Storylines containing “Royal Pain”

102Jughead’s Double DigestCold, Hard Reality; Flip Quips; Slumber Number; Turn the Other Chick!; Dipsy Doodles; Solitude; Request Zest; Owe Woe; It’s Not Working Out; Bowl Goal; Dense Sense; Alley Talk; Perfect Scents; Salary Cap; Blarney Blues!; The Kiss Off; That’s Entertainment; Game Acclaim; Pardon My Computer; Pinch Flinch; Menu Mischief; The Object of My Affection!; Gag Bag; The Way to a Man’s Heart; Wise Guise; Jinxerama; Sleek Sneak; On the Lookout; A Royal Pain!; Scheme Supreme; The Swing King; Mediator; Pie Eyed; Plant Pirate; The Nose Knows; Chase Choice; None of Your Lip; Tough Enough; The Calculating Fool; Arm Alarm; The Phantom Hydrant; Bully for You; Walk Squawk; New Bride; Uniformly Misinformed
1Little Dot’s Uncles and AuntsLittle Dot Meets Uncle Stunty; Little Dot Meets Aunt Aqua; Little Dot Meets Uncle Sod; A Royal Pain (text); The Challenging Game (text); Little Dot Meets Aunt Badge; On the Carpet; Hole in Wonder; Pony Tale; Naughty Girl (text); Bobbit Rabbit (text); Knots to You
35Justice League of America (2nd Series)Royal Pain, Part 1; Luck of the Draw!; What Did Superman Do?
36Justice League of America (2nd Series)Royal Pain, Part 2; Shuffle Up and Die!; Superman: Secret Origin
37Justice League of America (2nd Series)Royal Pain, Part 3; Dead Man’s Hand!
409Incredible Hulk, TheRoyal Pain; Ulysses, Part 3; First Blood
197Betty and Veronica Double DigestText Evasion; Veronica in The Inside Story; Betty in Home Alone?; Hold the Phone; Fantastic Fashions for Fabulous Fun-Times; Archie; Travel Case; Betty’s Hideway! (puzzle); Pin Up; Veronica in A Working Model; What Are Friends For?; The Bowl Game; The Throw Must Go On!; Patience is NOT her virtue!; Betty: Don’t Worry… (puzzle); Archie in Borrow Sorrow; Ginger in Hard to Fit; Ginger in Fin Fare!; Ginger in Hands Off!; Ginger in B-Bopped; Ginger in Watch Out!; Ginger in Big Hearted!; Ginger in The Dinner Belle!; Guesstiment; Being There!; Veronica in Bang Up Job!; Speak English, Please!; Sabrina in Given a Break; Sabrina in Bodyguard; Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda (puzzle); Betty in Family Business!; Royal Pain; The Fame Game; Betty’s Gag Bag; Katy Keene; Katy Keene in A Cat Tale; Katy Keene Gets a Big Laugh in the New Look; Betty’s Diary: The Write Stuff; At a Disadvantage; Reggie in Trait Fate; Reggie in News Muse
138Betty and Veronica Double DigestWhat a Doll!; Doll Yourself Up!; Boo Hoo Déjà Vu; Family Management; Royal Pain; The Best of the Worst; Super Sleuth; The Big Game; Dating Game; Games People Play; Baby, It’s You; In Da House!; The Weirder Side of the News; You Can Dance; Snow a Go-Go; The Real Thing; Foul Weather Friends; Blame that Tune; The Race; Purchase Prize; The Big Chill; Run for the Hills; She’s a Card; Have an Ice Day; Revival; Holi-daze!; Watch Out