Storylines containing “Legacy”

1Bluewater Comics Presents10th Muse; Judo Girl; Gearz; Legend of Isis; Insane Jane; The Blackbeard Legacy
1Top Cow Productions21; The Agency; Angelus; Aphrodite IX; Battle of the Planets; Blood Legacy: The Young Ones; Codename: Stryke Force; Cyber Force; The Darkness; Evo; Gravity; Inferno: Hellbound; The Magdalena; Midnight Nation; Myth Warriors; Nine Volt; No Honor; Obergeist; Oblivion; Rising Stars; Tomb Raider; Universe; Weapon Zero; Witchblade
15Doctor Who Classic ComicsA Christmas Story; Steelfist; The Television Archive: Fury from the Deep; Vworp Vworp; The Zeron Invasion, Part 1; The Daleks: Legacy of Yesteryear, Part 1
12Doctor Strange: Sorcerer SupremeActs of Vengeance, Part 2; Some Enchantress Evening; The Book of the Vishanti: The Curse of the Darkhold, Part 4; The Legacy of Aelfric
57Spider-ManAftershocks, Part 1; The Parker Legacy, Part 2; Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
57/SCSpider-ManAftershocks, Part 1; The Parker Legacy, Part 2; Whose Life Is It, Anyway?; pinups
17Digital Webbing PresentsAletheia: Continuance; Bad Elements: Good for the Soul; Warmageddon: Legacy; Donovan’s Last Day; Spook’d; Just Another Wednesday
13First, TheAltwaal’s Legacy; Mentor’s Counsel, Part 2
14/AKatoAn Honorable Legacy
15Comic Book CollectorAnd Now A Word From…; CBC Mailbox; Grapevine; What’s New In Comics; From The Collector’s Closet; CBC Interview With Nelson; Japanese Animation; A Majestic Endeavor Creating a Comic Book Legacy; Golden Age Extra; ****Silver Bullentins****; McQuade, Hero; What’s HOT in Comic Books; Comic Card Corner; Tooned In; Independent Review; Top 100December 1993; Comic Card Prices
50Knights of the Dinner TableBehind the Green Door; The Bronze Conch of Aaaahhhhh…; After Hours; A Legacy in Ruins; An Appetite for Adventure; The Prize Inside; Gary Jackson Files: School of Hard Knock; One-Two Punches; Goth to Get Some; GameVine [text piece]; Summon Web Scryer [text piece]; Disks of Wondrous Power [reviews, text piece]; Brian’s Small Press Picks [reviews, text piece]; KoDT Issue 50 Congratulatios Card [text piece]; KoDT Strip Index 2000 by publication [text piece]; KoDT Cover Gallery; KoDT Strips (alphabetical) [text piece]; Parting Shots [text piece]
1Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (Archie)Behold the Beast; The Boy Who Cried Vampire; Assignment in Fear; A Real Hot Talent; Quick Justice; Curiosity Kills; The Ultimate Cure; Look Upon Your Legacy; Sonny’s World; The Measure of a Monster; The Cameo’s Curse; The Cat; A Stab in the Dark (text); Missing Link; Immortality Factor; Haunted Gallery; Essays into the Supernatural— Familiars; Suicide…Maybe; Loophole (text); Horripilate Host; Golden Touch; A Thousand Pounds of Clay; Essays into the Supernatural— The Witch; The Two Thieves of Baghdad; Esme; Barometer Falling…; The Choker Is Wild; Essays into the Supernatural— Dragons; Warrior’s Dream; Essays into the Supernatural: The Werewolf; Out of Practice; Death Goes to a Sales Convention!; The Patience of a Cat; Black Fog (text); Face of Love-Face of Death; A Twist in Time!; Essays into the Supernatural—Dibbuk; The Knife of Jack the Ripper; The Rivals; The Benefactor; Essays into the Supernatural —Possession and Exorcism; … If I Were King; Essays into the Supernatural– Poltergeists; The Spectre
2Original Sins (Marvel)Black Knight: Black Legacy; Young Avengers: Hidden In Plain Sight, Part 2
10BlackwulfBlack Legacy
25Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 13; A Right to Kill; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 2; A Heart Reborn; Nth Man:…From Little Acorns Grow; Ursa Major: Sophia
26Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 14; Somebody’s Going to Pay; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 3; A Heart on Fire; Hulk: Splashdown; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 1; New York
27Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 15; Last Night I Wept for Freedom; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 4; A Heart Unleashed; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 2; The Funhouse; American Eagle: Just Another Shade of Hate
28Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 16; Lost Promises; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 5; A Heart Determined; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 3; The Complex; Triton: Giving Peace a Chance
29Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 17; Lost Promises; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 6; A Heart Beaten; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 4; The Strip; Quasar: It Came From Within…
30Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 18; So Many Nameless Enemies; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 7; A Heart Defeated; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 5; Room Seven; The Temper of a God
31Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 19; Chances; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 8; A Heart Attacked; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 6; Operating Theater; Excalibur: Having a Wild Weekend, Part 1
1Marvel Spotlight: X-Men: Messiah ComplexBlinded by the Light; Factoring the Future; The Last Mutants; Uncanny X-Men with Ed Brubaker; Stryker’s Legacy
14Collection Image (Semic)Blood Leagcy, Part 1; Blood Legacy, Part 2; Blood Leagacy, Part 4
Bk 5Jennifer Blood (Vol. 1)Blood Legacy
89Jonah HexBlood Legacy !
1Star Trek SpecialBloodline; A Rolling Stone Gathers No Nanoprobes; When the Stars Come A-Calling; Exercises in Futility; The Legacy of Elenor Dain; The Wake
368Avengers, TheBloodties, Part 1; Family Legacy
289House of MysteryBrother Bobby’s Home for Wayward Boys and Girls; Farewell Performance; The Comeback of David MacDannon; The Legal Legacy
50Star Wars (Dark Horse)Brother In Arms, Jango’s Legacy, No End in Sight
Bk 5Robin (3rd Series)Contagion, Legacy
4Cosmic PowersCosmic Powers Featuring Legacy
24Marvel Comics PresentsCyclops: The Retribution Affair, Part 8; Retribution and Resurrection; Black Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 12; Voices Heard, Voices Ignored; Shamrock: I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain; Havok: Pharaoh’s Legacy, Part 1; Change of Heart
3Hercules (Vol. 2)Deadly Legacy
1World of Young MasterDemonblade: Crimson Legacy
GIVE 2010RadicalDriver of the Dead; The Last Days of American Crime; Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost; Legends: The Enchanted; After Dark; Earp: Saints For Sinners; Time Bomb; Hotwire; Assassins: Sword of the Apocalypse; The Rising; Exile; Rapture; Jake The Dreaming; Mata Hari; F-Block; Ryder on the Storm; Damaged; Under the Faerie Moon; Abattoir; Ordera; Coil; Hollow Point; Oblivion; Patriots
1Low SocietyEarth-Pig Reborn; Everything; Cerebus 700: That Was Then, This Is Now!; The Sound of One Hand Honking; Morning Stroll; Legacy A.K.A.: Issue 300.1
1Fantastic Four UnlimitedEchoes!; Black Panther: Legacy
15/CDecayEditorial; Sisters: Wild Beasts; Oz Zombie Tales: Legacy; Behemoth; Oz Zombie Tales: Closing Remarks; Sisters: Strip Poker; Death From Above; Oz Zombie Tales: Sydney Harbour; Ashes To Ashes; Oz Zombie Tales: Birdwatcher; Swastika Dreaming
Bk 2Battlecats (Vol. 2)Fallen Legacy
231Triumph (Amalgamated)Fighters Of The Foreign Legion; The Lightning Lorry Lads; Rivals Of Legacy Isle; Hunting Down The Phantom Sniper; No Team Like The Trojans; The Secret Service ’Tecs
Bk 1Spider, The (Moonstone)Foreword: The Spider’s Legacy (text); Death Siege of the Frankenstein Legion; Blood Reign of the Thunder King; Return of the Monsters, Part 1; The Spider vs. Werewolf; The City That Couldn’t Sleep; City of the Melting Dead (text story); City of the Bleeding Snow
Bk 1/HCSpider, The (Moonstone)Foreword: The Spider’s Legacy (text); Death Siege of the Frankenstein Legion; Blood Reign of the Thunder King; Return of the Monsters, Part 1; The Spider vs. Werewolf; The City That Couldn’t Sleep; City of the Melting Dead (text story); City of the Bleeding Snow
1Barney Goggle and Snuffy Smith: 75 Years of an American LegendForeword; Introduction; Before Barney - DeBeck’s Early Years; Take Barney Google, F’rinstance; Spark Plug - Barney’s Brown-Eyed Baby; Off to the Races , 1923-1926; Melodrama & Mayhem , 1927-1934; The Life and Times of Billy DeBeck; Sut Lovingood and Snuffy Smith; Tetched in th’Haid , 1934-1945; Billy, Barney, Snuffy and Me; The Laswell Legacy , 1946 -; 75 Years Later ~ Barney Google & Snuffy Smith Today; Beyond Newsprint
Bk 1Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America)Foreword; Introduction; Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (1996); The Fawcetts Could Do It As Well, Or Better, Than Anybody (1997); The World’s Mightiest Waste of Time and Money (1981); Comics Is A Funny Business (1946); What’s Behind The Comic Cover? (1940s); How The Comics Are Made (1942); Fawcett Writing Rules (1942); The Human Quality Of The Captain Marvel Characters (1983); Mary Marvel (1983); Those Darned Armbands and Cape Loops (1983); One of the Most Real Characters Ever To Appers (1998); Master Man (1978); My Favorite Little Monster (1981); Captain Marvel & The Atomic War (1996); The Marvel Family Feud (1980); Captain Marvel’s Well Known Comics (1975); Captain Marvel Thrill Book (1977); Fawcett’s Dime Action Books (1976); The Captain Marvel Daily Newspaper Strip (1980); The Smithsonian Book Of Comic-Book Comics (1982); Fawcett Comics’ Greatest Hits (1982); Rod Reed-I Was Proud (1974); I Chose To Be A Genius (1980); Otto Binder- We Were More Or Less Inspired (1974); Virginia A. (Ginny) Provisiero- Fond Memories (1998); Kurt Schaffenberger-I Admire Craftmanship (1980); Marcus D. Swayze-Southern Gentleman (1978); He’s My Man By Mrs. Marc Swayze (1997); I Survived-Fawcett Artist Ed Robbins (1977); A Lushness of Line- Bob Powell And Fawcett (1991); King of the Roost-Fawcett writer Joe Millard (1975); Remembering Fawcett by George Evans (1996); Easy Money-Fawcett Writer Manly Wade Wellman (1976); Captain Lieberson (1952); Visual Expression-Will Lieberson (1975); Legends Meet-C.C. Beck chats with Will Eisner (1983); Al Allard-The Business Has Changed (1982); I Never Read Them-Fawcett Artist Pete Costanza (1982); C.C. Beck Interviews Pete Costanza (1980); I Wanted To Draw Comics-Fawcett Artist Robert Laughlin (1984); Ralph Daigh-Comics Opened The Doors (1981); The Ashcan Whiz (1981); Carl Pfeur-An Original (1987); The Legacy of Mac Raboy (1981); Chad Grothkopf-I Believed In What I Did (1991); Bill Parker (1980); John Jordan (1980); Dave Berg (1980); John Putnam (1980); It Helped Pay The Mortgage:-Artist Edd Ashe (1986); Wandell Crowley (1980); Chic Stone (1997); Bill Ward (1996); Jack Binder (1986); Eric Jon Messmann (1986); I Felt It Would Be Impinging-Shazam! Artist Bob Oksner (1996); They Still Call Him Junior; Frank Coghlan Jr. (1996); Captain Marvel’s Leading Lady-Louise Currie (1996); A Hero To Look Up To-Actor Jackson Bostwick (1996); C.C Meets The Captain (1980); My Dad’s The New Captain Marvel-John Davey (1998); Elders Fleet, Strong And Wise-Michael Gray (1996); C.C. Beck 1910-89 (1989); The World’s Mightiest Opinions (1996); I’ll Never Forget C. C. Beck (1979); We Just Called Him :Beck (1990); Comin Book Are For Kids (1974); We Were Considered A Bunch Of Idiots (1974); Were Fawcett Comics Art? (1981); What Really Killed The Golden Age (1983); FCA Gallery; Fawcett Comics Index
2/AWorlds of Dungeons & Dragons, TheForgotten Realms: Dark Mirror, Part 2; Dragonlance: The Legacy, Part 2
2/BWorlds of Dungeons & Dragons, TheForgotten Realms: Dark Mirror, Part 2; Dragonlance: The Legacy, Part 2
Anl 1995X-ForceFun, Fun, Fun; The Gamut; Explosive Beginnings; A Legacy to be Proud Of
135Marvel Comics PresentsGhost Rider/Cage: Heart and Soul, Part 5; Heartbreaking; Black Widow: Legacy; Wolverine: Brothers in Arms, Part 4; Off the Cuff; Iron Fist: Depths of Despair, Part 3; Back and Forward
1Grey LegacyGrey Legacy; Brix’s Bane - A Tale from Grey Legacy
Bk 6Transformers, The (Marvel UK)Head-Hunt; Ladies Night; The Legacy of Unicron; Enemy Action
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