Storylines containing “The Mighty”

83Tomahawk20 Against the Tribe; educ: Indian Tepees; The Death of Fort Cloud; puzzle: Indian Album; The Mighty Hand of Chief Great Storm
1Jingle Belle’s Cool YuleA Carol’s Christmas; That Olde Christmas Spirit; Visions of Sugar Plums; Blue Belles; Belle’s Belles; The Mighty Elves; Jigle Belle Jubilee; Polly Green story; Ida Red story; online comic strips; Coal Comfort; Treats; Belle of the Brawl; charecter sheet
13/ADucktales (IDW)A Countdown to Termination!; The Mighty Ducks of Duckburg!
13/BDucktales (IDW)A Countdown to Termination!; The Mighty Ducks of Duckburg!
269Our Army at WarA Man Called Rock; The Mighty Mosquito; The Sergent and the Gun; Stop the War—I Want to Get Off; Death Ship of 3 Wars; Foxhole Fever!; No Loot for the Hellcats; Horseless
78Strange Tales (UK Edition)A Martian Walks Among Us!; The Fantastic Menace of Mento the Mighty; The Gargoyle!; Worm Man
78Strange Tales (1st Series)A Martian Walks Among Us!; Trouble Bubble (text story); The Fantastic Menace of Mento the Mighty; The Gargoyle!; Worm Man
8Shazam!A Twice-Told Tale; Introduces Mary Marvel; The Mighty Marvels Join Forces; The Vest Pocket Levitator; The Dog-Nappers; And His Three Lieutenant Marvels; The Talking Tiger; The Return of Mr. Tawny
17Richie Rich Gold and SilverA Visit to Earth 7; The Mighty Mitt; The Kid Who Couldn’t Lose!; Be a Sport; Cadbury: Obey Me; Little Dot: Dot Rhymes; Little Lotta: Boy Wanted!
1Ghost Rider: Danny KetchAddict, Part 1; How the Mighty are Fallen
1Justice SocietyAll Star Super Squad; Brainwave Blows Up!; Vulcan: Son Of Fire!; Hellfire And Holocaust; When Fall The Mighty; The Death Of Doctor Fate; Yesterday Begins Today!; The Master Plan of Vandal Savage; Injustice Strikes Twice!; The Attack Of The Underlord!; The Untold Origin Of The Justice Society
21Amazing-Man ComicsAman the Amazing-Man; Minimidget; Doctor Hypno: The Case of the Mystic Knights of Bagdad; Reef Kinkaid; Aman the Amazing-Man: Uncle Trouble (text story); The Mighty Man; Shark; educ: Album of Famous Animals; T.N.T.; educ: An Amazing Man: Nostradamus
14Amazing-Man ComicsAman the Amazing-Man; Minimidget; The Iron Skull; Dr. Hypno; Red Rocket: Another Amazing-Man Adventure (text story); Rocky Wayburn: Devil Trader; The Mighty Man; Reef Kinkaid; The Shark; educ.: Were You Born in July?
12Simpsons Comics Presents Bart SimpsonAn Anime Among Us!; Scheme Supreme; Taming Your Wild Child; Bart Fink and the Mighty Mississip
1Coming Soon To A Comic Shop Near You!Another Castle; The Mighty Zodiac
141Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals Double DigestArchie & Friends: The Staff; Reggie: Groovy Movie; Archie: Smart; Chuck & Nancy: Picture This!; Archie & Friends: Check It Out; The Mighty Archie Players: The Phantom of the Bopera; Moose: Test Request; Reggie: String You Sinner!; Dilton’s Did You Know?: Early Lights; Archie & Friends: Robot Fever; Archie & Friends: Play of the Day; Reggie: Draggin’ Lady; Betty and Veronica: Follow the Leader; Li’l Jinx: Sports and Snorts; Li’l Jinx: Fly Stopper!; Li’l Jinx: Checked Off; Li’l Jinx: It’s Mine; Jughead: Dream Boy; Ginger Lopez: Toolbelt Diva; Dilton: Speed Deed; Mr. Weatherbee: Double Trouble; Sabrina: Gorilla My Dreams; Salem the Cat: Cop Collars Collarless Cat; Hilda & Zelda: What a Workout; Sabrina: Repair Despair; Sabrina: Fairyland Excursion; Chuck Clayton: To Paint Or Not to Paint; Archie and the Gang: Simian on My Shoulder - Get That Monkey off My Back; Josie and the Pussycats: Head Count; Josie: Ban the Blond; The Archies: 2051 A.D.
432ThorAt Death Do We Part!; Thor the Mighty and the Stone Men From Staurn!
60LassieBetween Life and Death; The Milk of Human Kindness; Peoples of Africa: The Arabs; The Elephant Boy and the Raiders; The Mighty Hunter (text)
14Amazing Adult FantasyBeware the Giants!; The Man in the Sky; What Happened in the Wax Museum; Footsteps at Midnight; Ozarr, the Mighty
14Amazing Adult Fantasy (UK Edition)Beware the Giants!; The Man in the Sky; What Happened in the Wax Museum; Footsteps at Midnight; Ozarr, the Mighty
22Red Seal ComicsBlack Dwarf: More Truth Than Fantasy!; Doctor Justice; The Beachcomber; Rescue for Revenge (text story); The Gay Desperado; Zor the Mighty: The Monkeymen of Kul; Mock Murder (text story); Rocketman: Sly as a Fox; Rex Tyler: Lawman of the Rockies; Riggin’ Bill: The Last Shot Got Her
21Outer SpaceBlueprint for Survival; Moon Freighter; The Trespasser; The Mighty Tomb
134Savage Dragon, TheBombed; The Mighty Skullboy Army
7Casper and the Ghostly TrioBoxcar Baxter; The Mighty Midget!; Fill These Shoes; Spooky: Name the Game
8Hot Stuff SizzlersBrownie: Money for Honey; The Pesky Fenookins; Bum Steer; Dog Quiz (text); Rags Rabbit: Ice Land; The Sassy Razzers; Flicker the Goldfish (text); The Sorrowful Dragon (text); Stumbo: The Mail Must Go Through; Pesty and Jesty: Yard Bird; Pesty and Jesty: Arty Antics; The Funny Clock; Pesty and Jesty: Snow Use; Pesty and Jesty: Fish Bowl; For Crying Out Loud; The Sorcerer’s Mirror; The Mighty Turtle (text); Circus Man (text); Stumbo: Keeping Fit
76Devil KidsCactus Rides Again; The Fantastic Flower; Eerie Old England; Exercise Land (text story); Stumbo: The Mighty Acrobat
Anl 1Shazam! and the Shazam FamilyCaptain Marvel Introduces Mary Marvel; Baffin Land; The Mighty Marvels Join Forces!; Exiled on Mercury; The Marvel Family Battles the Sivana Family!
13Casper Digest MagazineCasper and the Ghostly Trio: Boxcar Baxter; Casper and the Ghostly Trio: The Mighty Midget!; Casper and the Ghostly Trio: Fill These Shoes; Spooky: The Frightful Fronk; You Behave Land; Spooky: The Prince; Aunt Ghostine; Spooky: Eerie Doings at the Castle; Wendy: Strike One; Spooky: A Battle with the Bats; Unexpected Land!; NIghtmare: Woody; The House that Wanted to be a Castle; Spooky: Living it Up; The Ogre of Magic Mountain; All at Sea; Troll Take Over
497Adventure ComicsChallengers of the Unknown: All Together Now!; Superboy: The Boy With Ultra-Powers!; Aquaman: The Explanation!; Marvel Family: The Mighty Marvels Join Forces!; Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Face Behind the Lead-Mask!; Spectre: Stop That Kid…Before He Wreaks The World
Anl 17ThorCitizen Kang, Part 2; The Ten Most Heinous Enemies of the Mighty Thor; Looking For Trouble; Paradise Lost
3Tick Big Blue Destiny, TheCoochie Coochie Coup!; Heroes of the City: Crime Doesn’t Stop for Measles!; Circus of the Mighty Update: Evanston Clinic
29Monster FunCreature Teacher; Draculass daughter Of Dracula; Brainy And His Monster Maker; March Of The Mighty Ones
11Junior FunniesDaisy: The Big Secret; Daisy’s Follow the Hose; Junior Funnies Golf Game; Rags Rabbit: Wood-Work!; Junior Funnies Playtime Page; Popeye: Thimble Theatre; The Mighty Turtle (text story)
483Treasure Chest of Fun and FactDangerous Mission; Lotsa Laughs; The Mighty Mite; Did You Know?; Isaac Newton, The First Absent-Minded Professor; Pierre; John Muir: Father of Our National Parks; Ali; Nature’s Power Houses: The Story of Geothermal Power; Randy; Puff! Puff! Starring Nick O’Tine; It’s a Fact!; Pup; Alex the Artist
Bk 5Mighty Thor, TheDeath of the Mighty Thor
44Feature ComicsDoll Man: Untitled; Big Top: Untitled; Rance Keane: Untitled; Zero: Untitled; Reynolds of the Mounted: King of the Barrens’; Homer Doodle - And Son: Untitled; Samar: Untitled; Lala Palooza: Untitled; Captain Bruce Blackburn: Fear, Incorporated; The Spirit of Old Glory: Untitled; Rusty Ryan: Untitled; Water for the King (text); Poison Ivy: The Mighty Mite; Dusty Dane: Untitled; Nippie: Untitled; Mickey Finn: Untitled; Spin Shaw: Untitled
Anl 1Uncanny X-Men, TheEnter the Mighty Avengers!; The Triumph of Magneto
18Invaders, The (2nd Series)Enter: The Mighty Destroyer!
18/AInvaders, The (2nd Series)Enter: The Mighty Destroyer!
18/CInvaders, The (2nd Series)Enter: The Mighty Destroyer!
18Invaders, The (UK Edition)Enter: The Mighty Destroyer!
83Captain Atom (Charlton)Finally Falls the Mighty
83-2Captain Atom (Charlton)Finally Falls the Mighty
Dlx 2/HCTurok, Son of StoneFriend of the Wolf; Lotor Goes House Hunting; Tusks of the Mamoth (text); The Angry River; Dinosaur of the Deep; Danger at the Nest; The Search for Fire (text); Seeks the Trail to Freedom; Fight of the Fire Makers; The Plight of the Plesiosaur; The Tree Men; The Horned Rogue; God of the Bog; Ignoo the Terrible (text); Treeward Forever; Valley of the Vines; Onto Dry Land; The Captive Hunters; The Conqueror; Saba the Mighty (text); Dominion of the Sky; Perilous Voyage
88Forbidden WorldsGift From Beyond!; The Stone Goddess!; The Mighty Bruno!; Strange Visitor!
4Tick Big Blue Destiny, TheGive ’em a Fair Trial…Then Hang ’Em!; Heroes of the City: Sidekicks; Circus of the Mighty Update: The Red Eye; The Tick: Slave to Fate: a novel by Eli Stone, Preamble; Luny Bin dictionary entry
4/ATick Big Blue Destiny, TheGive ’em a Fair Trial…Then Hang ’Em!; Heroes of the City: Sidekicks; Circus of the Mighty Update: The Red Eye; The Tick: Slave to Fate: a novel by Eli Stone, Preamble; Luny Bin dictionary entry
2Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in ColorGood Neighbors; Snow Fun; Duck in the Iron Pants; Salesman Donald; The Mighty Trapper
73Superman (1st Series)Hank Garvin, Man of Steel; The Mighty Mite; Perry White vs. Clark Kent
74Hot Stuff, The Little DevilHot Stuff: Blankety Blank Piggy Bank; Hot Stuff: The Pot Thickens; Hot Stuff: Break the Bank; Stumbo the Giant: The Mighty Flier!
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