Storylines containing “Rowlf”

32Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 16; Barlowe’s Guidebook to Extrate; Egg-Stained Wine; Elric, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 11; Homer’s Idyll; Jim; Moon Flight; Rowlf, Part 1; Shelter, Part 4; The Stars My Destination; Zooks, Part 3
26Muppet Babies (Marvel UK)Baby Rowlf - Superstar!; Muppet Masterpieces!; Baby Rowlf Superstar! (text story)
1-2RowlfThe Story of Rowlf, Part 2
16Muppet Babies (Marvel UK)What’s Afoot?; Dear Baby Scooter; Piggy’s Dressing-Up Fun!; Play it Again, Rowlf!