All True Crime

    (Leading, 1948-1952)
©1951 Leading Comic Corp
Series continued from Official True Crime Cases #25

Formerly known as Official True Crime Cases, this series ran under the name All True Crime from 1948 until 1952. During its run, it turned out a rather respectable collection of crime stories claiming simultaneously to be “all true” yet carrying this disclaimer: “All names and places in these true-to-life stories are fictitious. Any similarity between actual persons or places and those used in these stories in purely coincidental.” Which is a comic reader to believe?

Regardless of their basis in actual life, the stories were full of the sort of ruthless gangster action and criminal cunning that made crime comics such a hit in the early 1950s. Here, doctors swindle money from widows and murder the people who might expose them; gunmen engage in an endless series of backstabbings and double crosses; and nervous hoods continually outsmart themselves by pulling stunts such as hiding their loot in self-destructing places, or unwittingly murdering the people meant to be their alibi.
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