Storylines containing “Frost”

33Biblioteca Marvel: Hulk¡Cuán verde crece mi jardín!; ¡Jack Frost te hiela el alma!; ¡Monstruo!; ¿Qué fue del Hombre 3D?; ¡Los cambiantes!; ¡Los cambiantes… 2ª parte!
9Biblioteca Grandes Del Cómic: Drácula¡Rito de muerte!; ¡Canto por Marianne!; ¡…y con la palabra llegará la muerte!; ¡Donde vuela Estela Plateada!; Fiesta salvaje; Demonios en la mente; El fin de Deacon Frost
1/HCSanta My Life & Times: An Illustrated AutobiographyA Cup of Tea; The Chasm; The Oracle; Anselm and Gerda; An Old Woodsman and The Magic Door; The First Christmas Journey; The Blizzard or How the Reindeer Got Their Wings; The Snow Gryphon; The Masterman’s Tale; Gifts from the Forest; Time and Tide; In the Garden of Wishing Trees; The Elliptical Ball; Hoarfrost; Forevermore; Epilogue; By the Inkwell
10Visitor, TheA Killing Frost
1065Four Color Comics (2nd series)activity: Tic-Tac-Toe in the Snow; activity: Snowball Targets; Christmas Spirit; The Bewitched Forest; Frosty the Smiling Snowman; Santa’s Special Present; activity: Frosty’s Frozen Cones
82New Funnies (Walter Lantz…)Andy anda; Raggedy Ann; Jack Frost (text story); Li’l Eight Ball; Billy and Bonny Bee; Oswald; Felix the Cat; Mr. Twee Deedle; The Brownies Build a Submarine
1Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age Marvel 2004Angel (Thomas Halloway); Black Fox (Robert Paine); Black Marvel (Dan Lyons); Blazing Skull (Mark Todd); Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant); Blue Diamond (Elton T. Morrow); Bucky Barnes (James Buchanan); Captain America (Steve Rogers); Citizen V (John Watkins); Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannan); Destroyer (Keen Marlow), Destroyer (Roger Aubrey); Dr. Druid (Anthony Druid); Fin (Peter Noble); Fin Fang Foom; Grand Director; The Howling Commandos; Human Torch (Jim Hammond); Hurricane (Makkari the Eternal); Invaders; Isbisa (Simon Meke); Jack Frost; Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson); Miss America (Madeline Joyce); Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie); Namora (Aquaria Neptunia); Nom
1Noble Causes: Extended FamilyAt First Sight; Temper, Temper; Punch-Line; A Perfect Stranger; First Frost; The Widow; Father & Fiend; S. t. a. t.; Scandal
Bk 12Blade of the ImmortalAutumn Frost
Bk 12-3Blade of the ImmortalAutumn Frost
25Countdown (DC)Bedlam Below; the Origin of Killer Frost
1Conan OmnibusBirth of the Legend; Born on the Battlefield; The Frost-Giant’s Daughter, The God in the Bowl
1Leather Society of AmericaBlack Dwarf: Cult of Satan; Jacqueline Frost: It’s a Cold World After All
1Genius J’s Technicolour Almanack of Graphical WondermentBlood of the World; August Frost; Adjustment; The Midnight Special; The Paroxysm of Alexander Kort; Hope is a Waking Dream; Max Clementine: Supersensory Sleuth; The Missionary; Monstermat
1Demi’s Strange BedfellowsBrainteaser; the Improper Order of Things; This Ain’t Beowulf; Whorefrost; Kendra the Zombie Slayer; …And You’re Gone…
1/ADemi’s Strange BedfellowsBrainteaser; the Improper Order of Things; This Ain’t Beowulf; Whorefrost; Kendra the Zombie Slayer; …And You’re Gone…
1/BDemi’s Strange BedfellowsBrainteaser; the Improper Order of Things; This Ain’t Beowulf; Whorefrost; Kendra the Zombie Slayer; …And You’re Gone…
59Casper’s GhostlandCasper: Jack Frost’s Slump!; Casper: The Deepest Freeze; Casper: Surprise at the North Pole!; Wendy: The Best Sitter Around; Spooky: Think Shrink!; Casper: The Magic Fiddle; Casper: The Glue of Friendship; Casper: Old King Cole; Spooky: The Baby Dragon
14Planet ComicsCastaways of the Swamp Star; Happy Birthday to Frosting; War Queen of Parun (text)
4Blade: Vampire HunterChaos, Part 5; Frosty Memories
69Treasure Chest of Fun and FactChuck White; The Holiest Thing on Earth; Fun Page; Fall Colors; Jack Frost; Bobby Bruin and Hammy; Puzzle Pictures from the Classics; Tantum Ergo: The Story of Benediction; The Pirate and the Padre, Part 3; Tugboat Turnabout (text); Pierre
1Savage Tales (1st Series)Conan the Barbarian: The Frost Giant’s Daughter; The Fury of the Femizons; Man-Thing; Black Brother; Kazar: The Night of the Looter
75Shadow ComicsCrime Under the Border; The Parson Goes on the Warpath; The Frosted Lie; Hot Cold Ice (text); Doc Savage’s Inertia; Nightmare Valley; The Famous Barn Mystery
1Savage Sword of ConanCurse of the Undead-Man; A Hyperborean Oath (text); Red Sonja; Conan’s Women Warriors (text); The Birth of Blackmark; An Atlantean in Aquilonia (text); The Frost Giant’s Daughter
4AvX: VsDaredevil vs. Psylocke; The Mightly Thor vs. Emma Frost
4/AAvX: VsDaredevil vs. Psylocke; The Mightly Thor vs. Emma Frost
13Daisy and Her Pups ComicsDe-Frosting; Dog Tired (text); Scapegoat; Kennel Kapers; The Cat’s Meow (text); Lost and Found
21Creeps, The (Warrant)Dear Old Creep; Siren’s Scream; To All A Good…Fright; The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall; Frosty The Golem; The Creeps Fan Club; Maciste Against Dracula, The Alpha
7Eiserne, DerDie Eisfinger Des Jack Frost!; Die Ganze Wahrheit Ueber Den Tag, An Dem Ameisenmann Versagte!
314Uncanny X-Men, TheEarly Frost
19Guy Gardner: WarriorEmerald Fallout, Part 2; The Big Frosty
45X-Men ExtraEmma Frost: APPRENTISSAGES, Part 1
49X-Men ExtraEmma Frost: EN FLEUR, Part 1
51X-Men ExtraEmma Frost: EN FLEUR, Part 2; Emma Frost & Wolverine (James Logan): SECRETS MUTUELS; Sage: SOUVENIRS; Kitty Pryde: TEMPETE DANS UN VERRE D’EAU; Rogue & Marvel Girl: CONTACT
47X-Men ExtraEmma Frost: FATALITE; Emma Frost: UN PLAN TRES SIMPLE; Emma Frost: LES JOIES DE LA FAMILLE; Emma Frost: COUP DE FOLIE
20Wonder Woman (3rd Series)Ends of the Earth, Part 1; An Unreasoning Frost
1Hammer of the Gods Color SagaEnemy of the Gods, The Last Day of Bifrost, The Quest For Color
73Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 1
74Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 2
75Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 3
76Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 4
77Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 5
78Blade of the ImmortalFall Frost, Part 6
3/ANoble Causes: Family SecretsFamily Secrets, Part 3; An Early Frost
3/BNoble Causes: Family SecretsFamily Secrets, Part 3; An Early Frost
11Archie’s Weird MysteriesFear Of Frost
8Roter BlitzFeueratem contra superfroster
230Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Firefrost And The Ebon Seeker
1Avengers/Iron Man: First SignFirst Sign; I’ll Take Manhattan; Doin’ the Zodiac Rag; Burn Out; Battle of Power; Crawling from the Wreckage; Frostbite!; Heart of Ice; Paramormal Activity; Trust; History Repeats Itself; Facing Facts; Good as Gone
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