Generation Hex

    (Amalgam, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

A rather nice one-shot brought to you by Peter Milligan and artist Adam Polina, Generation Hex is an Amalgam of Marvel’s Generation X, and DC’s Jonah Hex. Released as part of the second batch of Amalgam titles published jointly by the two companies, it’s a successful melding of the Western and mutant super-hero genres.

The action takes place in a town called Humanity, where prejudice against so-called “malforms” runs high. Jono Hex grew up in this town, and his mother died when the town doctor refused to help his mother during a difficult birth. His father turned to drinking, but it was the children of the town who killed him, burning the house down while Jono’s father slept. Years later, Jono and his band of mutant desperadoes had occasion to visit Humanity again. Not surprisingly, this homecoming would be a time for settling old scores.
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June, 1997
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Peter MilliganAdam Pollina