Storylines containing “Freaks”

38Driver’s Side Airbag"Keep ’em Smiling…": U.S. Propaganda During World War II; Nefarious Habits; The Story of Rick; The Newest and Most Bizarre Disciple; Dementia Visits Barbie World; I’m With Stupid: An Alien’s Story; Dr. Jack’s Amusement Park of Whacks!; Another Saturday Night, Another Couch and T.V. Night; Bucket of Rain Water; Strictly Speaking; Winter; Sheri and Kathy; The Way We Are; Screw Your Concern; Bob’s Greatest Victory; More Whining From the Left: A K Chronicles Editorial; A Saturday in Havre de Grace, Maryland; Ordinary Interrogation; Exile in Dateville; Candy-Asses and Jesus Freaks; Flannery O’Connor’s Dream of the Red Chamber; The Amazing Rubber-Headed Baby’s Return; A Dirty Picture
28Starman (2nd Series)1976 Superfreaks & Backstabbers
5Criminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald MysteryAmerican Freakshow
81Cracked Collectors’ EditionAtlas Takes Recess; Dorks of Hazzard Meet Chipps; Diff’rent Strokes; Real Incredible People; My Buddyguard; JR’s Photo Album; Shrunken Woman; Magnumb P.I.; Hart to Heart; The A-Team Rides the Lovely Boat; Tootsie’s Role; Michael Jackson Starring In?; Freaks for MTV; Wierd Combos; Silly Cosby; Simple Simons; Rockey: 2001; B.O. Future
4Bad CompanyBad Company, Part 4; Freaks, Part 1; The Mean Arena, Part 1
5Bad CompanyBad Company, Part 5; Freaks, Part 2; The Mean Arena, Part 2
6Bad CompanyBad Company, Part 6; Freaks, Part 3; The Mean Arena, Part 3
1Bogus DeadBogus Dead Invitation; Night of the Living Dead (The Prelude); The Big-Ass Zombie Takeover; Zombies Love Comics; We Hunger; My New Girlfriend; Sombie Diner; Revenge; Brain Food; Food; On Dying; Fever Cabin; Dust in the Mouth; Founding Zombie; Encephalitis Support Group; Datying of the Dead; my undead body is, like, SO embarrassing!!!; Tool Shed; Guts Nice; People Don’t Listen; No Reply; The Unliving End; Here Kitty, Kitty; Parenting in Wartime; With My Dear; The Strange Case of Dr. Zelwiki; The Summer the Zombies Came Back; Here They Come; Astro Zombies; Love in the Time of Zombies; Riot Grrl.Forever!!; The Dirtleggers; Salvage Yard; Untitled Woodcut; Freakshow
34Digital Webbing PresentsCalling All Freaks; Opening Night; Megastar
3Captain GutsCaptain Guts Patriocomiks (IFC); Captain Guts Freaks Out!; Superhighway Comics; Machine Age Comics; Captain Guts (IBC); Captain Guts Pinup (BC)
256Marvel Tales (2nd Series)Carnival of Souls!; Freaks
1Silver Age of Comics, TheDC Comics; The Man of Steel; The Superman Family; The Gotham Crusader; The Amazin’ Amazon; The Grand Vizier of Velocity; No Evil Shall Escape My Sight; DC Double Feature; Super-Star Spectacular; DC Triple Play; Back to the 30th Century; Those Fabulous Freaks; Faulty Responsometers; Showcasing the Brave and the Bold; Part 2; Marvel Comics; The Cosmic Quartet; Web-Head; Goldlocks; Shellhead; That Neurotic Pym Person; More Tales to Astonish; Marvel’s Justice League; Marvel’s Merry Mutants; The Super-Patriot; Blind Man’s Bluff; Marvel’s Supporting Players; Part 3; Other Companies; The Charlton Heroes; Mighty Comics; Gold Key; Tower Comics; Many More Heroes
75Eerie (Warren)Dear Cousin Eerie; Demons Of Jeremiah Cold; Freaks; Oogie And The Worm; Invasion, Gillian And The Pirates
73Eerie (Warren)Dear Cousin Eerie; Hunter II: Phoenix’ Death; Freaks Carnival; Tombspawn:Vampire, 1992; It . . . The Dead Thing; Peter Hypnos: The Hole
1Hatchet Halloween Tales (Victor Crowley’s…)Following; In the Company of Freaks; Gourd to Death
1/AHatchet Halloween Tales (Victor Crowley’s…)Following; In the Company of Freaks; Gourd to Death
1/BHatchet Halloween Tales (Victor Crowley’s…)Following; In the Company of Freaks; Gourd to Death
1/CHatchet Halloween Tales (Victor Crowley’s…)Following; In the Company of Freaks; Gourd to Death
9Doom Patrol (4th Series)Freaks
70Ghost Rider (Vol. 1)Freaks
Bk 1Junior High HorrorsFreaks & Geeks
4New Mutants (2nd Series)Freaks & Geeks
126Looney Tunes (DC)Freaks & Greeks; Great Moments in History; Survival of the Famished; The Old Feedbag
1Black Adam—The Justice Society Files: CycloneFreaks and Heroes; Lost & Found, Part 2
1/ABlack Adam—The Justice Society Files: CycloneFreaks and Heroes; Lost & Found, Part 2
5Kickers, Inc.Freaks are for Fighting!
615Action ComicsFreaks!; That Was No Lady; Fatal Distraction: Night Patrol; Fatal Flaw?; The Cheshire Contract, Part 3; Tracks of a Killer!; Bitter Fruit, Part 7
2Original Ghost Rider Rides Again, TheFreaks!; The Tears of Adam Henderson
113Best of 2000 A.D., TheFreaks; Ace Trucking Co.: The Kloistar Run
8666: The Mark of the BeastFreaks; The Mascot; Night Of the Carnivore
7666: The Mark of the BeastFreaks; The Mind of Wolfie Smith
6X-Men 2099Freakshow
1Web of EvilGhost of Doom; The Phantom Freaks; Custodian of the Dead; Rehearsal for Death
14Batman: Shadow of the BatGotham Freaks, Part 1
15Batman: Shadow of the BatGotham Freaks, Part 2
MC 9True Stories Swear to GodHard to Swallow; Once Upon a Mattress; Geeks and Freaks; Pick a Flick; Let’s Get Physical; She’s in India; Homecoming; The Long Road to Eisner; Buddy Love; Chill Out; One Fined Day; We’re Cooked
1Mad About TVIntroduction; Bats–Man; Star Blech; Gall in the Family Fare; Genteel Ben; Clodumbo; The Mary Tailor–Made Show; Howard at the Mike; Kung Fool; M*A*S*H*UGA; Dullus; Crappy Days; Lust Boat; The Evolution of a TV Situation Comedy; DeGenerate Hospital; Swill Street Blues; One Fine Evening During Prime Time; The A* Team; Gigglin’s Island; The Crummymooners; Miami Price; Not–So–New–Hart; Murder She Hopes; Highway to Heaving; Upcoming TV Cop “Teams”; The Cosby Show Nasty File; I Love Luny; The Andy Grinning Show; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes at Pee–Wee’s Playhouse; Tricks of the Trade in Local TV News; St. Healthscare; Buried with Children; Beers; The MAD Soap Opera Update; Thirtysuffering; “Nirvana,” “Alanis Morissette,” and “Spice Girls”; A TV Scene We’d Like to See; MAD Fold–In; Click This!; Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions on the Set of MADtv; 11 Ways “Jeopardy!” Contestants Can Really Piss Off Alex Trebek; MAD’s Home Version of Jeopardy!; Babewatch; Using the Simpson Look to Update Stale Appearances; If It Weren’t For Entertainment Tonight; The MAD Guide to Doing Well/Not Doing Well on TV Talk Shows; Flakier; Rosie O’Donnell Grills Some Non–Showbiz Guests; When Seasame Street Caves In to the Radical Right; Too Bad About You; Dennis Miller Rants About Dennis Miller; The Ecch Files; When Other TV Shows Finally Come Out of the Closet; SickER; MAD’s Celebrity Cause–of–Death Betting Odds—David Letterman; Fiends; The Special Prosecutor’s Official Report on Mister Rogers; NBC’s Desperate Plans for Seinfield Spinoffs; MAD’s Guide to Who’s Who Outside the “Today Show“ Window; Ally’s Appeal; Scenes from “Antiques Freakshow”; Everybody Loathes Raymond; MAD’s Celebrity Cause–of–Death Betting Odds—Oprah WInfrey; Dr. Katz, Professional Thereapist Moves to South Park; Slimedish Digital Television; NYPD Re–Do; MTV’s “Real World” Casting Questionaire
9Frankenstein (Prize)Invisible Wall; The Freaks Next Door; Footnote to History (text); Horrors; The Charmer; The Wild-Life of Hector Droopy; The Moose Hunt
5422000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Corporal Punishment; Freaks, Part 1; Strontium Dog: A Sorry Case, Part 3; Universal Soldier, Part 6; Zenith Phase I, Part 8
14782000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Direct Action, Part 2; ABC Warriors: The Shadow Warriors, Book 3, Part 3; The Ten Seconders: The American Dream, Part 11; Bec & Kawl: Freakshow, Part 2; Legends of the Rogue Trooper: New Model Army, Part 2
5432000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Killcraze, Part 1; Freaks, Part 2; Strontium Dog: A Sorry Case, Part 4; Zenith Phase I, Part 9
5442000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Killcraze, Part 2; Freaks, Part 3; Strontium Dog: The Rammy, Part 1; Zenith Phase I, Part 10
5452000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Oz, Part 1; Bradley: Bradley’s Birthday; Freaks, Part 4; Strontium Dog: The Rammy, Part 2; Zenith Phase I, Part 11
5462000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Oz, Part 2; Freaks, Part 5; Nemesis the Warlock Book 7, The Two Torquemadas, Part 1; Strontium Dog: The Rammy, Part 3; Zenith Phase I, Part 12
5472000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Oz, Part 3; Freaks, Part 6; Nemesis the Warlock Book 7, The Two Torquemadas, Part 2; Strontium Dog: The Rammy, Part 4; Zenith Phase I, Part 13
3Gunsmith Cats: BurstKing Cobra; How to Aim and Shoot; The Money-Sucking Car; The V8 Freaks; The Dirty Cop; Traffic Jam; The Ambush; RPG7; The Standoff; Stalled!
3Magic Carpet (Shanda)Kyri The Apprentice Mage: Goblins; Kitty Girl Vs. Godzilla; Billy Ray Stungun In The Glare Witch Project; The Fast One; Inkblot Starring In Controll Freaks; Newt Nutria: On The Trail Of The Hodag; A Day At The Beach; Galen The Saintly In Angel In Training; Billy Ray Stungun: The Glare Witch Project Part 2
1Dynamite DamselsLady Artist Comix; SuperDyke; Group Dynamics; Media Hype; Class Consciousness; New Girl On The Job; Doris Gets Busted; Insomnia I; Shoppin’ With Shelley; Sharing More Than Love; The Unity Show; Insomnia II; Frieda Freaks—But Finds Out!; Norma- Up For Grabs; Nothing Remains Constant; Becky Hits The Big Time; They Only Come Out At Night; Does Frieda Blow It?; Class Consciousness II; Steppin’ Out; Changes; The Story Of Libertia
6Vampiress CarmillaMale Gauze; Blood Drive; T-Rex Hex!; Dr. Slaughter’s Private Hell; Freaks of a Feather; My Mother the Werewolf!
3HyenaMy Body Shop Sux Sale; Dr. Kevorkian’s Comics & Stories; Fuck, Yeah, Bud; Bendover; Howie in Orbit; I Lost Weight!; Unfortunately Named Things!; Cozy the Bunny Dog; Slug Bucket; Twin Freaks; Annie Oakley’s Werewoldf Hunt or the Full Moon Kid; Woodfield; Kid-O; A Fool and His Meat; Phenomenomix; Three Hard Men; The threat; Ach! Ze Var, Big Misfortune!; Origins of the Poker Playing Dogs
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