Storylines containing “Lovers ”

132DC Comics: Graphic Novel CollectionBatman: Lovers and Madmen
60My Own RomanceBreak-Up; At My Age; Whan a Tomboy Falls in Love; Music Lovers (text); Possessive; I Sing With a Band
4New RomancerDead Poet’s Society; Cold Heaven, Part 4; Young Lovers Old Devils
39Young Love (Crestwood)Each Day I Die!; Marriage on the Rocks!; Lovers Quarrel!; Will You Help Me?; My Fear of Men!
9Mad Color ClassicsEverybody Love Raymund; State of the Art Is; Specialized Cable TV Networks of the Future; The Chilling Chopper Chapter; The Injurious Identification Intrigue; MAD’s Rediscovered Covers; Proposed Features of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library; A MAD Look at Drag Racing; Spy vs. Spy: The Lost Sunday Comic Strips; “How We First Met” Stories That Today’s Young Lovers Will Be Stuck With; Why The U.S. Government Really Spends So Much; MAD TV vs. Saturday Night Live; The Lighter Side of Weddings; Trypanic; Drawn Out Dramas
59LegionnairesFriends, Lovers and the Calm Before the Storm
7Fresh Romance (Emet)In Beauties, we reach the breathtaking conclusion. Our forlorn pair attempts to escape their hunters while finding the meaning of true love.; In Don’t Break Up The Party, Jen Van Meter, Kyle Latino, and Marissa Louise present us with the final days of an epic D&D campaign. However, a secret crush starts to weave its way from the real world into the game!; And in Purple Love Balloon, we’ll follow lovers through a carnival as they chase down a balloon in this charming tale by Marcy Cook and Maya Kern.; Plus, a crossover between Dr. Nerdlove and the Divorcée Club, an exciting and illuminating look at the health benefits of sex, a process peek at Beauties, and more
8/AFresh Romance (Emet)In Purple Love Balloon, a charming tale by Marcy Cook, Maya Kern, and Maddie Gonzalez, we’ll follow lovers through a carnival as they chase down a balloon.; In Don’t Break Up The Party, Jen Van Meter, Kyle Latino, and Marissa Louise present us with the final days of an epic D&D campaign as a secret crush starts to weave its way from the real world into the game!; Plus, Purple Love Balloon writer Marcy Cook discusses what it was like to write a comic for the first time and the creators of Don’t Break Up The Party sit down for a roundtable chat
2Ghost Manor (2nd Series)It Will Roam Tonight; Power of the Drums; The Music of the Ghost Lovers (text); A Touch of Genius
8Kill ShakespeareJourneys End in Lovers Meeting
4Magic: The Gathering—WayfarerLovers & Comrades; Grenfell’s Tale
11IonLovers & Enemies
Bk 2Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen
Bk 2/HCBatman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen
7Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 1; It’s Funny
8Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 2; Peace in Arms
9Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 3; Crime’s New Face
10Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 4
11Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 5; This Apparition Come
12Batman ConfidentialLovers & Madmen, Part 6; Punch Line
6Green Arrow (5th Series)Lovers & Other Dangers
5Luba’s Comics and StoriesLovers and Hector
4Warrior Nun Areala: RitualsLovers and Heroes
4Kill Shakespeare: Tide of BloodLovers and Madmen
8Starfire (2nd Series)Lovers and Other Dangers
8/AStarfire (2nd Series)Lovers and Other Dangers
13Sex-Philes, TheLovers and Rubbers; One
1Nathaniel DuskLovers Die At Dusk, Part 1
2Nathaniel DuskLovers Die at Dusk, Part 2
3Nathaniel DuskLovers Die at Dusk, Part 3
4Nathaniel DuskLovers Die at Dusk, Part 4
5/HCTreasury of 20th Century Murder, ALovers Lane: The Hall/Mills Mystery
6/HCTreasury of 20th Century Murder, ALovers Lane: The Hall/Mills Mystery
307House of MysteryLovers Living, Lovers Dead
Bk 4/HCAstro City (3rd Series)Lovers Quarrel
14Invisibles, The (Vol. 2)Only Lovers Left Alive
46Outsiders (3rd Series)Pay As You Go, Part 3; Friends, Lovers & Other Strangers
27Archie Giant Series MagazinePerfect Placement; Called Down; A Diller-A Dollar; Shoed Away; Cast a Spell; The Whole Tooth; Pix Nix; Archie’s Gag Bag; Notes to You; Police Blotter; Brush Crush; All Bets Off; Under a Spell; Collector’s Item; Hook Line and Sinker; Be Prepared; Lovers Quarrel; Guys and Dollars; Bowled Over!; Chocolate Filled; In Awe of the Law; The Ego and I; School Doze; TV Trouble; Vain Swain!; Farced Labor; Shock Treatment!; A Shot in the Arm!; Alfred Bernard Nobel (text story); Speak for Yourself!; Gift o’ Gab!; Thrown for a Loss; Concentration!; Laff Lines!; Week Daze!; Mr. Lodge; Hole in One; Never Say Die; Archie’s Movie Page; Shoes Who?; No Exceptions; Hoppy Daze; Now He Knows; Middle Man; Thanks for the Memory; Stay It Isn’t So; Quick Chick; Zoos His Doctor?; Nap Snacks; Video Vamp; Lover’s Lament; Keep ’Em Smoochin’; Joseph Lister (text story); Sluggers Delight; Film Fun; A Sight for Sore Eyes!; Quick Draw; Archie’s Signs of the Times; puzzle: Archie & Reggie Fiddle-Dee-Riddle; The Lend of Plenty; Short Subject; That’s the Spirit; From Bat to Worse!; Call Me Stupid; A Lot of Crust; Threw and Through; Double Check; Bottoms Up; Soiled Story; The Boat Builder; The Money Man; No Escape; An Ode Flame; Horsing Around; En Garde; Class Clowns; puzzle: Give Him the Bird!; Moose-Taken Identity; Room with a View
12First KissPlaying it Cool; The Necklace; Heartbreaker; Lovers Quarrel; Hello Beautiful; Love Call; A Good Life; Too Young to Marry? (text)
1Project: RomanticRomance Comics: A History; Jumped; Romance; I Love You With My Ford; Scary Thoughts; When I Was A Slut; Adventure Love Story; Sewer Girls; Dr. Id, Psychologist of the Supernatural; Reflectors & Rutabagas; Lovers on a Flying Bed; Kingdom Animalia Illustrated; Dazzling: A Japanese Folktale; Sweetie ‘n Me; Trouble; Pillow Talk; The Fart of Love; Down Came the Rain; Over Yonder; My Name is Eunice Jung; Hello, Eddie; In & Out; Imitating Life; The World of Ghosts and Robots; Mrs. Jeremy Dellorso; igirl & the Babington Houses; Cupid’s Day Off; Heartbreak Hotel; Even Monkeys Know About Love After A Hundred Years; Benches; Connecting; Valentine; 1977
59Warlord (DC)Tinderbox; Arion: Of Lovers and Demons and Sorcerous Things
6Gay Comics (Bob Ross)Tommy Teene; Gideon and Friends; Coupleitus; What Will You Do? What Will You Do?; Leonard and Larry: Lovers and Other Uninvited Guests; Night of the Hunter; The Sparkle Spintsters: Stains on the Sofa; The Elves and the Leathermaker; Acute Observation; Jayson Goes Home; Wendel: Shopping for Corn Flakes
1Red Sonja (Vol. 3, Canadian Edition)While Lovers Embrace- Demons Feed!
1Red Sonja (Vol. 3)While Lovers Embrace—Demons Feed!