Storylines containing “Strange Bedfellows”

72Incredible Hulk, The (2nd Series)Big Things, Part 2; Strange Bedfellows
1Pros and (Comic) ConsBrave Nerd World; Only Lonely Madmen, Hot Mic; Only In…; Ego Trip; A Queer Guide to Comic Con; Never Wear Comfortable Shoes to a Con; Kindred Spirits; A First Time Moderator’s Worst Nightmare; On Reflection; Cons Conned Me (But I Got to Keep My Wallet); Love at First Con; Our Own Economy; Our Own Econoomy; A Lonely Place of Trying; Con Sketch; A Writer in Artist Alley; Comic Conversations: How Cons Bring Creators Together; Murder! Mayhem! Me?; San Diego 1977; Crunch; Thought Bubble; Follow the Goths; The Pastel Giveaway; My Inevitable Doom; The Outsider; Cons Make Strange Bedfellows; Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Geek Journalist; Mistakes Were Made; Cree Supergirl; The Secret Origin of Hack/Slash, A Partian Truth; Signing Time, San Diego Comic-Con, 2003; Dino Rumble; Break Even; Connections; The California Guys; Room for More
Bk 5Angel (2nd series)Changeling Wife; Strange Bedfellows; Phantom Dennis; Point of Order
206Transformers, The (Marvel UK)Cold War, Part 1; Action Force: Strange Bedfellows, Part 3
207Transformers, The (Marvel UK)Cold War, Part 2; Action Force: Strange Bedfellows, Part 4
1Patty Cake & Friends (Vol. 2)Early to Rise; For Art’s Sake; Why Hothead Totally Rules!; Strange Bedfellows
103Green Lantern (3rd Series)Emerald Knights, Part 3; Strange Bedfellows
8Batman: Streets of GothamHardcore Nights, Part 1; Manhunter: Strange Bedfellows
45Shanda the Panda (2nd Series)Homeless; Medics: Resupply; Strange Bedfellows
1Batman: Streets of GothamIgnition!; Manhunter: Strange Bedfellows
1/ABatman: Streets of GothamIgnition!; Manhunter: Strange Bedfellows
20062000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Class of ’97; Judge Dredd: Straight Eye for the Crooked Guy; Caballistics, Inc.: Strange Bedfellows; Nikolai Dante: Devil’s Deal; SlaineL Carnical; Sinister Dexter: Festive Spirits; Low Life: He’s Making a List…; The Ten-Seconders: The American Dream; Strontium Dog: A Shaggy Dog Story
10Batman Beyond UniverseJustice Lords Beyond: Ruins of Wayne; Justice Lords Beyond: Dark Reflections; Justice Lords Beyond: New Threads; Justice Lords Beyond: Strange Bedfellows
26Superboy (3rd Series)Losin’ It, Part 2; Strange Bedfellows
3Death of Hawkman, TheOut of Time, Part 3; Strange Bedfellows
76Catwoman (2nd series)Strange Bedfellows
57G.I. Joe, A Real American HeroStrange Bedfellows
4/APathfinder: WorldscapeStrange Bedfellows
4/BPathfinder: WorldscapeStrange Bedfellows
4/CPathfinder: WorldscapeStrange Bedfellows
4/DPathfinder: WorldscapeStrange Bedfellows
4/EPathfinder: WorldscapeStrange Bedfellows
8Savage Hawkman, TheStrange Bedfellows
43Star Trek: The Next GenerationStrange Bedfellows
0U.N. Force FilesStrange Bedfellows
0/AU.N. Force FilesStrange Bedfellows
21X-O ManowarStrange Bedfellows
9Buck Rogers Comics ModuleStrange Bedfellows, Chapter 3; Sins Of Ardala Chapter 3 Thricker Than Water; Sins of Ardala, Chapter 3
10Angel (2nd series)Strange Bedfellows, Part 1
10/SCAngel (2nd series)Strange Bedfellows, Part 1
46Doctor Strange: Sorcerer SupremeStrange Bedfellows, Part 1
11Angel (2nd series)Strange Bedfellows, Part 2
11/SCAngel (2nd series)Strange Bedfellows, Part 2
47Doctor Strange: Sorcerer SupremeStrange Bedfellows, Part 2
23Buffy contre les vampires (Semic)STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, Part 2; VERMINE, Part 1
32GrimjackStrange Bedfellows; Bad Sports
81Elvira, Mistress of the DarkStrange Bedfellows; Bad Will Haunting
317Iron Man (1st Series)Strange Bedfellows; Brothers in Arms
3Public RelationsStrange Bedfellows; Chip Riley’s Tourgasm
11Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the MacabreStrange Bedfellows; I Married A Sniveling Blob of Jelly; The Man Who Had His Own Personal Laughtrack
17Spirit, The (10th Series)Strange Bedfellows; Lottery; Art Walk
6Threshold (DC)Strange Bedfellows; Star Hawkins Case File #237: What Becomas A Legend?
1Cormac Mac ArtThe Temple of Abomination; Barbarians Make Strange Bedfellows (text)
204Transformers, The (Marvel UK)Time Wars, Part 6; Action Force: Strange Bedfellows, Part 1
205Transformers, The (Marvel UK)Time Wars, Part 7; Action Force: Strange Bedfellows, Part 2
17Scooby ApocalypseTree Time!; Strange Bedfellows