Storylines containing “Orion”

12Heavy Metal1996, Part 11; Abracax Effect; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne; Barbarella, Part 2; Den, Part 12; Diabolical Planet; Galactic Geographic, Part 1; Hitchhike; Lost; Orion, Part 1; Paradise 9; Ruse; Self-Portrait; Underground Comic; Urm, Part 2
14Heavy Metal1996, Part 12; An Image; Barbarella, Part 4; Fed Up; Galactic Geographic, Part 3; Going to Pieces; Jungle Gym; Lost Time; Margerin; Orion, Part 3; Ozone Alley; Tap-Dancing on a Tender…; The Day; The Uptight Garbage of Jerry Corne; Urm, Part 3
16Heavy Metal1996, Part 14; Barbarella, Part 6; Death of Orlaon; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 5; Heilman, Part 2; Last Voyage of Sinbad; More Than Human, Part 2; Orion, Part 4; Q Claf 1; Story of the Acrylic Magus and…
1Charlton ClassicsAdventures of the Man-God Hercules; Orion
Bk 1Transformers: Best of Optimus PrimeAfterdeath, Chaos Theory, Transformation, Orion Pax: Free Fall
13Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 5; Barbarella, Part 3; City of Flowers; Galactic Geographic, Part 2; Orion, Part 2; Urm the Mad
29All Favourites ComicDexter; Battle of the Tiny Titans; Doctor Falsom’s Discovery; Blind Man’s Bluff; Mr Universe; My Brother—the Alien; The Case of the Poisoned Candle; The Secret of the Space Circus; I Lived in Two Worlds; The Human Memory Book; The Menace of Craven’s Creatures; The Legend of Wo-Kan, the Friendly; Outer Space Calling; One-Way Passage from Thorion
33Post BrothersDistorion for All
15Wonder Woman (4th Series)Enter: Orion!; The Burden of God
15/AWonder Woman (4th Series)Enter: Orion!; The Burden of God
1Full Force Manga! from Square EnixFull Metal Alchemist; O-Parts Hunter; Enchanter; E’S; Kamui; Aquarian Age—Juvenile Orion; He is My Master; I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara; Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning; Zombie-Loan; Black God; Alice on Deadlines
1Star Trek: Alien SpotlightGorn; Vulcans; Andorians; Orions; Borg; Romulans
1New Gods Secret FilesLearn…And Live!; The Beginning of the End; Orion and Big Barda Join the JLA
3New Paltz ComixMadhouse; Food; In Spite of Ancient Astronauts; Orion Colonies Slave Girl; J’nn J’nnzz Manhunter from Marzz: The Rebirth; Asteroid; Rot; Old Fruit; Ooops!; There’s No Race Like Home; Black As Ink; Welcome Traveler…
1ZombiesMight of the Living Dead; An Molethy a An NY-Marow; Memories; Spirit of the Apocalypse; Pariah; The Zombie Interviews 1; The Slow Undeath; Job Satisfaction; Nightclub of the Living Dead; Zombie Thespian; One; The Zombie Interviews 3; Tom the Zom; The Zombie Interviews 4; The Scent of Coriander; Dissolution; House of the Dead; Zombie of the Great Unwashed; The Zombie Interviews 2; The Swetest of Dreams; Pop Zombies; The Zombie Interviews 5; The Crypt of Romance; The Zombie Interviews 6; Zombies; The Sweetest of Dreams; Orion Star; No Time to Die; Attach of the Zom-Bees; An Alphabet of Zombies; The Zombie Interviews 7; Life Goes On; The Zombie Interviews 8; Day of the Dead Moon; Nomads; Love Is…; Sacrifice; Zombie Gallery; Zom-Bios
8Soldier XMMIII, Anno Morionis (Year of the Madman, 2003)
20Heavy MetalNew Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn; Exterminator 17; Orion, Part 8; Diabolical Planet: The Great Trap: The Spatial Adventures Of M. White, Part 4; Major Grubert And The Hermetically Sealed Garage Of Jerry Cornelius; Galactic Geographic: Explorer Colony 6; Empire; Surgical Tactics; Heilman: Epilogue; So Beautiful And So Dangerous, Part 2; The First Night After Touchdown On Earth
21Heavy MetalNew Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn; Hit Man, Part 1; The Thousandth Contract; The Fury Of Vengeance; Exquisite Corpses; The Sign; Orion, Part 9; Exterminator 17; Off-Season; Tarot; The Airtight Garage Of Jerry Cornelius; The Colored Lights And Frequent Electrical Fires Attract A Certain Primitive Animal; So Beautiful And So Dangerous, Part 3; …Mankind Has Taken A Giant Leap…; The Development Of An Intergalactic Corporation: A Treatise
Dlx 1Orion (DC)O Beautiful for Spacious Skies; …For Amber Waves of Grain!; …For Purple Mountain Majesties…; Above the Fruited Plain…; Day of Wrath; The King is Dead… Long Live the King!; Tough Love!; The Righteous Treacheries of DeSaad! Or Orion Rules!; The Electro Death of Honor!; Sirius Business! Or Dog is God Spelled Backwards!; Orion Rules!; Legends of Apokolips, The Ordering of Apokolips; The Ordering of Earth; The Ordering of the Cosmos
2Midnight, Mass: Here There Be MonstersOrion
1Millennium Edition: New GodsOrion Fights for Earth!
1New Gods, The (1st series)Orion Fights for Earth!
1New Gods (2nd Series)Orion Fights for Earth!
Bk 1New Gods, The (1st series)Orion Fights For Earth!; O Deadly Darkseid; Death is the Black Racer!; The O’Ryan Gang and the Deep Six; Spawn; The Glory Boat!; The Pact!; The Death Wish of Terrible Turpin!; The Bug!; Earth—The Doomed Dominion; Darkseid and Sons!; Young Gods of Supertown: Introducing Fastbak!; Young Gods of Supertown: Vykin the Black; Young Gods of Supertown: Beat the Black Racer!
1DC Comics Presents: Darkseid War 100-Page Super SpectacularOrion Fights For Earth!; The Forever People In Search of a Dream; Mister Miracle: Murder Missle Trap; New Gods: The Pact
1New Gods Special, TheOrion of New Genesis; Teeth of the See; Kirby :Grabber, The Young Gods of Supertown
26/BTransformers, The: SpotlightOrion Pax
26/CTransformers, The: SpotlightOrion Pax
6/ATransformers (Idea + Design Works, 3rd Series)Orion Pax: Free Fall
6/BTransformers (Idea + Design Works, 3rd Series)Orion Pax: Free Fall
6/CTransformers (Idea + Design Works, 3rd Series)Orion Pax: Free Fall
6/DTransformers (Idea + Design Works, 3rd Series)Orion Pax: Free Fall
26-2Transformers, The: SpotlightOrion Pax; Omega’s Conundrum
26/ATransformers, The: SpotlightOrion Pax; Omega’s Conundrum
11Orion (DC)Orion Rules!
2Barbarians (Avalon)Orion; The Oracle; Jason; To Kill a God
4Hot Stuf’Soace Station Dora; The Vanguard; House on Whore Hill; Scarecrow; Orion-Chapter III; Mercy; Kenshi Blade!
SE 4Star Trek: Graphic Novel CollectionStar Trek: Alien Spotlight - Volume 1; (collects The Gorn, Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Borg, and Romulans (2008) IDW issues)
1Adventure Comics (Murray)The Crimson Comets of Fallville High; Murder Haunts the Midway; The Call of the Cosmos; Orion of the New Gods; The Case of the Fortune Cookie Fortune; A Nightmare to Remember; The Shark’s Dark Demand
4Swords of ValorThe Enchanted Man; Begin; Orion; Jason; Prince Athel; The Galley
28Eerie (Warren)The Hidden Evils!, the Beast in the Swamp!, The Rescue Party!, Follow Apollo!, Ice Scream, Pit Of Evil, The Last Train To Orion!
11Midnight TalesThe Library; Orion; Jason; The Oracle
8Orion (DC)The Righteous Treacheries of Desaad! or Orion Rules!; Deadend
5Doctor Who (1st Series)The Time Witch; Warlord Of The Orions
1Thorion of the New AsgodsThorion The Hunter!
16Kamandi (Editoriale Corno)Tutto iniziò Così; Orion dei Nuovi Dei
9Countdown (Polystyle)Video Telephones; Think Tank!; Countdown; Hold On Tight, Please; The Orion Dust; Stingray; Gerry Anderson’s UFO: Too Old At 32; Thunderbirds; Dastardly and Muttley; Dr. Who: Timebenders
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