Saint Sinner

    (Marvel, 1993-1994)
™ and ©1993 Clive Barker

Just last week, Philip Fetter was 16—and still had his soul. Then the voice began to speak to him from inside his head. It told him that his friend had a nice coat, the kind he should have. So Philip killed his friend and stole it. Next the voice told him about the cheerleader…the one later found in the dumpster. Finally, the voice told him to kill his parents. Philip gathered the strength to refuse; he dropped the knife and ran as far and as fast as he could, eventually flying off a pier into the dark water below. He didn’t die then, a woman—an angel—saved his life. So he killed her.

But the woman really was an angel, and she possessed Philip, fighting for control with the demon who lived there already. They transported Philip to a dimension called the Amen where for nine years Philip lay in Limbo. Finally, he escaped and reappeared mere moments after the final murder. Only Philip is now 25, doubly-possessed by both an angel and a devil.

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