Storylines containing “Nightwing ”

2Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and WerewolvesA Nightwing and a Prayer!
73Back IssueBACK SEAT DRIVER: Editorial by Michael Eury; FLASHBACK: Taking Wing: Nightwing Moves Out from Under Batman’s Shadow; PRINCE STREET NEWS: Dick Grayson: Fashion Victim; CHECKLIST: Batgirl in the Bronze Age; BRING ON THE BAD GUYS: A History of the Man-Bat; WHAT THE—?!: It Came from the Fifth Dimension: Bat-Mite!; FLASHBACK: Bronze Age Batmobiles; FLASHBACK: Batman and the Outsiders; PRO2PRO: Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis; BEYOND CAPES: Commissioner Gordon in the Bronze Age; FLASHBACK: The Final Days of World’s Finest Comics; OFF MY CHEST: Carrie Kelley: The Female Wonder; INTERVIEW: Jeph Loeb: Batman’s Mouthpiece
1Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day SpecialBatman & Catwoman: Think it Through; Aquaman & Mera: The Lighthouse; Batgirl: Dreamer; Apollo & Midnighter: Seoul Brothers; Nightwing & Ursa Minor: Another Saturday Night; Superman & Wonder Woman: Truth or Dare
2DC Universe Holiday BashGreen Lantern/Green Arrow: The Present; Batman: House of Peace; Darkseid: Present Tense; Black Lightning: Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa; Superman: The Gift; JSA: I Left My Heart at the Justice Society Canteen; Sgt. Rock: A Christmas Carol; Nightwing and Oracle: The Old Lane
633Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Apocalypse; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 10; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 8; Behind Closed Doors; Blood and Sand; Phantom Stranger: Cat and Mouse, Part 3; Black Canary: Gremlins at Twelve O’Clock
632Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Beyond Phobus; Phantom Stranger: Cat and Mouse, Part 2; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 9; Holy War; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 7; A Time of Changes; Blackhawk: Doing the Horizontal Goosestep
631Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Détente; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 8; Phantom Stranger: Cat and Mouse, Part 1; Point Blank; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 6; Old Friends, New Enemies; Blackhawk: Kissoff—That’s a Russian Word, Isn’t It?
628Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Heroes; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 5; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 3; Arrival; Wipeout!; The Secret Six!: Remains to Be Seen; Blackhawk: And a Time to Gather Stones Together
629Action ComicsGreen Lantern: So Long Ago the Garden; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 6; The Secret Six!: Beginning of the End; Journey’s End; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 4; New Friends, Old Enemies; Blackhawk: Some Guys Can’t Take No for an Answer
634Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Total War; Phantom Stranger: Cat and Mouse, Part 4; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 11; Breathless!; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 9; The Circle Closes; Blackhawk: Coming Down
630Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Will; Black Canary: Knock ’em Dead, Part 7; The Secret Six!: The Mockingbird Still Singing O’er Its Grave; The Power from Beyond!; Nightwing & Speedy: Rocks and Hard Places, Part 5; Attacks; Blackhawk: Mr. Blackhawk Goes to Washington
1You’ll All Be Sorry!Introduction: It’s a Funnt Buisiness; Buzzline #1; Classic Condensed Comics Classics; Batman &the Dark Outsiders: Episode One, Part 1; Understanding Understanding Comics; Tony’s Hourly Online Tips; The Punisher Returns; Teen Romance: My Love ~ My Shame; Backsmash; The Runner in the Dark; Commentary TrackLegends of the batman and the Dark Outsiders Episode One, Part 2; Wathmen Bloopers; Purple Reign; Buzzline #2; Brendan Nightwing Hockenberry’s Dark Room; Dave Sim’s Guide to Getting Women; Wizard Issue 1; Wetout; Galactus Blog; Fern’s Fiction Guide; Bizzaro Preacher; Conan and Hobbes; Earth’s Wake-Up Call; Callings from a Silent Cave; Lone Wolf and Cub: A Cricket Knows Not; The final Buzzline; Brendan and Fern’s Dark Glade; How to Write Comics the Gail Simone Way (with Boobs and Food!)
188Superman Family, TheJimmy Olsen: Crisis in Kandor!; Superman: The Death Angel From Earth; Lois Lane: The Mutant Menace of Metropolis!; Krypto: Ridin’ the Rails; Nightwing & Flamebird: Here There Be… Giants!; Supergirl: Kandor Vs Supergirl!
186Superman Family, TheJimmy Olsen: The Bug Lady; Superman: Save My Friend, Kill Your World!; Lois Lane: Dateline: A Kingdom of the Mad; Krypto: Gunfight at the Canine Corral!; Nightwing and Flamebird: Journey to the Center of Nowhere!; Supergirl: A Rendezvous with Reality
187Superman Family, TheJimmy Olsen: The Dealers of Death; Superman: A Phoenix of Steel!; Lois Lane: The Destruction of the Temple!; Krypto: Double Trouble!; Nightwing and Flamebird: Battle with the Bizarro Brain!; Supergirl: Birthright of Power!
17Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC UniverseNightshade; Night-Slayer; Nightwing & Flamebird; Nimbus; Nocturna; Northwind; Nuclear Family; Nuklon; Obsidian; Ocean Master; Olympian Gods; Omac; Omega Men; Onyx; Orion; O.S.S. Agents; Outsiders HQ; Pakrat; Paradise Island; Parasite; Pariah; Patchwork Man
6Supergirl (4th Series)Nightwing & Flamebird……the Dynamic Duo of Kandor!; Candor, Part 1
1/AWorld’s Finest (2nd Series)Nightwing & Red Robin
1/BWorld’s Finest (2nd Series)Nightwing & Red Robin
Bk 1World’s Finest (2nd Series)Nightwing & Red Robin; Guardian & Robin; Supergirl & Batgirl; Superman & Batman; The Terrible Toyman; Superman and Robin: The Deadliest Show on Earth
19DC Comics Super Hero CollectionNightwing (Dick Grayson)
1Batman: BaneNightwing appearance
16Nightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 1
16/ANightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 1
16/BNightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 1
17Nightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 2
17/ANightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 2
18Nightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 3
18/ANightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 3
18/BNightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 3
19Nightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 4
19/ANightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 4
19/BNightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 4
20Nightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 5
20/ANightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 5
20/BNightwing (4th Series)Nightwing Must Die!, Part 5
1Nightwing: RebirthNightwing Rebirth
1/ANightwing: RebirthNightwing Rebirth
1/BNightwing: RebirthNightwing Rebirth
Bk 8NightwingNightwing Year One
5Tiny TitansPlayground Invaders; Nightwing on Rye; Enigma and Speedy, Part 2; May We Take a Bat-Message?; Back to Basics
4Tiny TitansRobin and the Robins; Beast Boy at the Dentist; Babysittin’ Baby Makeover!; Beast Boys‘s Prize; Do the Do; It‘s a Nightwing Thing
191Superman Family, TheSuperboy: The Incredible Shrinking Town!; Jimmy Olsen: The Quest for the Guardian; Krypto: The Hunters!; Supergirl: A Matter of Gravity; Lois Lane: The Most Precious Plunder; Superman: The Super-Hero Money Can’t Buy!; Nightwing & Flamebird: The Sealed Room
193Superman Family, TheSuperboy: The Menace of the Mechanical Master!; Jimmy Olsen: The Project: Perilous; Lois Lane: Hospital Hostilities; Supergirl: The Gravity War; Superman: My Mother, Supergirl; Nightwing and Flamebird: Target: Van-Zee
192Superman Family, TheSuperboy: This Town for Plunder!; Supergirl: What Goes Up…Can’t Come Down; Krypto: Requiem in the Rain!; Jimmy Olsen: Whatever Happened to the Guardian?; My Father…Superman; Lois Lane: The Hand of Death!; Nightwing & Flamebird: The Ordeal of Ak-Var
194Superman Family, TheSuperboy: When the Sorcerer Strikes!; Nightwing and Flamebird: Showdown; Jimmy Olsen & Lois Lane: Armageddon Arrives Today!; Supergirl: Nightmare in New Athens!
183Superman Family, TheSupergirl: Shadows of Phantoms!; Krypto: Love and the Single Dog!; Jimmy Olsen: Short Circuit a Smuggler; Whatever Happened to Perry White?; Nightwing and Flamebird: Death is a Computer; Lois Lane: The Day Lois Lane Walked Over Superman!
184Superman Family, TheSupergirl: The Visitors from the Void; Jimmy Olsen: The Final Flight!; Krypto: Bone of Contention; Lois Lane: Piece of Mind; Nightwing & Flamebird:; Superman: The Mysterious Misdemeanors of the Prankster
Bk 1Superman Family, TheSuperman: The Adventures of Nightwing and Flamebird
185Superman Family, TheThe Fantastic Fists and Fury Feet of Jimmy Olsen; The Great Superman Locked-Room Puzzle; Lois Lane: The Sinister Secret of the Street-Stalker!; The Stray Superdog!; Nightwing and Flamebird: Beginnings; Supergirl: The Voodoo Machine
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