Storylines containing “Zora”

1Steam Wars: First EmpireAn Old Hope; Zora Gearjammer
74Heavy MetalDead Reckoning; The Odyssey, Part 1; Powerr to the People; It, or Who Glows There; The Struggle for Suremacy Over the World; The Man from Harlem, Part 4; B.J. Butterfly; The City that Didn’t Exist, Part 2; Metazoa; Hearts Desire, Inc.; June 2050; Crisalida; The Dead Pimp; Quarp in No Win Scenario; The Ape, Part 9; Zora; I’m Age; The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye; Rock Opera; The Bus
67Heavy MetalDossier; Freak Show; Chain Mail; Den II; the Ape; Baltard 3; Advanced Videology; Yragael; I’m Age: More Dandelions; Barsoom!; Object; Shakespeare for Americans; Zora; The Voyage of Those Forgotten; Rock Opera; The Bus
2White Princess of the JungleJungle Vengeance; Death Wears the Jungle Crown!; The Witch Doctor Murder Cult!; Eddie—Third Class Male (humor); Zora the Slave Girl: The Strange Mission to Ormuz
2Steam Wars: First EmpireRise of the Red Princess, Part 1; Zora Gearjammer, Part 2; At Any Cost, Part 1
60Heavy MetalShakespeare for Americans; The Mercenary; The Incal Light: Hail Darkness!; Tales of The Galactic Inn: Hycrotan’s Story; Nightmare Death; Den II; Gideon Faust: Warlock at Large; An Unmarried Machine; Stolen Moments; The Appointment; At The Middle of Cymbiola; In the Beginning; Gallery: Alonso Smith; The Bus; Zora; I’m Age; Rock Opera; Editorial: Wally Wood
71Heavy MetalThe Ape, Part 6; Burnout; The Bus, Part 35; Den II, Part 16; Freak Show; The Hunter; I’m Age, Part 17; June 2050, Part 3; The Man From Harlem, Part 1; Me and Space; Mudwog; Robot Love; Starstruck, Part 3; Yragael, Part 10; Zora, Part 12
69Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 33; Den II, Part 14; Freak Show; I’m Age, Part 15; June 2050, Part 1; A Lot of Nothing; Rock Opera, Part 34; Starstruck, Part 1; Tex Arcana, Part 9; The Voyage of Those Forgotten, Part 7; Yragael, Part 8; Zora, Part 10
77Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 41; The City That Didn’t Exist, Part 4; Enoch; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 1; I’m Age, Part 23; June 2050, Part 10; The Odyssey, Part 4; The Peace; RanXerox, Part 1; Rock Opera, Part 40; Shoe; Snow Whitish; Starstruck, Part 9; Zora, Part 16
79Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 43; The City That Didn’t Exist; The Hunt for Louth; I’m Age, Part 25; June 2050, Part 12; The Odyssey, Part 6; Professor Neutron; RanXerox, Part 2; Rock Opera, Part 42; Tex Arcana, Part 11; The Way of the Worlds; Zora, Part 18
75Heavy MetalThe City That Didn’t Exist; The Odyssey, Part 2; The Man From Harlem; Zora; June 2050; Starstruck; Space Crusader; Marlowskitz; The Ape; St. James Infirmary; I’m Age; Cinderella; The Bus, Part 39
7Dagar the Invincible (Tales of Sword and Sorcery…)Two Swords Against Zora-Zal
7/ADagar the Invincible (Tales of Sword and Sorcery…)Two Swords Against Zora-Zal
7Tales of Sword and Sorcery Dagar the InvincibleTwo Swords Against Zora-Zal
7/ATales of Sword and Sorcery Dagar the InvincibleTwo Swords Against Zora-Zal
Bk 1Zora (Catalan)Zora and the Hibernauts
1Space Ghost (Gold Key)Zorak’s Revenge; The Raiders of Ra; The Space Outcast