Storylines containing “Payback”

6White TigerA Hero’s Compulsion, Part 6; Payback
11Dark Horse Presents (Vol. 3)Abe Sapien: Subconscious; The Paybacks: Downhill Ski; The Suit: Bad Day at the Office, Part 2; Black Past, Part 1; Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, Part 1; Colonus, Part 2
2Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z UpdateAmerican Eagle (Strongbow); Attuma; Black Spectre (Knowles); Abigail Brand; Brass Frogs/King Solomon’s Frogs; Damage Control; Deathurge; Dimensional Man; Dire Wraiths; Dragon of the Moon; Ecstasy; Elektro (Fin Fang Four); Fat Cobra; Genetix; Ghaur; Gorgons (Medusa, Delphyne); Derek Khanata; Kronos (Eternals); Lady Bullseye; Leatherneck Raiders; Legion (Haller); Man with no face; Marquis of death; Maximus (Boltagon); Midnight’s Fire; N’Astirh; Night Shift; Kiden Nixon; Pixie (Gwynn); Portal (Littlesky); Poundcakes; Scarlet Spiders Michael, Van, Patrick); Phil Sheldon; Shooting Star; Skaar; Tarantula (Rodriquez); Tiwaz; True Believers (Payback’s Team); Ursa Major; Verminus Rex; Senator Ward; X-Force (M Branch Founded); Xartans; Abyss (Cosmic Sorcerer); Acanti; Flux; Gravemoss; Grosgumbeekians; Hate-Monger (National Force); Mister Fish (Mortimer Norris); Phaser; Plokta; Quwrlln; Reptil (Lopez); Skeleton Ki; Unum; Uranus (Ouranos)
10Real StuffBack Then; Paybacks are Hell; Tough Guys Do Dance; The Anti-Santa; The Vote; The Old Man and the Weed; Yuddies; Just Another Seattle Mystery; Reggae Bringdown
11Digital Webbing PresentsBad Elements; The Gig:, Part 3; Leviathan; Just Another Wednesday; Summer Days, Winter Nights; Payback
9Caliber PresentsBaker Street: Elementary My Dear; Jazz Age Chronicles; Another Life; Paybacks are a Bitch; The Powers of Charlie Duff; God’s Hammer
31Poison Elves (Sirius)Big Payback
2True SinChudus Interruptus; Payback’s a Bitch, Fetosi
6Rakan (2nd Series)Den of Thieves: Payback
6/ARakan (2nd Series)Den of Thieves: Payback
1StorylinesDispirited; Mystery Bag; American Fries; Payback; Like Smoking Air; I Used to Believe; Journal Comic; Can I Keep Him?; No More Tears; Broken; Before it was Quiet; Denby; Rum Rug
339Donald Duck and Friends (Walt Disney’s…)Donald Duck in Ancient Persia; Payback
184Archie’s Double Digest MagazineFame Game; That’s the Spirit; Better Things; Gas Bag; Hair; Monday, Monday; That’s the Ticket!; Morning Mayhem; The Fabulous Four; The Big Test; The Swinger; My Stars; Payback Time; Gag Bag; The Frigid Flash; Race Chase; Happy Chappy; It’s Snow Ball; Every Which Way but Jughead, Part 1; Havin’ a Ball; Rat Ace; TM Gem; The Winner; Skate Fate; Pot Lucky; One Mo’ Meal; The Big Loser; Chiminy Crickets; Mr. Generous; Fireplace Cozy; Heat Beat; The Shut-In; Out in the Cold; Pride Ride; Remote Chance; Winter Rhyme
77GrimjackFinal Payback; Youngblood
28H.A.R.D. Corps, TheGeneration Gap, Part 2; Payback
1One and DoneLucky Charm; How to Kill a Man; Shoot, Fly; Ped Texting; …Cold!; Saying Grace; Suckers; Captain Amazing to the Rescue!; Death’s Hand; Pyrrhic War; Waiting…; Spouse Invaders; The Balloon; Beyond the Heart; Day 366; Looking Back Over My Shoulder; Nobody Heeds the Warning; Hunger; Pale Horse; Reid’s Payback; Celtic Shaman: A Walk in the Park; Final Take; Blitz Randall: Man of Action!; In Loving Memory; Prime Directive; Inflation; Somebody Save Me!; Urban Hunting 101; 12 Bells; Demon Birth; Edgar’s Song; Alas, Poor Hercules; Dead Wrong; The Bold Man and the Sea; Ebb; Hit List; The Spitfire; The Vow; Time Log; Tail-Gator; Subject 32; Meltdown!; No Quarter!; A Force in Motion; The Hunting Lesson; Boom; Mazscara Pinup; Joseph!; False Pretenses; Harkinton
59Batman: Gotham AdventuresPayback
1Line of Defense 3000ADPayback
1True Believers: X-Men—BishopPayback
282Uncanny X-Men, ThePayback
282-2Uncanny X-Men, ThePayback
1True BelieversPayback is a Bitch, Part 1
2True BelieversPayback is a Bitch, Part 2; Daddy Issues
3True BelieversPayback is a Bitch, Part 3; The Max Factor
4True BelieversPayback is a Bitch, Part 4; Family Plots
5True BelieversPayback is a Bitch, Part 5; Burning Love
9Death’s Head II (Vol. 2)Payback Time
39L.E.G.I.O.N.Payback Time!
155Flash (2nd Series)Payback Unlimited
506Adventures of SupermanPayback!
395Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Payback!
3Gen13 (Mini-Series)Payback!
78G.I. Joe, A Real American HeroPayback!
1Original Man: The Most Powerful Man In the UniversePayback!
88Spectacular Spider-Man AdventuresPayback!
50Punisher War Journal, ThePayback!, Part 1
51Punisher War Journal, ThePayback!, Part 2
73Batman: Gotham KnightsPayback, Part 1
18DeadpoolPayback, Part 1
6Solution, ThePayback, Part 1
6SpawnPayback, Part 1
6Spawn (Dengeki American)Payback, Part 1
74Batman: Gotham KnightsPayback, Part 2
7Solution, ThePayback, Part 2
7SpawnPayback, Part 2
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