Storylines containing “The Double”

1Modesty Blaise: The Double AgentA Tribute to Peter O’Donnell (1920-2010) (text); A Modest Man (text); The Wild Boar; Kali’s Disciples; The Double Agent
32Football Picture Story MonthlyAgainst All Odds; The Double Act
226Archie’s Double Digest MagazineArchie Gets Some Tough Love from Dr Bill; Archie in Cole Shoulder; Snow Dazed; Let’s Work It Out!; Musical Cheers; Unwelcome Guest!; Archie’s Gag Bag; That’s the Breaks; Split Bit; Slide Guide!; It’s Saucery; Fast Flying Floogles; Calling Collect; Little Archie in The Right Symbol!; Little Veronica in A New Man; Little Archie in Bully for You; Little Sabrina in A Change of History; Little Archie in It’s Snow Bawl; Pip of a Slip; Bunch Hunch; Dishing It Out!; The Long Week; Archie (puzzle); Child’s Play; Model Shopper; How She Does Go On; Wilbur in The Wrong End; Wilbur in Struck Out; Tiny in Chemical Imbalance; Wilbur in Something Fishy; On the Double; My Boy Juggie
326Archie’s Girls Betty & VeronicaBetty and Veronica: Tail of Woe; Josie’s Friend Alex: Deprived Childhood; Betty: The Tingler; The Double Standard; Betty and Veronica: Wheels of Fortune
3Shadows on the GraveBogged in the Bayou!; The Grave Flies; Such Pretty Little Toes; Denaeus, Part 3; The Double Passage!
145Friendly Ghost, Casper, TheCasper: The Unghostlike Ghost; Casper: Less of a Ghost!; Casper: Don’t Fool Around With Ghosts; Spooky: The Double Mystery
4Casper Digest MagazineCasperello!; The Fairy Godparents; Wendy: The Good Deed; The Unghostlike Ghost; Less of a Ghost!; Don’t Fool Around with Ghosts!; Spooky: The Double Mystery; The Spirit of Fashion; The Most Terrible Ghost!; Play Doll!; The Ghostly Trio: Booed Advice; Spooky: Cousin Goop’s Visit; Wendy: Dumbella Goes to Town; The Little Stranger; Inseparable; The Mystery is Solved
3/HCArchie ArchivesChristmas Cheers; The Double Date; Oscar Pulls a Boner; Veronica and Betty: Ration Trouble; Archie’s Victory Garden; Archie and Grandpa; Li’l Souphead: Quiz Kid; Time for Trouble; Friday the 13th; The Ghoul of Riverdale; Mom’s Birthday; Oscar; Zoot Suit Zombie; Veronica and Betty; Hollywood Bondadiers; Camera Bugs; Archie the Cave Man; Archie’s Water-Proofing Solution; April Fool!; Fresh Cement— Keep Off; The Daring Young Man; Archie’s Dog Oscar; Archie Brings Home the Bacon; Oh Boy! Beavers!; An Archie Short; Picnic Pranks; Treasure of the Miserable Mountain
90Detective ComicsCrime Between the Acts!; Commando Performance; The Warpath (text); Battle of the Fans; The Double Steal
1055Four Color Comics (2nd series)Daisy’s Dazed Days; The Librarian; The Double Date; The TV Babysitter; Donald’s Party; The Beauty Queen; Tight Shoes; The Framed Mirror; The New Girl
77Tales of the UnexpectedDateline—Outer Space; The Double Dimensional Man; The Beast Oracle of Uranus
66Rawhide Kid (1st Series)Death of a Gunfighter!; Return of the Bad Man; The Double Cross
66Rawhide Kid (UK Edition)Death of a Gunfighter!; Return of the Bad Man; The Double Cross
149Thriller Picture LibraryDick Turpin and the Double Faced Foe
110Gene Autry and ChampionDoña Luisa’s Pearls; Divide and Conquer (text); Unleashed Fury; The Double Cross; Mighty Good Bait
39Dell GiantsDonald Duck: Donald’s Trick-Type Trip; Mickey Mouse: On With the Show; Scamp: The Double Rescue; Gyro Gearloose: Plans Aplenty; Daisy’s Nieces, April, May and June: The Bewitched Dolls; Brer Rabbit: Tree Trickery; Minnie Mouse and Clarabelle: Despondent Correspondents; Chip ’n’ Dale: Too Few Clues
29Secrets of Haunted HouseDuel of Darkness; Hide and Seek; Master of the Double-Cross; Skin Deep
2THUNDER AgentsDynamo Battles Dynavac; In the Warlord’s Power; D-Day for Dynamo; Junior T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (text story); On the Double
1Double DragonEnter The Double Dragon
1Daydream Lullabies: A Billy Dogma ExperienceEven Tho’ Yo’ Heart Be Breakin’, Laugh Clown, Laugh; All Points Bulletin; Situation Dichotomy; The Bee’s Knees; Photoboth Follies; Heartbreak Boulevard; Unlawful Carnal Knowledge; Impossible Odds; Like We Always Do; Perfect For Any Occasion; The Double Dare Tango; Billy Dogma vs The Human Barcode (Table of Contents); I Heard The Scream and Did Nothing; Making Hay; Toasted Sugar Thighs; When And Where I’ll Be There; Valentine’s Day Mascara; Corner Pocket; Billy Karma; Lucky Love Limbo
20Terry and the Pirates ComicsFormal Surrender; Boston Ambassador; Occupation Forces; On the Double; Enemy Attack; Under Suspicion; Trapped; Crash Landing (text story); The Adventures of Hotshot Charlie: A Lessson in Manners; Sailboat Race! (text story)
4Rampage WeeklyFour Against the Gods; Mighty Marvel’s ’Spot The Doubles’ Contest, Part 2; Nova: The Condor and Powerhouse
30Futurama (Bongo)Fry & the Double-Bag, Must-Have Item!
298Walt Disney’s Comics and StoriesFun Director; Noisy Neighbors; The Double Date; Trapped on Wreckers Reef, Part 3; Useless Genie
38Green Lantern (1st Series)Green Lantern: The Murdered Clues; Ma Nature’s Curiosity Shop: Untitled (1/2 pg); Wonder Dog of the Month: Snowball; Streak, the Wonder Dog: The Double Play!; Money Stuff: Untitled (1/2 pg); Dazzling Diamonds (text); Green Lantern: The Impossible Mr. Paradox; Science-Snaps: Untitled (1 pg)
3Ursa MinorsHarry Woodworth and the Double Secret Probation Prophecy
10Penthouse ComixHot Stories: Princess Di Abducted by Aliens, Part 1; Bethlehem Steele, Part 8; Answers; Doctor Dare: Space: 1939, Part 3; Der Island; Backlash, Part 7; The Double YY Project; Team Supreme
18BunnyIsland Spyland; Sweet Mama’s Soul Food Restaurant (The Soular System); The Double Date (Honey and Gertrude); Stuck Up (Esmeralda); Captain Oink
92JudomasterJudomaster Meets the Smiling Skull; Judomaster’s Sport of Judo; File 110: Case of the Double Agent, Part 2
9GangbustersLady Cop; Charity Racketeer; I Smashed the Double Indemnity Racket; Harbor Cop; I am a Bodyguard; The Case of the High Diver
4Harvey Hits ComicsLittle Dot: Uncle Space; Herman and Katnip: The Talking Fool; Little Audrey and Melvin: What a Couple; Baby Huey: The Double Explosion
6Complete Fantastic Four, TheMadness is The Miracle Man; Mighty Marvel’s Spot The Doubles Contest; The Menace of the Miracle Man
91JudomasterMan without a Country; File 110: Case of the Double Agent, Part 1
Bk 1/HCMighty SamsonMighty Samson; Ancient Weapon; The Riddle of the Raids; The Maid of Mystery; Peril from the Past; The Desperate Mission; The Metal Stealers; Sinister Stronghold; The Death Geysers; The Double Enemy; The Sinister Satellites; The Monster from Space
1Big Book of Urban Legends, TheMoving Violations; The Hook; The Killer In The Back Seat; The Vanishing Hitchhiker; Another Vanishing Hitchhiker; The Nut And The Tire Nuts; The Runaway Grandmother; Mystery Tour; The Day Trip; The Slasher Under The Car; The Severed Fingers; End Of His Rope; Push Starting The Car; The Wonder Car; The Rattle In The Cadillac; The Solid Cement Cadillac; Thread The Needle; The Corpse in the Car; The Decapitated Motorcyclist; The Philanderer’s Porsche; The Deathcar; The Baby on the Roof; The Nude in the RV; The Nun and the Volkswagon; Wild Kingdom; The Microwaved Pet; The Mexican Pet; The Choking Doberman; Another Choking Doberman; The Trapper and his Dog; Not My Dog; The Poisoned Pussycat; The Har Dryer; The Dead Cat in The Package; Another Dead Cat In A Package; The Dog’s Dinner; The Tummy Ache; The Kentucky Fried Rat; The Spider in the Hairdo; The Hunter’s Nightmare; The Deer Departed; Flopsy’s Revenge; Shooting The Bull; The Dog In The High-Rise; The Flying Kitten; Kittty Takes The Rap; The Bump in the Carpet; The Fatal Boot; Alligators in the Sewer; The Moving Cactus; Campfire Classics; The Babysitter And The Man Upstairs; Two Babysitters And A Man Upstairs!!!; The Hippie Baby Sitter; Baby Gets The Chair; The Licked Hand; The Boyfriend’s Death; The Fatal Tee; The Graveyard Wager; The Well to Hell; The Devil in the Dancehall; Ghost Mom; The Accidental Cannibals; Islamic Justice; The Mutilated Bride; The Roommate’s Death; The Other Roommate’s Death; The Message Under The Stamp; Special Delivery; A Bug In Her Ear; The X Ray; The Body In The Bed; Tapping The Admiral; Brush With Death; The Poinsettia Myth; Mommy’s Little Helper; The Last Kiss; The Mortician Always Rings Twice; Comic Calamities; Curses! Broiled Again!; Fish Out Of Water; The Smashed Bug; The Lost Wreck; The Wrong Rest Stop; Cruise Control; The Pig On The Road; Fear Of Frying; The Body On The Car; Old vs Young; The Failed Suicide; Another Failed Suicide; The Accidental Gerbil; What Killed The Dog; The Stuck Santa; The Unlucky Contacts; The Ski Accident; The Heel In The Grate; The Golf Bag; The Sawed-Off Fingers; The Wonder of Gas; Barrel of Bricks; Bad News Bearers; The Exploding Toilet; Snakebite!; The Turkey Neck; Caught In The Act; The Nude Surprise Party!; Another Nude Surprise Party; Filmed In The Act; The Stuck Couple; Sex With The Wrong Partner!; The Blind Date; The Unexpected Inheritance; The Unzipped Mechanic; The Bothered Bride; The Bad Bachelorette; The Baby Train; The Baby Headache; The Bullet through the Balls; Aids Mary; Superglue Revenge; The Sheriff’s Daughter; The Fart in the Dark; Walking The Dog; State Police Don’t Have Balls; The Misunderstood Note; Super Hero Hi-Jinks; The Butcher’s Prank; The Blind Man; The Nude Housewife; Green Stamps; License To Practice; The Cat and the Nude Man; Chapter 6, Crimes And Misdemeanors; The Unstealable Car; The Double Theft; The Robber Who Was Hurt!; Good Neighbors; The Arrest; The Dishonest Note; The Biker and the Smoker; The Subway Samaritan; The Cut-Off Finger; Take Him, Wagger!; The Kidney Heist; The Stolen Specimen; Siphon Surprise; You Can’t Judge A Book; The Jogger’s Billfold; The Cookie Caper; The Hardresser’s Error; The 2 Hitchhikers; The Hairy-Armen Hitchhiker; The Avon Flasher; Just Say No!; Mother Knows Best; The Grocery Scam; The Videotaped Theft; The Toothbrush Story; Take My Tickets, Please!; Chapter 7, Occupational Hazards; The Number of the Beast; The Truth About M & M’s; Gross-Out Gossip; The Mouse in the Coke Bottle; The Killer Carpet; The Bedbug Letter; The Tapeworm Diet; Cabbage Patch Tragedy; Red Velvet Cake; The Roughnecks Revenge; Fixing The Flue; The Lover’s Telephone Revenge; The Bug Under The Rug; When There’s a Will There’s a Way; Inner Golf; Hot Potato; All Aboard!; Lockout At 20,000 Feet; Ghost Pilot; 911; A Stitch in Time; Burying St. Joe; New Identity; The Lie Detector; Bookkeeper In A Brothel; Chapter 8, Foaf-A-Rama; The Elevator Incident; Bozo The Clown’s Blooper; Paul is Dead; Jesus On The Thruway; Rescuing Richard Nixon; The Dormitory Surprise; Positive Reinforcement; Late For Class; The Resubmitted Term Paper; The Final Exam; Exam Scams; Toll Booth Pranks; Gnome Come Home; The Barometer Problem; The Homemade Lie Detector; Culture Clash; Tea And Sugar; The Obedient Tourists; Biographies
1Prison RiotMutiny at Bradburn; Blood Ran Thick; Marijuana Murder (text); Louie Donato - Boss of the Convicts; Death of a Killer (text); The Double Cross
5Grimm’s Ghost StoriesMy Brother’s Ghost; The Witch Watch: The Sacred Meowwww! (text story); The Method Actor; The Last Laugh; The Double Brides
124Hopalong Cassidy (DC)Mystery of the Double-X Brand; The Poor Man Bandits; The Amazing Crows (text); The Great Diamond Rush
236Betty and Veronica Double DigestNice Advice; School Daze; From Stem to Stern; Split Decision; Detention Room Romance; The One and Only; The Scene; Novel Approach; The Tooth Fairy; Auntie Climax; The Teen Scene; Lunch Bag Lady; Wheel of Fortune; Sports Wear; Don’t Mime Me; The Silly Book; Code in the Head; A Trying Experience; The Big Secret; Book ’Em; Dressed For Success; Taking the Initiative; Seeing Cable TV Stars; Little Blackmail Box; The Magic of Make Believe; Turn Around; Rating on the Double-Dating; Chatter Matter
181Betty and Veronica Double DigestNo Baseball for Betty, Part 2; Better Late; A Fine Day; Swing Time; Teenie Beanies; Katy Keene: Mademoiselle Mannequin; Katy Keene: Katy & Sis Find Grandmother’s Trunk; Katy Keene: A Day With Katy; Our Amazing Daughters!; It’s a Stretch; Senior Sitter; Ape Jape; Paper Route; To Tell the Truth; Change of Heart; Rating the Double-Dating; Court of Last Resort; Dog Daze; The Golden Throat; Odds on It!; Cheryl Blossom: Behind the 8-Ball; Cheryl Blossom: Family Matters; A Little Elbow Room; A Lot of Hot Air; Tennis Love Match
354Detective ComicsNo Exit for Batman; Elongated Man: The Double-Dealing Jewel Thieves
6Richie Rich Success StoriesOf Parties and Pirates; The Double Doublecross; The Disappearing Butler; Butler Build-Up; The Funny Lady; Gift for Dad; The Race; Big Date (text story); Cat-Nipped (text story); For Gloria’s Sake
3Falling in LoveOne Lonely Winter; Remember, My Love; Orpheus and Eurydice; Sudden Enchantment; Mountain Climbing; The Double Heart
1Captain TootsieOut of the World!; The Double Clock Face; cartoon: Prospector Pete; Tookie; Riders of the Red Lizards
1407Phantom, The (Frew)Phantom Year One: Gullique and the Double Rainbow
117/SCWeb of Spider-Man, ThePower and Responsibility, Part 1; Shadow Rising; The Double, Part 1; Born Again
394/SCAmazing Spider-Man, ThePower and Responsibility, Part 2; Breakdown; The Double, Part 2; No Escape
51/SCSpider-ManPower and Responsibility, Part 3; A Heart Beat Away; The Double, Part 3; Who Am I?
217/SCSpectacular Spider-Man, ThePower and Responsibility, Part 4; Higher Ground; The Double, Part 4; The Burial
46All True CrimePublic Enemy; Death and Dr. Harlow; The Double-Crosser; The Black Robe; Gunman’s Legacy; The Last Alibi!; The Missing Corpse; Are You a Detective (text)
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