Jack Hunter: G.I. Spy

    (Atomeka, 2005)
™ and ©2002-2004 Andrew Crosby & Matt Haley

In the barren wastes of Antarctica in 1937, a Russian scientist arrives at a Nazi outpost. His presence is met with a deference that implies an apprehensive alliance. Two years later, Jack Hunter, American Army pilot and secret–agent–in–training parachutes over the Belgian Congo to rendezvous with Kaitlin Shepherd of the British Secret Service at the French Embassy. The Nazis have found something.

Described as “James Bond Meets Indiana Jones” this title features Jack Hunter, who is a novice at spy craft so his on–the–job training is the source of much humor. His self–deprecating quips amidst the perilous action and adventure situations are an engaging characteristic. Artist Matt Haley beautifully renders his sexy partner, and the source of condescending bon mots, Kaitlin Shepherd. All this and Albert Einstein as the head of Research and Development make Jack Hunter an exciting espionage romp.

— George Haberberger

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Ashcan #1

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 ca. 2005Andrew CrosbyMatt Haley