Invisible People (W.W. Norton)

    (W.W. Norton, 2006)
™ and ©2006 The Estate of Will Eisner

From the Publisher:

Invisible People tells the story of three ordinary individuals adrift in the city. The characters who inhabit these tales each value their privacy; their lives are lived alone, without engaging with the outside world. And yet each reaches a turning point, when the individual experience goes from the anonymous to the universal, embodying some of the great themes of human existence: love, loss, loneliness, and even the power of religion.

Born in New York in 1917, Will Eisner was the author of the legendary comic strip The Spirit. His fourteen graphic novels, three compilations, and his posthumous graphic history, The Plot, form the Norton Will Eisner Library. The comic industry’s top annual awards, “The Eisners,” are named in his honor.

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