Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special

    (Marvel, 2006)

At first glance, the Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper is a simple advertising vehicle that is similar in format to Comic Shop News, a weekly publication that many retailers give away to their customers. And in many ways that’s what it is. Marvel plugs a number of its comics, including Fantastic Four #539, Civil War #4, and Thunderbolts #105. So the question to ask is this: Should I purchase this seemingly peripheral item? Why, yes, you should.

Through a series of breezy, tongue-in-cheek articles (illustrated in color), The Daily Bugle provides surprisingly thorough updates of recent happenings in the Marvel universe. News items include Peter Parker coming out as Spider-Man, the tragedy at Stamford, the attack on The Human Torch, and other events relevant to “Civil War.” Jennifer Walters-Jameson makes a good case for the Superhuman Registration Act, while X-Factor rails convincingly against it, and the paper conveniently lists who is siding with Captain America and his Secret Avengers and with Iron Man and his Sanctioned Forces.

All this and more for only 50¢!

— Brett Weiss

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Newspaper format; 12 pagesChris Baiocchi, Peter David, Justin Gray, Marc Guggenheim, Dave Hine, Jerome Maida, Jim McLauchlin, Clifford Meth, Terry Morrow, Brian Reed, Mike Sangiacomo, Dan Slott, J. Michael Straczynski, Zeb WellsMike Mayhew