Storylines containing “The Price”

162Green Lantern (2nd Series)…Or Give Me Death, Part 1; Green Lantern Corps: The Price You Pay!; Green Lantern Corps: Apprentice
162Green Lantern (2nd Series, Canadian Edition)…Or Give Me Death, Part 1; Green Lantern Corps: The Price You Pay!; Green Lantern Corps: Apprentice
5Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II90 Days, Part 5; The Price of Power
117Elvira, Mistress of the DarkA Bargain At Twice The Price; Caesar’s Salad Days
Bk 1Star Trek—The Modala ImperativeA Little Seasoning; Tools of Tyranny; The Price of Freedom; For Whom the Bell Tolls
11Showcase ’95Agent Liberty: The End; Arkham Asylum: Escape; Hi-Tech: The Price, Part 2
263Donald Duck (Walt Disney’s…)All Washed Up; Fly Now-Pay Later; Double Incentive; His Level Best; The Price of Fame; Them’s the Breaks
12Knights of the Dinner TableAn Overbearing Situation; Just for the Helm of It; The Price of Passage; The Good, The Bad, and the Unlucky; KODT Idea Search; Brian’s Small Press Picks (text); Parting Shots (text)
48Marvel PremiereAnt-Man: The Price Of A Heart!
1Grease Monkey (Image)Art Lovers; The Price
1Darklon the MysticBeware Darklon the Mystic; The Price; Retribution; He Who Waits in Shadow!; Duel
14Weird Mystery TalesBlind Child’s Bluff!; The Price; Flight Into Fright
598Detective ComicsBlind Justice, Part 1; The Sleep of Reason; The Kindness of Strangers; The Price of Knowledge
11Tim TylerBlue Boy Demands a Price—and the Price is Death!; Catch the Cougar!; Silver Dollar Kid (text story)
11Diary LovesBorn to Kill; Fool’s Paradise; The Price of Fame; Love on the Menu
15/ASuicide Squad (4th Series)Burning Down the House, Conclusion; The Price You Pay
15/BSuicide Squad (4th Series)Burning Down the House, Conclusion; The Price You Pay
14Strange AdventuresCaptain Comet: Destination Doom!; The Price of Peace; The First Interplanetary War-Attack and Counterattack; Strange Adventures in Mathematics; The Secret of Rocket XX-99
649ValiantCaptain Hurricane; Challenge Charley!; The Potters of Poole Street; Sergeant Strong; The Test Match Terrors; The Crows; Billy Bunter; Adam Eterno; Mowser the Mad Moggy: The Priceless Puss!; Micky the Mimic; Zip Nolan; The Boy Who Went to War; Kid Pharaoh; The Nutts
151Archie’s Double Digest MagazineCarrier Pigeon; Gag Bag; Tall Tale Test; The Price You Pay; Science Friction; Equal Wrongs; Scare Affair; Petal Power; The Giant Eggplant that Conquered the World; That’s the Ticket; Impossible Journey; Country Calamity; Red Rap; Fright Sight; Getting the Treatment; The Good Skate; Forget Regret; It’s Our Business; Just Like That; Pop’s is Tops; Bottled Up; The Jokers; Name Treasure; Catch Me if You Can!; Oh My! The Fly; For Business Ache; The One that Got Away; It’s Show Time!; Something Suitable; Oh, A Smart House, Eh?; A Noisy Lesson; The Bird Man; Talk Balk; Freak Critique; Tycoon; Job Jibe; Baseball Frank; Happy Times; Alphabet Soup; Don’t Mind Me
98Jughead’s Double DigestCereal Boxers; Tie Score; Sick as a Dog; Run for Fun; A Late Fate; Riverdale Ditch Day; Almost Snagged!; Malled; No Class Act; Open and Shut Case; Ram Jam; Flower Power; The Price of Burgers; The Snack Monster; Gift-Rapped; H-2-OH?; Food Line; Unlucky Day
163Jughead’s Double DigestCheer Factor; Load Ode; Epi-sode!; Tattoo Trouble!; The Survivors; Reel Funny; Hot Dog Pinup; Embracing the Inner Moose!; Clothes Minded; Sea Spree; Hip Dip; Woosome Twosome; Strings Attached; The Price of Burgers; The Coming of Jughead; Just Wing It; Nothing Special; Air Male; The Trip; Little Archie Goes to a Party; The Babysitter; Mucho Mooch; Strange Change; Off His Noodle!; Rope Trick; Flattery Will Get You!; Diary Dilemma; Dizzy Tizzy; It’s a…Wonder Dude!; Stop Step; Dipsy Doodles; Camping Tripped Out
2Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2)Cold Feelings; Secondhand Emotions; Turn a Blind Eye; The Price of Their Toys; Storm Warning; Where the Buffalo Roamed; The Greater Good!
15Chronicles of Conan, TheCrawler in the Mist!; The Corridor of… Mullah-Kajar; Valley of Forever Night; The Voice of One Long Gone; The Hand of Erlik!; The Price of Perfection; The Phoenix on the Sword
1/HCMarvel Visionaries: John BuscemaCrime: Kidnaping! Victim: Abraham Lincoln!; The Corpse That Wasn’t; Hydra Lives!; The Missile and the Monster!; The Birth of…The Hulk-Killer!; The Humanoid and the Hero!; Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!; The Plan - and the Power!; Avenjerks Assemble!; The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny!; I Do My Thing - No Matter Whom It Hurts!; The Warlord and the Witch!; The Blaze of Battle…the Flames of Love!; The Thing - Amok!; Battle of the Behemoths!; Beware! If This Be…Ragnarok!; Lord of Death…Lord of Hell!; A Night on the Town!; The Answer; The Price of Victory; 24 Hours; Where Will All Come Home
19Marvel Comics PresentsCyclops: The Retribution Affair, Part 3; The Price of Retribution; Black Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 7; Battered Artifacts; Dr. Strange: Nightmare in Suburbia, Part 1; Home is Where the Heart Is; Damage Control: Overture
137Eerie (Warren)Darklon the Mystic… the Price!; Exterminator, Part 1; The Mummy Walks: the Mind Within; The Living Dead-Man… Coffin!; Hunter; The Spook: Stridespider Sponge-Rot
79Eerie (Warren)Dear Cousin Eerie; Time & Time Again; Brancatelli: Comic Books; The Pea Green Boat; Darklon: The Price; Third Person Singular; Sam’s Son And Delilah
83Archie at Riverdale HighDive Bomb; Some Change!; puzzle: Archie-Dead Center; Game Shame; Soccer Shocker; The Price You Pay
182Young Romance (DC)Doctor heal My Heart; Get Your Man Contest (text); You’ve Got to Hang Loose; Heart of Shame!; quiz: Test Yourself: Is He Meant for You?; Do’s & Dont’s of Dating; The Price is Right!; Secret Garden of Love Poetry (text)
17ReggieDouble Trouble Cross!; A Capital Joke; Three’s a Crowd; On and Off!; Channel Chatter; The Brush Off; Royal Revenge; Gone to the Dogs; The Price is Right!; The Horse of Portugal (text); A Dog’s Life; Some Sum; Joker’s Wild!
2Gunsmith Cats: BurstFinding Shelby; Explosion; GT 500; Shooting Range; Breach of Contract; Get Out of the Hospital; Inrush; The Price to Pay; Mach 1 Cop
Bk 1Fafhrd and the Gray MouserFritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser; Ill Met in Lankhmar; The Circle Curse; The Howling Tower; The Price of Pain Ease; Bazaar of the Bizarre; Lean Times in Lankhmar; When the Sea King’s Away…
Bk 1-2Fafhrd and the Gray MouserFritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser; Ill Met in Lankhmar; The Circle Curse; The Howling Tower; The Price of Pain Ease; Bazaar of the Bizarre; Lean Times in Lankhmar; When the Sea King’s Away…
4Animerica Extra (Vol. 6)Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play: Ice Guardians, Part 2; Marionette Generation: What’s Going On; Revolutionary Girl Utena: To Bud, Part 5; Steam Detectives: Black Goriki; Banana Fish: Riding Between Cars; Video Girl Ai: The Price Of A Miracle; Short Program 2: Spring Passes
Bk 1Nintendo Comics System (2nd Series)Gameboy in the Palm of Your Hand; It’s a Small World After All; The Legend of Zelda; Missing in Action; Secrets of the Triforce; Trust Me; Thief in the Night; Zelda’s Consumer Tips; The Power; The Price; The Complete Hero; Welcome to Videoland; All’s Well That Ends Swell; The Item; Money Changes Everything; Every Dog Has Its Day; Video-Town; Villains’ Do’s and Don’ts; The Coming of a Hero; Metroid; Deceit du Jour; The First Fight; Outsiders; Fox and Hounds
13WildC.A.T.sHellC.A.T.s; The Price
21That Wilkin BoyHelp From Beyond; An Eye Popper; The Price of Advice; Responsibility; The Bees are for the Birds; Dinner Belle; Mum’s the Word; Strong Finish
331Uncle Scrooge (Walt Disney…)His Majesty, McDuck; Wailing Whalers; The Price of Fame; Spendthrifts Anonymous
10Warlock (1st Series)How Strange My Destiny!; The Price!; Who Is Thanos?; Enter the Redemption Principle!
10Warlock (UK Edition)How Strange My Destiny; The Price!; Who Is Thanos?; Enter the Redemption Principle!
19/HCMarvel Masterworks: The Mighty ThorIntroduction by Roy Thomas; Introduction by Ralph Macchio; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #291, 1/1980: When Gods Have Joind Together!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #292, 2/1980: If an Eye Offend Thee…!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #293, 3/1980: The Twilight of Some Gods!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #294, 4/1980: New Asgards for Old!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #295, 5/1980: The Price—and the Pride!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #296, 6/1980: From Valhalla—a Valkyrie!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #297, 7/1980: The Sword of Siegfried!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #298, 8/1980: Dragon’s Blood!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #299, 9/1980: Passions and Potions; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #300, 10/1980: Twilight of the Gods!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #301, 11/1980: For the Life of Asgard!; The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1), #302, 12/1980: The Shape of Things to Kill!; Marvel Treasury Edition (Vol. 1), #24, 1979: Hercules: Marvel Treasury Edition (Vol. 1), #26, 1980: Hercules: At the Sign of the Lion; Bonus Features; Biographies
97Fox and the CrowIt Just Ghost’A Show’ Ya!; The Price Of A Pearl; A Symbol Of Success!
9722000 A.D.Judge Dredd: The Pit, Part 3; The A-Z of Judge Dredd: The Out-Takes; Luke Kirby: The Price; Vector 13, Red in Tooth and Claws; Parasites: The Future King, Part 9; Kid Cyborg, Part 1
19Turok, Dinosaur HunterJurassic Politics, Part 3; The Price of Vengeance
42Archie Digest MagazineJust Routine; The Rewards; Betty and Veronica: Sweet Sorrow; It’s Nice to be Right!; Trip of Danger; Domestic Help!; Jughead: Teacher’s Pet; Mr. Weatherbee: The Spring Ding-a-Lings; The Scheme of Things; Reggie: The Price of Advice; Betty and Veronica: Come to Grips; Little Archie: The Old Bawl Game; Li’l Jinx: Cut It Out!; Coach Kleats: What’s the Pitch?; Suzie: Wax Where You’re Going; Model Mayhem; Veronica: That’s All; Ghosts; The Man
1Tales from the TombKnow Thyself…; Mr. Green Must Be Fed; Still Life; Turnabout; Oh, How We Danced; R.I.P and I.M.A.; Two for the Price of One; Crazy Quilt; The Cat That Was Part of the Night; The Long Way; Goblin’s Ball; The Mudman; Asphalt Test; The Interview…
62Judge Dredd ClassicsLove Story; The Price Of Love
24Secrets of Young Brides (1st Series)Mail Order Bride; The Price of Love; This Problem, Love; Love and Life (text); She Was His Sweetheart
999Detective ComicsMythology, Part 6; The Price You Pay
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