The Origin of Sparky

    (Awakening, 2006)
Sparky ©2006 Steve Peters. Rabbit Hell, Bel, Elephant Bay, Doctor Dream and the Dream Team ©2006 David Nowell and Steve Peters.

Sparky, who looks like a long lost relative of Felix the Cat, is featured in this “jam” comic, meaning it’s written and drawn by a number of different people who only see the previous page and not the entire story. This makes for a quite bizarre and somewhat surreal tale of literally the origins of Sparky the Cat. A vast canvas of styles in art and writing await you that has numerous twists and turns. You will not be disappointed.

— Mark Arnold

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Summer 2006Steve Peters, David Nowell, James HeimerSteve Peters, Mike Manley, E.J. Barnes, Mark Gonyea, The Brothers Fraim, Carla Speed, McNeil, Jon Roscetti, Eric Battle, Rickman, Joanne Ellen Mutch, Jamal Igle, Jamar Nicholas, Jimmy Gozonley, Dave Mozello, John Peters, Andy Lee, Leo Sauncleus, Joe Silver, Brian Wimberly, Eric Wilmoth, Art Baltazar, Brian Kolm, Benjamin Ilka, Roberta Gregory, Donna Barr, Alexis E. Fajardo, Shannon Wheeler, Kochalka, Patrick Atangan, Bianca Alu, Alex Robinson, Franco, Csm, Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon