Feature Comics

    (Comic Favorites, 1939-1950)
™ and ©1948 Comic Favorites, Inc.
Series continues from Feature Funnies #20

Darrel Dane’s alter ego Doll Man is the main attraction here along with supporting characters like Lala Palooza, Swing Sisson, Rusty Ryan and others. Dane has the ability to shrink at will and display strength exponentially proportional to his size. Doll Man is the prototype to the powerful little guys seen in modern comics. The little guy made his first appearance in Doll Man #1 in 1947. After that title finished its publishing run, he became headliner in this title beginning with issue #27. In addition, this title is an obvious precursor to the Giant or Special size titles of the 50s and 60s. However, as an unfortunate reminder of the 1950s, racial stereotypes are numerous and somewhat embarrassing.
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