Storylines containing “Secrets of the Deep”

1Archie & Friends Double DigestAdventures in the Wonder Realm, Part 1; Dilton’s Doofy Inventions; The Great Haunt Hunt; Boobology; Symptomania; Plane Crazy; Secrets of the Deep; Hare Raising; Given the Business; The Faculstein Monster!; Fall for It Classic!; Stamp of Approval; Call to Arms; Mr. Weatherbee Pinup; Heated Discussion; A Close Shave!; Prize Rise; Sliding Scale; Communication Gap; Lob Job; Snow Go; Kiss Bliss!; Archie 3000!: Flower Power!; Veronica 3000!: Veronica’s Planet!; Sculpture Schemer; Dilton’s Double
4Fish Police (Marvel)Hairballs, Part 4; Baited Secrets of the Deep (text)
138Archie’s Double Digest MagazineOut on the Roof; Moose Gag Bag; The Image; Archie’s Gag Bag; Scare Tactics; No Problems; Fair Man; Father Knows Least!; Washington Bound!; All Around The Town!; Flyin’ High!; All’s Well That Ends!; Bark Lark; On Your Toes; The Tryout; Transportation Consternation; Grade Charade; Old Fighter; Tops in Swaps; Wheel Deal; Prize Project; Pigskin Picks; My Two Best Friends Are Aliens; The Letter; How To Train Your Dog; A Boney Blast; The Thanksgiving; My Stars; Duck Luck; Sportin’ Spartan; Cutups; And All That Jazz; Secrets of the Deep; Let’s Hear One For The Bee; Present Alms; Popularity Pays; Pleasure Before Business; The Gourd, The Bad and the Ugly or Let The Gourd Times Roll!; Having Reservations About Making Reservations
8Dept. HSecrets Of The Deep
6Agents of Atlas (2nd Series)Secrets of the Deep, Part 1
7/AAgents of Atlas (2nd Series)Secrets of the Deep, Part 2
7Agents of Atlas (2nd Series)Secrets of the Deep, Part 2; Mr. Lao is Sleeping