Feed America’s Children

    (Wildcard, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Wildcard

Sometimes it can be hard to reach out to suffering children. Even a powerful super-hero like Major Impact has a tough time knowing what to say to kids who just want a warm meal. While he’s busy fighting crime in the streets, a greater crime, starvation, is occurring all around him—and he can only do so much. Perhaps the best he can offer is experience, since his own childhood wasn’t particularly enviable either.

On the surface this is a story of good versus evil, but there’s more going on here, as a superhero tries to fight a battle that may be impossible to win. A variety of artists contribute pages to the one-shot, including Ron Lim, P. Craig Russell, Ron Frenz, and many others.

— Andy Richardson

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  Ken HooperKen Hooper, Larry Welch, Larry Stroman, Tom Yeates, Mark Kuettner, Mark Wheatley, Richard Becker, Darick Robertson, Brandon McKinney, John Erasmus, Phil Winslade, James Hodgkins, Christopher Taylor, Mel Smith, Scott Kolins, Mats Engesten, Frank Bolle, Harry Roland, Ron Lim, Neil Cameron, Jonathan Wayshak, Jim Pascoe, Nate Watson, Jeff Johnson, Rafael Navarro, Gibson Quater, Kieron Dwyer, Kef Kelly, Simon Williams, Tone Rodriguez, C.P. Smith, Keith Aiken, Ron Randall, John Estes, Jon Haward, Jon Stokes, P. Craig Russell, Paul Harmon, Brad Rader, Tim Perkins, Richard Elson, Norm Breyfogle, Dan Brereton, Paul Smith, Val Mayerik, Chris Marrinan, Robert Kaulimbach, Ron Frenz, Joe Sharp, Rob Sharp, Garen Ewing, Joe Jusko, Jimmy Palmiotti

Ashcan #1

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Wraparound cover300 numbered copies; B&WMel Smith, Clark K. CastilloThomas Yeates, Scott Kolins, Brandon McKinney, Neill Cameron, Simon Williams, Dan Brereton, Paul Smith, Joe Sharp, Rob Sharp, Ken Hooper, P. Craig Russell