Storylines containing “Sins of the Fathers”

1Caliber Presents: Flash From NowhereBetrayal, Boom, Click, Crop Circles, Exhumation, Fallen on The Earth, In Satan’s Name, Kidnapped!, Love For a Mannequin, Pirates!, The Challenge, The Headstone, The Killer, The Lawmen, The Mercy Killing, The Money’s Value, The Safe Deposit Box,The Sins of The Fathers, The Stalker, The Supermarket, The Witness, Time Travel, Witness’ Eyes
14Madame Xanadu (2nd Series)Exodus Noir, Part 4; Sins of the Fathers
5Giant-Size Man-ThingFear Times Three!; There’s a Party in 6G; The Sins of the Fathers, Lifeline!; Hellcow!; A Sight for Sore Eyes
3Star Trek UnlimitedMessage in a Bottle; Sins of the Fathers
51Captain Atom (DC)Sins of the Fathers
3Demon, The (3rd Series)Sins of the Fathers
10Fantastic Four UnlimitedSins of the Fathers
8New Gods (4th Series)Sins of the Fathers
20ShadowmanSins of the Fathers
67Silver Surfer, The (Vol. 3)Sins of the Fathers
Bk 4Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5th Series)Sins of the Fathers
SE 1Trekker (Dark Horse)Sins Of The Fathers
4SabretoothSins of the Fathers!
1Captain Marvel (4th Series)Sins of the Fathers, Part 1; Junior Achievement
2Captain Marvel (4th Series)Sins of the Fathers, Part 2; Why is the Sky Blue? (and Other Questions Kids Ask Their Parents)
3Captain Marvel (4th Series)Sins of the Fathers, Part 3; Bitter Pills
4Captain Marvel (4th Series)Sins of the Fathers, Part 4; Rogg and Roll
246Captain America (1st Series)The Sins Of The Fathers!
246Captain America (UK Edition)The Sins Of The Fathers!
12Dracula Lives! (Magazine)The Sins of the Fathers; Parchments of the Damned!
7Doctor Who Graphic NovelVol. 7: The Flood; Where Nobody Knows Your Name; Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game, Part 1; The Power of Thoueris!; The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack, Part 1; The Land of Happy Endings; Bad Blood, Part 1; Sins of the Fathers, Part 1; The Flood, Part 1; Commentary & Extras