Storylines containing “New Tricks”

2Fuzzy Knights: Tails From the Table…And Other Movies with Meg Ryan; R&R; Back to Basics; Backs are for Stabbin’; Asimov’s Rabbit; Rabbit Stew; How Hot is It?; So Close; What is Past is Prologue; Signs and Portents; The Dark Side; A Day at the Store; Soliloquy; Breaking the Bad News; Quaking in Your Dragon Skin Boots; What’s in a Name; Don’t Panic; Fuzz; Captain Captain; Like a FemBunny Scorned; The Long Arm; New Tricks; Ben in Doubt
1/HCDC Comics: Zero YearDark City, Stormbreaker, Homestead, Keep Your Enemies Closer, Or High Water, Sunrise, Before The Claws Come Out, Whistleblower’s Blues, Starting Line, The Prodigal, New Tricks, Powers That Be, One Dark City Night, he Beckoning Dark,Dark City, People in the Dark; Night
62Catwoman (2nd series)Dog New Tricks
58Looney Tunes (DC)Femme Fatale; The Missing Link; Stiff Upper Beak; For My Sweet-Tea; Old Dawg, New Tricks
32HellblazerNew Tricks
65100 BulletsNew Tricks, Part 1
66100 BulletsNew Tricks, Part 2
12Wordsmith (Renegade)Old Dogs and New Tricks
66Green Arrow (2nd Series)The Away Game, Part 1; The Old Dog/The New Tricks
10French IceThe Burden; The Chapel; The Junkyard; Learning New Tricks (Kador)
1My Only LoveThe Long Wait; Where Beauty Lies; A Shattered Dream!; You Can’t Teach an old Horse New Tricks!
157Archie and FriendsThe Nose Knows!; New Tricks (Sammy the Whammy, Boy Magician); Enter Dr. Demon!
25Green Arrow (5th Series)The Prodigal; New Tricks
25/AGreen Arrow (5th Series)The Prodigal; New Tricks