Star Wars: Shadow Stalker

    (Dark Horse, 1997)
™ and © Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Let us begin with a question—what is your soul worth to the Devil? Before answering consider one man’s price. The recently court-martialed Gunnery Sergeant Wrenga ‘Jix’ Jixton sold his soul for an entire planet. He has an agreement with Lord Darth Vader to spare the planet Aridus from the clutches of the Imperial Empire. In exchange for sparing the planet, Jix performs ‘assignments’ for Vader. One can only imagine the repugnant character of Lord Vader’s assignments. These assignments require a highly motivated individual like Jix who will use any means necessary to avoid failure. Failure is not an option since millions of innocents would suffer a fate worse than death. Now, answer the question—what is your soul worth to the Devil?

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NN; One-shotRyder WindhamNicholas G. Choles