Dead Sonja: She-Zombie With a Sword

    (Blatant, 2006)
™ and © Blatant Parody

A satire that actually gets better with every page in both writing and art, Dead Sonja starts off as a fairly light, pun-based joke, and builds toward a neat, weird, little meta-fictional ending. As the basis for the jokes runs out, it feels a little padded at 48 pages, but at least it’s got great, energetic art to ogle (by three different artists) before writer Rob Potchak brings it home to rest. Assuming zombies ever rest…

— Brendan McGinley

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

As is obvious from the title and cover, Dead Sonja is a parody of Red Sonja, spun to reflect the current zombie trend in comics. It is reminiscent of all the parody comics that were so prevalent during the 1980s black and white explosion. The humor is not subtle.

The first story is Sonja’s origin, replacing the barbarians in the original with zombie barbarians. In the end, Sonja meets Dead Sonya and a conflict between the “original” or “classic” and “modern” or “commercialized” versions of this character ensues. Next, Sonja meets Bonan the Carbarian. Since he only eats no-carb foods, “No-Carbarian” would be more appropriate, but at least the story acknowledges that it’s a stupid name. (“Barbarian” has always been a tough one to parody—as if “Barkbarian” is any better!)

The less said about the final story, the better. It sets the character up for a sequel in another genre. (Joy.)

Much of the art is kind of clever and fun, but it’s a mixed bag. Truly for zombie, Sonja, or parody completists only.

— Jack Abramowitz

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Regular cover by Owen Gieni; B&WRob Potchak Jr.A.P. Furtardo, Owen Gieni, Eisu

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Bloodbath cover by A.P. Furtado; B&WRob Potchak Jr.A.P. Furtardo, Owen Gieni, Remy Eisu Mokhtar

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Limited Edition “Dead Sexy” cover by Eisu; B&WRob Potchak Jr.A.P. Furtardo, Owen Gieni, Eisu