Big Crap Scare

    (Fireman, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Rob Schrab

This Halloween-themed one-shot offers a broad sampling of stories and art styles all aimed at scaring you silly. Along the way we meet such diverse characters as an evil, pointy-eared kid, whose tale is related to us in rhyme; and the incomparable Dr. Grave, demonologist with an attitude, who greets trick-or-treating neighborhood kids with a stern lecture about Druid sacrifice rituals. Of course, no collection of spook stories would be complete without an appearance by the vegetarian Zombie Kid, a decaying resident of Freak City. Finally, there is a computer-rendered tale of a cow with a shotgun and the monstrous Crazy Train that crosses his path.
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Cover Price: $2.95
1 copy available for $69.99
Edvis, Jim Mahfood, Mondy Carter, Rob SchrabEdvis, Jim Mahfood, Ruben Martinez, Tony Elwood