(Villard, 2007)
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From the Publisher:

You’ve seen them at flea markets and in antique shops and used-book stores across the country: vintage postcards inscribed with handwritten notes, evocative messages that capture a thought, an expression, a concern, a snapshot of someone’s life once upon a time. Jason Rodriguez, acclaimed editor of Elk’s Run, collected a remarkable array of these correspondences, dispersed them among thirty-three of comics’ greatest creators, and asked each to craft a story about the person who sent it. The result is a vividly imagined, gorgeously rendered graphic anthology illustrating tales of romance, adventure, hardship, and mystery. In Postcards, these gifted artists share some of the richest and most inventive work of their careers.

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#1 Hardcover

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ca.2007Chris Stevens, Tom Beland, Jay Busbee, Ande Parks, Matt Dembicki, Joshua Hale Fialkov, A. David Lewis, James W. Powell, Phil Hester, Stuart Moore, Jasen Rodriguez, RJ Rodriguez, Antony Johnston, Neil Kleid, Robert Tinnell, Rick Spears, Harvey Pekar, Joyce BrabnerGia-Bao Tran, Tom Beland, Tony Fleecs, Joseph Bergin III, Jason Copland, Danielle Corsetto, Micah Farritor, Drew Gilbert, Phil Hester, Michael Gaydos, Seamus Heffernan, Noel Tuazon, Jake Allen, Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, Rob G, Matt Kindt