The Next Wave

    (Overstreet, 1996)
ô and © respective creators

Although Marvel and DC still dominate the comic industry, independent publications have become increasingly more common and popular. However, the growing number of alternative titles also means that new books still have only a small chance of getting noticed by readers.

The Next Wave, presented by Overstreetís FAN magazine, highlights five of what they consider the best independently published comics available. Similar projects have been done before, but they are often only advertisements that donít give the reader any real sense of the storyline. Each story offered here seems complete on itís own, while still enticing the reader to want to know more. The excerpts shown are Andrew Fordís Rib, from Mythic Comics; Dreamwalker by Jenni Gregory at Dreamwalker Press; Tara Wells and Rob Clarkís Arcana; Kiss & Tell by Patricia Breen and Gene McDonald; and Tales From The Bog by Marcus Lusk and Aberration Press.

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Sampling of Five Self-Published comicsGene McDonald, Jenni Gregory, Marcus Lusk, Mike Kelleher, Rob Clark, T.S. WellsAndrew M. Ford, Jenni Gregory, Marcus Lusk, Patricia Breen, Rob Clark, T.S. Wells