Storylines containing “Super Powers”

1Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper SpecialBugle Photographer Reveals His True Indentity!; Stamford, After ‘New Warriors’ A City Looks to Heal, Wounds that Run Deep; ‘Shutting Down the Amatuers’ —Behind the Superhuman Registration Act; Whose Side Are You On?; Crowd ‘Provoked’ in Human Torch Attack; Villains Hunting Villains—Thunderbolts side with Registration Act; We Love You, Mary Jane; Wonder Who?; Supermodel Kill Krew?; Hammer Down!; Sticky Situation; Ex-Communist Party; Giant Robot Avengers?; Daddy Day Care; Mutant ‘Cable’ Offers Amnesty, Fleeing ‘Masks’ May Find Safe Haven; ‘Heroe’ Out to Make a Buck in Time of War; New Hero Training Program Begins Ex-Avengers Staff New Initiative; Potential Criminals or Political Prisoners?; Parker: You’re Fired!; Super Powers Do Not Equal Super Privileges; In Support of the Superhuman Registration Act; A Megan’s Law For Heroes? Outrageous!; Should Non-Super-Powered Vigilantes Be Required to Register With the Government?; Mutant Loudmouths Wax Unpatriotic; White House Vows to Capture So-Called ‘Punisher’; Teens at Risk in Super Heroe Behavior; Manhunt For Stamford Villain Continues
48Superboy (1st Series)Dad Kent’s Delusions; cartoon: Varsity Vic; Lana Lang’s Super Powers!; cartoon: Shorty; How to Improve Your Roller Skating (text); The Boy Without a Super-Suit
50Batman ConfidentialSuper Powers, Part 1; Parallel; The Case of the Vampire from Outer Space
51Batman ConfidentialSuper Powers, Part 2; Yang Guizu
52Batman ConfidentialSuper Powers, Part 3; Two Leagues
53Batman ConfidentialSuper Powers, Part 4; Altered States
54Batman ConfidentialSuper Powers, Part 5; The Power of Six
14Five-Score Comic MonthlyThe Day The Earth Stopped; The Boy With the Super Powers; I Was the First Future Man; I Was Slave to the Wizard’s Lamp; You Stole Our Planet; The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Growing; The Menace of the Alien Test Tubes; The Ghost Planet; The Gorilla World
30House of SecretsThe Duel of the Super Powers; cartoon: Peter Puptent Explorer; The Spirits in the Smoke; The Fiery Falcon (text); Demon Count; The Creature City
1Legion of Super-Heroes: 1,050 Years of the FutureThe Future Can Change A Lot in 50 Years; The Legion of Super-Heroes; The Stolen Super Powers; The Super-Sacrifice of the Legionnaires!; The Adult Legion; The Legion’s Home Base; Last Fight for a Legionnaire; Orgins & Powers; The Legion Constitution; Time and Chance; Bedtime Story; Legion World
278Action ComicsThe Super Powers of Perry White!; The Unknown Supergirl!; cartoon: Casey the Cop; cartoon: Moolah the Mystic; cartoon: Professor Eureka
40Challengers of the UnknownThe Super Powers of the Challengers; cartoon: Little Pete; The Spy in Challenger Cave
207Superman (1st Series)The Superman from Outer Space!; The Trio of Steel!; The Captive of the Amazons!; Superman’s New Uniform!; The Super-Family of Steel!; The Bride Gets Super Powers!; The Secret of the Super-Family!