Ghost Doll and Jasper

    (W.W. Norton, 2012)
™ and © W.W. Norton & Company, Ltd.

(from the publisher)

What happens when a broken doll is touched by stardust? She becomes a ghost doll, of course! The newly awakened Ghost Doll and her companion Jasper, a mangy black cat, set off in search of a safe place to live. But the city is new and dangerous territory for Ghost Doll (who fell asleep in quieter times). But there is something far more sinister and dangerous lurking in the city. Someone else witnessed the falling star and is anxious to get a hold of the fragment - and Ghost Doll - for his own evil purposes. How will Ghost Doll and Jasper escape their hunter and find a home where they both are safe and loved?

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  Fiona McDonaldFiona McDonald