Storylines containing “Haunted”

3Chilling Adventures in Sorcery…Cat!; A Stab in the Dark (text story); Missing Link!; Immortality Factor; Haunted Gallery; Essays into the Supernatural
1Showcase Presents Shazam!…In The Baginning…; The World’s Wickedest Plan, Shazam & Son; The Astonishing Arch Enemy; The Nicest Guy In The World; A Switch In Time; The Wizard Of Phonograph Hill; IBAC The Cursed!; The Mirrors That Predicted The Future; The Man Who Wasn’t; The World’s Toughest Guy; Better Late Than Never!; Dexter Knox And His Electric Grandmother; The Troubles Of The Talking Tiger; What’s In A Name? Doomsday!; Worms Of The World, Unite!; The Mystery Of The Missing Newsstand!; The Day Captain Marvel Went Ape!; Invasion Of The Salad Men!; The Thanksgiving Thieves!; The Prize Catch Of The Year; The World’s Mightiest Dessert!; The Incredible Cape-Man; The Year Without A Christmas!; The Golden Plague!; The Longest Block In The World!; Mighty Master Of The MMartial Arts!; The Case Of The Charming Crook!; The Haunted Clubhouse!; The Evil Return Of The Monster Society!; Captain Marvel Meets Lex Luthor!?!; The Man In The Paper Armor!; The Man Who Stole Justice!; The Green-Eyed Monster!; The Pied Un-Piper; The Celebrated Talking Frog Of Blackstone Forest; The Coin-Operated Caper!; Who Stole Billy Batson’s Thunder?; The Secret Of The Smiling Swordsman!; The Strange And Terrible Disappearance of Maxwell Zodiac!; The Bicentennial Villain; The Case Of The Kidnapped Congress; Fear In Philadelphia!; The Return Of Black Adam; IBAC Meets Aunt Minerva!; Captain Marvel Fights The Man Of Steel; The Rainbow Squad; Mr. Tawny’s Big Game; The World’s Mightiest Race
22Witching Hour13 Rue Morgue; The Haunted Hands of Guilt; Pity Me…Please, Please Kill Me
6Wolfpack13-13 Haunted Ave
7DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest4 Faces of Sgt. Rock; Burma Sky; Haunted Tank: Target of Terror; War That Time Forgot: Big House of Monsters; Enemy Ace: The Bull; Unknown Soldier: A Sense of Obligation
87Friendly Ghost, Casper, TheA Delicate Situation; How Delicate!; Oh, To Be a Normal Ghost; Spooky: The Un-Haunted House
33Strange Tales (1st Series)A Giant Wasn’t There; The Haunted Man (text); The Schemers; Step Lively, Please!; The Spy; What is it?
33Strange Tales (UK Edition)A Giant Wasn’t There; The Haunted Man (text); The Schemers; Step Lively, Please!; The Spy; What is it?
139Adventures into the UnknownA House Can’t Be Haunted!; Little Magic Man!; Missing Fireworks; The Girl on the Space-Screen!
45/AGrimm’s Ghost StoriesA Matter of Love or Death!; A Grave Mistake; The Haunted Supermarket; The Moment of Truth
1Mystery Men ComicsA Modern Robin Hood; How to Become a Detective; The Case of Tintype’s Will; The Haunted House (text); Another Bombing Outrage
94Marvel Tales (1st Series)A Night In Hangman’s House!; Spectacles of Doom!; Fear Was My Playmate; (text); Hands of Horror!; The Haunted Love!
32Limited Collectors’ EditionA Specter Poured the Potion; Death’s Bridegroom; The Horrors of Witchcraft; The Child-Witch of Skibeen; The Witch Who would Not Die; The Dark Goddess of Doom; Death, the Pale Horseman!; The Spectral Coachman!; The Crimson Claw!; Famous and Infamous Ghosts; Screams of the Ghost Queen; The Bloody Boots of Houndswood; The White Ghost of the Hohenzollerns; Fanged Specters of Kinshoro; Death Awaits Me; The Diabolic Cult of Voodoo; Ghost Cargo from the Sky; Death is My Mother; Famous Haunted Houses
44Ripley’s Believe It or Not!A Time for Haunting; The Begging Ghost (text); The Case of the Haunted Pets; The Watchmaker; The Lady in Black
2BarnabyA Time There Was (and not so long ago); Mr. O’Malley and the Haunted House
204G.I. CombatA Winter in Hell (Haunted Tank); All About Tanks; The Black and the Baron (Battle Sky); A Film for the Fuhrer (OSS); A Slow War—A Quick Death (Haunted Tank); Famous Fighting Outfits: The 45th (Thunderbird) Infantry Division (text); Blind Date with a Bomb (Women at War); Death Above—Death Below (OSS); A Tank from the Dead! (Haunted Tank)
3Swing with ScooterAction at the Auction; Happiness is a Haunted House
85Friendly Ghost, Casper, TheAladdin, Jr. and the Magic Lamp; Terrible Tempered Tamira; Ali-Baba and the Three-From-Whom-All-Flee; Spooky: The Haunted Hat!
211G.I. CombatAll About Tanks: Char B Tank (French); A Nice Day for Killing (Haunted Tank); You Can’t Sink an Island (Fighting Frogman); No Roof Over Fortress Europe (OSS); Tank in a Fishbowl (Haunted Tank); A Luger for Lisa (Women at War); The Steel Storm-troopers (Bizarre Battle Tale); The Red Red Road to Rome (Haunted Tank)
212G.I. CombatAll About Tanks: Valentine (British); Clay Pigeon Crew! (Haunted Tank); Flash in the Pan (Women at War); The Killer Stars (OSS); Famous Fighting Outfits: The 90th’s "Tough ’Ombres" (text); A Tank for a Pharoah! (Haunted Tank); Tin Marines (Gunner and Sarge); A Time to Die (OSS); Holiday in Hell (Haunted Tank); 88 mm Flak Gun (text)
15Richie Rich Digest WinnersAllowance; They Say it’s Haunted!; A Sticky Wicket; Money can Scare You!; Getting Him Interested; Wealth Woes; Test Pie-lot; Music Dog; Calamity Gloria; I am Engine; The Money Bullet; My Merry Goldsmobile; Butlers Need all the Skills they can Learn; Fit for a King; BAOOM; The Jinx!; Penny the Kid; The Big Money Gun
98Billy the KidAmbush In A Haunted Mine; Duel At Dawn; Some Simple Smart Spanish; Shoot-Out At Robber’s Roost
107Harvey HitsAnimal Act; Haunted Barracks; Monsterous Event; Ghost to Ghost Hook-Up; The Spirit’s Vengeance; Zoo Parade; Double Life
5Archie & Friends All StarsArchie’s Haunted House
122Betty and Veronica Digest MagazineAre You a Dressing Me?!; The Big Countdown; Under Cover; The Last Word; The Haunted Beach House; Filing a Compliment; Real Reality; Seize the Day; The Green Horn; Customer Dis-Service; Poor Fish!; Grin and Bear It!; Time for Some Change
14Slimer!Art For Slimer’s Sake; Trans-Mutant Terror; Haunted Melodies
9Richie Rich Dollars & CentsAway from it All; The Mustache Mystery; Little Dot: No More Dots; The Proud King (text story); Haunted Clubhouse (text story); Little Lotta: Slightly Exaggerated; Oh, Bother!; Aunt Plenty; Little Dot: Dot’s Dandy; Tommy Turtle’s Surprise (text story); Sad Sack: Ah, Peace - It’s Wonderful! (text story); Little Lotta: Powerhouse Play
87Gene Autry ComicsBandit Bait; The Haunted Spiderweb; The Stranger (text); An Almost Fatal Nap
21HauntedBaron Weirwulf’s Haunted Library; Out of the Deep; Enter Freely and of Your Own Will; The Great Houdini; Pool Shark
2/HCACG Collected Works: Adventures into the UnknownBat by Night; Condemned .. to Live!; Bewitched Bali; The Sands Of The Desert (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 2); The Case Of The Malignant Mummy; Gather ’Round…; Journey into the Unknown; The Devil’s Disciple; The Moss Man (text); The Swami’s Secret; Ghost Mother (text); The Ape Demon; The Mummy’s Cloth; Drums of the Undead; The World beyond the Mirror; The Case of the Roman Curse; The Evil One; The Ghost from Algol; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 3); The Sargasso Specter; The Man Who Went to the West; Shadow of the Panther; No Answer (text); The Thing at the Bottom of the Sea; Haunted Boy; When the Shaman Walked; The Gray One (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 4); Clouded Crystal (text); The Man in the Mirror; The Poet Who Returned From The Dead; The Boy Who Could Fly; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; Alaska’s Phantom City; Vampire’s Castle; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 5); The Civic Spirit; Vision of Death; Ha
444Detective ComicsBat-Murderer; Dick Grayson, Detective; The Case of the Martian Witness; The International Sky Police; The Man Called Unknown; The Good-Luck Prophet; The Case of the Haunted Horse; Circus Beat; The Magical Mystery Mirror
376Detective ComicsBatman—Hunted or Haunted?; Elongated Man: The Demon-Doll Doom
24Planet of the Apes (1st series)Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Part 2; The Doomsday Spawn; The Shadows of Haunted Cathedraulus
114G.I. CombatBattle Origin Of The Haunted Tank!; Air Force Mottoes; My Witness—the Enemy!
22Crypt of HorrorBeast of the Unknown; A Honeymoon of Horror!; The Monster They Couldn’t Kill; The Heat’s On; The Coffin Maker!; Fit to Die!; Bride of Doom; Hen Pecked!; Night Screams; Insane; Introducing the Devil; Only the Evil Need Fear the Bogey Man; Hunger!; Haunted Hamlet!; Fenton’s Face; The Hatchet Man; Hallucinations!; Charlie; The Imperial Double; Buried Alive; The Moulder of Doom; He Who Laughs Last, Gets… the Horselaugh; The Mary Celeste: Ship of Evil!; The Face from Hell
1Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (Archie)Behold the Beast; The Boy Who Cried Vampire; Assignment in Fear; A Real Hot Talent; Quick Justice; Curiosity Kills; The Ultimate Cure; Look Upon Your Legacy; Sonny’s World; The Measure of a Monster; The Cameo’s Curse; The Cat; A Stab in the Dark (text); Missing Link; Immortality Factor; Haunted Gallery; Essays into the Supernatural— Familiars; Suicide…Maybe; Loophole (text); Horripilate Host; Golden Touch; A Thousand Pounds of Clay; Essays into the Supernatural— The Witch; The Two Thieves of Baghdad; Esme; Barometer Falling…; The Choker Is Wild; Essays into the Supernatural— Dragons; Warrior’s Dream; Essays into the Supernatural: The Werewolf; Out of Practice; Death Goes to a Sales Convention!; The Patience of a Cat; Black Fog (text); Face of Love-Face of Death; A Twist in Time!; Essays into the Supernatural—Dibbuk; The Knife of Jack the Ripper; The Rivals; The Benefactor; Essays into the Supernatural —Possession and Exorcism; … If I Were King; Essays into the Supernatural– Poltergeists; The Spectre
2009DCU Halloween SpecialBizarro: Unhappy Halloween; Guy Gardner: Halloween the Guy Way; The Creeper: What Creeps Out the Creeper; The Outsiders: Seeing is Believing; Batman: Halloween Trick and Defeat; Robin: Cavity Search; Red Robin: Our Father’s Sins; Ravager: Lady Down the Lane; Kid Flash: Mirror Games; Beast Boy: Never Too Old; Wonder Woman: Haunted or Hoax?; Superman & The Flash: To The Finish Line; Superman: My Turn to Be Scary
38Super-Magician ComicsBlackstone Conquers The Invisible Man; (text) Blackstone Tricks; Jap Trap; The Seal of Doom; Haunted Hospital!
4Arrow Season 2.5Blood: Haunted
1/ADie Kitty DieBooby Trapped!; Hey , Kids! Comics!!; Kitty’s Katwalk: Haunted Hallway; Fresh Blood; Home Alone
1/BDie Kitty DieBooby Trapped!; Hey , Kids! Comics!!; Kitty’s Katwalk: Haunted Hallway; Fresh Blood; Home Alone
1/CDie Kitty DieBooby Trapped!; Hey , Kids! Comics!!; Kitty’s Katwalk: Haunted Hallway; Fresh Blood; Home Alone
1/DDie Kitty DieBooby Trapped!; Hey , Kids! Comics!!; Kitty’s Katwalk: Haunted Hallway; Fresh Blood; Home Alone
1/EDie Kitty DieBooby Trapped!; Hey , Kids! Comics!!; Kitty’s Katwalk: Haunted Hallway; Fresh Blood; Home Alone
15Bugs Bunny (Puffed Rice Giveaway)Bugs Bunny and the Haunted Cave
156Nancy and SluggoBut is it Art?; Oh, What Fun; The Explorers; The Haunted House (text story); Peanuts; The Play’s the Thing
156/ANancy and SluggoBut Is It Art?; Oh, What Fun; The Explorers; The Haunted House (Text); Peanuts; The Play’s the Thing
3Crypt of HorrorCadaver Lover; From All Our Darkrooms; Monster of Zollmort Castle; Thing From Under the Sea; Curse Castle; The Black Crows; Two Frightened People; The Grim Unreality; The Strange Fate of Capatain Fenton; The Haunted Corspe; Witches Tales; Curse of the Bulaga; Doctor Molnar’s Corpse; Your Coffin Is Waiting, Sir!; A Moving Performance; The Ghost of Fanciful Hawkins; Monsters of the Mind
6X-Files, The (IDW)Came Back Haunted, Part 1
6/AX-Files, The (IDW)Came Back Haunted, Part 1
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