Storylines containing “First Kill”

6Lobo (3rd Series)First Kill, Final Kill
Anl 26Amazing Spider-Man, TheHero Killers, Part 1; Fortune and Steel; First Kill, Part 1; The Wronged Man; Making the Grade; Evilís Light, Part 1; Now Strikes the Lightmaster
Anl 12Spectacular Spider-Man, TheThe Hero Killers, Part 2; Down and Downer; First Kill, Part 2; Sons Of The Tiger; Ten Most Embarrassing Moments; Evilís Light, Part 1; The Hunt Begins
Anl 8Web of Spider-Man, TheThe Hero Killers, Part 3; The Dark At the End of the Tunnel; First Kill, Part 3; The Security Gauntlet; Down Memory Lane; Evilís Light, Part 3; Charge of the Light Brigade