (Walt Disney’s…)Fame Doesn’t Pay; Proof Negative; Fishing Fun (text story); By Hook or Crook; Trumped Up Treasure; Flying Off the Handle
35Superman (1st Series)Fame for Sale; Like Father, Like Son; The Genie of the Lamp
Bk 1Glitterbomb: The Fame GameFame Game
184Archie’s Double Digest MagazineFame Game; That’s the Spirit; Better Things; Gas Bag; Hair; Monday, Monday; That’s the Ticket!; Morning Mayhem; The Fabulous Four; The Big Test; The Swinger; My Stars; Payback Time; Gag Bag; The Frigid Flash; Race Chase; Happy Chappy; It’s Snow Ball; Every Which Way but Jughead, Part 1; Havin’ a Ball; Rat Ace; TM Gem; The Winner; Skate Fate; Pot Lucky; One Mo’ Meal; The Big Loser; Chiminy Crickets; Mr. Generous; Fireplace Cozy; Heat Beat; The Shut-In; Out in the Cold; Pride Ride; Remote Chance; Winter Rhyme
155Everything’s ArchieFame is the Game; Come Fly With Me!; Late Strait; The Archie Andrews Museum
8/AHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster Part 3; Hoax Hunters, Part 8
8/BHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster Part 3; Hoax Hunters, Part 8
6/AHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster, Part 1; Hoax Hunters, Part 6; The Corpse in Orphans of the Air
6/BHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster, Part 1; Hoax Hunters, Part 6; The Corpse in Orphans of the Air
7/AHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster, Part 2; Hoax Hunters, Part 7; The Corpse in Orphans of the Air, Part 2
7/BHack/Slash (2nd Series)Fame Monster, Part 2; Hoax Hunters, Part 7; The Corpse in Orphans of the Air, Part 2
13Next Men (John Byrne’s…)Fame, Part 1
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