Storylines containing “Unity”

376Adventures of the Big BoyA Lesson In Unity
6Paradigm (Image)All About the Community
1Ditko Collection, TheAngel, Money, The Community U.N., The Defenders, Violence: The Phoney Issue, Middle of the Road, The Breakout, Chapterplay, When Is a Man to Be Judged Evil?, H Series Part One, H Series Part Two, The Polluters, Right to Kill, J Series
115Mystery in SpaceArk; The Planet of Loathing; That Which Conquers All; Diplomatic Immunity; Certified Safe
38Deathstroke (3rd Series)Arkham, Part 3; Community
38/ADeathstroke (3rd Series)Arkham, Part 3; Community
Anl 2Hawk and Dove (3rd Series)Armageddon 2001, Part 5; Creating Unity
Bk 5X-O Manowar (3rd Series)At War With Unity
1Avengers: Ultron UnleashedBehold the Vision; Even an Android Can Cry; Though Hell Should Bar the Unity; Where Angels Fear to Tread
39Simpsons Comics Presents Bart SimpsonBigger than Big; Heatie Jeebies; Window of Opportunity; The Trial of Maggie Simpson
7Viz, TheBilly Britain, Eight Ball Joe, Biffa Bacon, Mrs Maybee & Her Crazy Baby, Skinheed, Victor Pratt, Superman, Professor Piehead, Paul Wicker, Mutiny on The Bounty, Unsightly Warts Were Spoiling Anne’s Chances, Victor Pratt, Rude Kid, The Parkie, Psychonormal Bill, Young Cartoonist of the Month, Community Shop, Chester Palethorpe’s Pop Page, The Kard Bar, Mickey The Martian & Roger Mellie
88Superman (2nd Series)Bizarro’s World, Part 5; Opportunity Lost
88-2Superman (2nd Series)Bizarro’s World, Part 5; Opportunity Lost
5Bullet PointsBullet Points, Part 5; Targets of Opportunity
2Hack/Slash: TrailersButterface; Too Cute; Campfire Stories; Equal Opportunity Executioner; Malice in Wunderland; Blood On the Dancefloor; Wallow In Death; Rape Van; Home, Home On Derange; Deadbeats!; Hack, Slash, Repeat; Womb With A View; Psyche
1Nutty Comics (Fawcett)Captain Kid A-Mazes Himself; Richard (Private Dick) Richard and the Violin Case; Snortville Sneeze Get’s Out an Extra; Tumbleweed Jr. Has No Horse Sense; Opportunity Knoxx; Eaglebeak Spruder; Culture Corner; Joe Miller; Freddy Freshman; Wacky Short Story
FCBD 2009ContractComing Home; I’m Just A Girl…; Student Teacher; Opportunity Knocks
3Harvest MoonCommunion; With Impunity; Mother and Country
8Tandy Computer Whiz KidsCommunity Action Program
4Leonard & LarryCommunity and Sit-comic Strips: The Loving Family of Leonard & Larry; How Real Men Do It
21Beverly Hillbillies, TheCommunity Chaos
1Star RangersCommunity of Victims
5Vision QuestCrimptin Steps Out; Tahoe Trail; Animal Funnies; C-Town Dues; Cap’n Samhain Saves the Halloween Parade; Flowers of the Abyss Number Two; Excerpt from Olinka Peresqua’s Monologue; Tomorrow; Civilian Celebrities; Senses; Apologies to the Other Artsy Girl in My Small Community; Hand-Holding; 4ox; Surfin’ Bummin’ Iggy & Eddy; 11 Modes of Success; The Maturing of Madness; Escape from New York; Spayed By Blade; Void Screamer Part Five; Rigor Mortis; City At Work; Eyes of the Marauder; Frontier Williams; Gryttr Boi; Welcome to Butt Jungle; Silly Putty
Bk 1/HCUnited Free WorldsCynotaur; Galactic Gladiator; Holocaust; United Free Worlds; When Worlds Collide; Adapt or Die; Path to Unity; Prisoners of War
22Knights of the Dinner TableDawg Daze Afternoon; Through Steam-Tunnels Deep; The Lost One (s); Opportunity Knocks (Retro KODT); The BassMasters of Muncie (Retro KODT)
82Fightin’ ArmyDevil‘s Brigade: Targets of Opportunity; Taels for Trouble (text story); Old Faithful; The Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz: The Beginning of the End
13Psi-ForceDiplomatic Immunity
13Lorna the Jungle GirlDouble Danger!; The Lost World!; The Last Bullet!; The Trail of Fury!; Golden Opportunity (text)
153BettyDream Drama; Dance Routine!; Rest Test!; The Big Opportunity
744Detective ComicsEvolution, Part 2; Unity of Purpose
2Acclaim Adventure ZoneExtinction; Hero to the Fifth Power; How Gravity Works; Scorn on the Fourth of July; Window of Opportunity; No Place like Home
Dlx 1RaiFrom Honor and Strength; New Moon Asunder; Ice Burn; Devil in the Nerveweb; An Equality of Slaugher; The Infinty Trip; Unity, Part 15; A World Brought Down; Sacrificial Spirit; Unity Saga Timeline; Vengeance for the Dead
56Knights of the Dinner TableGaming with Strangers in the Dark; A Golden Opportunity; Heart of a Warrior; Defenders of the Faith; Banner Moment (Spacehack)
1Ray’s DaysHaguri’s been crushing on his best friend since high school. Too bad she’s an elite business woman, and he’s nothing but a freeloading temp! But when a wild night at the bar create a golden opportunity, these pals just might become bosom buddies!; Ray’s Days plays fast and loose with sweet, sudden trysts and surprising seduction! Can a shy neighbor become the woman of your dreams overnight? And is a mysterious gumshoe actually one lucky girl’s ideal lover?
6Lost in Space (Innovation)In Unity There is Strength
Bk 1UnityIntroduction; Unity, Part 1; Ends Of The Eart; Footprints On The Sands Of Time; Up Against The Wall Mother; The Torch Is Passed; Cover gallery
3Jesus Comics (Foolbert Sturgeon’s…)Jesus Joins the Academic Community; Craddock’s Crusade; A Will Hatcher Adventure; Jesus Learns a Thing or Two; Jesus Goes to a Faculty Party; The Daily Grind
14Nexus (Vol. 2)Killing Joke; Clonezone: The Office of Opportunity
1Dynamite DamselsLady Artist Comix; SuperDyke; Group Dynamics; Media Hype; Class Consciousness; New Girl On The Job; Doris Gets Busted; Insomnia I; Shoppin’ With Shelley; Sharing More Than Love; The Unity Show; Insomnia II; Frieda Freaks—But Finds Out!; Norma- Up For Grabs; Nothing Remains Constant; Becky Hits The Big Time; They Only Come Out At Night; Does Frieda Blow It?; Class Consciousness II; Steppin’ Out; Changes; The Story Of Libertia
1Heavy Metal: Steam Punk SpecialLake of Horror; Genetic Grunge #2: Time Out; Glam & Comet: Depressed Line; Slum Nation: The Community
18Superboy (1st Series)Lana Lang Movie Star!; Superboy’s Big Brother!; cartoon: Jerry the Jitterbug; educ: Superboy’s Workshop; For Club, Community and Country (text); The Men Who Doubted Superboy!; cartoon: Casey the Cop; cartoon: Private Pete
4Medal of HonorLeaders Of The Lost Battalion; Equal Opportunity
53/ARick & MortyLonely Jerry and the Multi-Dimensional Sales Opportunity, Part 1
53/BRick & MortyLonely Jerry and the Multi-Dimensional Sales Opportunity, Part 1
54/ARick & MortyLonely Jerry and the Multi-Dimensional Sales Opportunity, Part 2; What if Rick was One of Us?
54/BRick & MortyLonely Jerry and the Multi-Dimensional Sales Opportunity, Part 2; What if Rick was One of Us?
37Shanda the Panda (2nd Series)Mirror Mirror; Medics: Community Relations; Rabbit Season; Heritage
29-11Nightmares; Unreal; The Real Thing; Wake Up; The Walk; Wednesday Afternoon; Gemini Falling; Have You Seen…?; Tradition; Heroes; Since The Fire; The Job; Human Values; A Hard Day’s Night; The Firsts Division; I Never Thought of Myself as a Hero; Exposed; Soldiers; Recollections; Priorities; Walking the Williamsburg Bridge to Work; Still Life; Dust; Unity; 9:00 E.S.T.; For Art’s Sake; No Sale?; The Call; A Tale of 2 Americans; America’s Pastime; Silver Linings in a Big Dust Cloud; What We Learned Today; This, Too, Shall Pass; Dreams; If Only; Ascending; The American Dream; Spirit; Tall Buildings; Reflections; The Sleeping Giant; The Wheel; Child’s Play; A Burning Hate; Blitz Kid; Careful; Warnings; There Were Tears in Her Eyes; What of Tomorrow
3Beverly Hillbillies, TheNo TV; Community Chaos
1New Kids on the Block Comic Tour ’90Opera-tunity Knocks; Courting on the Court; Fan-tastic Planet; Roadrunner
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