Storylines containing “Mad Dogs ”

Anl 1Web, TheEarthquest, Part 1; Black Hood: Mad Dogs and Frenchmen!; Shield: High Stakes
3Agent UnknownEightball In The Corner Pocket; They Shoot Mad Dogs Don’t They?
125Defenders, TheHello, I Must Be Going. (or…Mad Dogs And Elvishmen!)
14822000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Dominoes; Harry Kipling: Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Part 2; A.B.C. Warriors: The Shadow Warriors, Book 3, Part 7; Lobster Random: The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 1; The 86ers: Touchdown, Part 3
14832000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Return to Planet Gary; Lobster Random: The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 2; Harry Kipling: Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Part 2; A.B.C. Warriors: The Shadow Warriors, Book 3, Part 8; The 86ers: Touchdown, Part 4
23American FlaggMad Dogs & Englishmen!, Part 1; There Is A Heppy Land, Fur, Fur Away…
24American FlaggMad Dogs & Englishmen!, Part 2; Zen And The Art Of Motormater Maintenance
25American FlaggMad Dogs & Englishmen!, Part 3; Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
26American FlaggMad Dogs & Englishmen!, Part 4; The Peoples’ Choice
6Champions, The (Marvel)Mad Dogs and Businessmen
6/AChampions, The (Marvel)Mad Dogs and Businessmen
6Champions, The (UK Edition)Mad Dogs and Businessmen
4Mercenary Sea, TheMad Dogs and Englishmen
13NinjakMad Dogs and Englishmen
Bk 2Red ThornMad Dogs and Scotsmen
1Extreme JusticeMad Dogs and Super-Heroes
7Man from AtlantisMad Dogs snd Dinosaurs
2More Trash From MadMAD’s Up-to-Date Alphabet Book; How to Make Kids Science Conscious; Cars to Match Careers; Pizza Pie; MAD Proudly Presents Three Strange Tales; A Martian Field Guide to U. S. Wildlife 1957 Edition; Nobody Has Any Fun at Parties; In a Field of Daisies; MAD Training Stamps; Initials That Describe the Name; Opera Record Albums; Future "Of-the-Month" Clubs; Coast-to-Coast for $16.75; Wha’ For Sports Cars; How to Read a Chamber of Commerce Folder; Commemorative Stamps; MAD’s Xmas Toys; Pradva; Typewriters To Fit Your Trade; High School Paper; MAD’s Xmas Games; Alfred E. Neuman University; MAD Labels; Outdoors With Don Martin; Party Games; Why I Changed My Job; TV Scenes We’d Like to See; The Bear Hunter; How to Crop a Photo; Crazy Mixed-Up Mismatched Matchbook Covers; MAD Dogs and Their Owners; MAD Wallpaper; The Suburbs Are On Their Way Out!; Saturday Evening Pest; Shakespeare Up-To-Date; A Drive in the Country
9Invisibles, The (Vol. 2)Sensitive Criminals, Part 2; Mad Dogs and Englishmen
32Crime Does Not PayThe Man Who Loved Murder; Screeming Death; Senorita of Sin; Conny, the Convict; Untitled; The Stick-Up (text); Mad Dogs of Oklahoma; Playboys of Crime; Be A Dectective— Who DunnIt or Death Pulls the Trigger
Bk 1Champions, The (Marvel)The World Still Needs…The Champions!; Whom the Gods Would Join…; Assault on Olympus; Murder at Malibu!; The Economy Is So Bad That…; Mad Dogs and Businessmen; The Man Who Created the Black Widow; Divide and Conquer!; The Battle Of Los Angeles!; One Man’s Son Is Another Man’s Poison; The Shadow From the Stars
1Shooting Star Comics AnthologyTsalosha; Trap Dancing; Hunger For More; Bigger Things; Power; Raising the Stakes; Mad Dogs and Irishmen; Rendezvous at the Temple of Khepri; Remember the Alamas; Aym Radio; A Little Insurance