Storylines containing “Hot Money”

1GangbustersAgency for Crimes; Hot Money; Me—Master Crook!; Crime on the Sea!; The Case of the Iron-Clad Alibi!; Murder Was My Business!; The Grapevine
32Adventure ComicsHot Money, Part 1
33Adventure ComicsHot Money, Part 2; The Lucky Ring
34Wanted ComicsHot Money; Wanted: Jon Lewis Carey; Vendetta; Wanted: Fred Tenuto and William Francis Sutton; Crime Lab: The Clue of the Tin Whistle; Smart Boy! (text story); You’re the Detective; The Green Parrot Murder Case
1Best of the West Big B Western SpecialSafe-Crackers Unlimited; The Hot Money; Struggle in the Wilderness; Satan’s Sixguns; The Wedding Present Murder; Dead Man’s Revenge; Rustler’s Roundup
25Durango Kid (Magazine Enterprises)The Disappearing Stagecoach; The Hot Money; Gold Madness (text); Hear the Owl Hoot; The Revenge of Balu
31Mr. District AttorneyThe Hot Money Gang; Three Clues to a Killer; The Case of the Antique Dish; The Phantom of the Highways
69Crime and PunishmentThe Hot Rod Gang; Ten Cents A Murder; Slave Running — 1954 (text); Hot Money; Queer Money
7Captain ScienceThe Legion of Space; The Hangman’s Son; Can Science Make Gold? (text); Heads of Horror!; The Hot Money Space Mob! (Brant Craig)