Mythic Heroes

    (Chapterhouse, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Chapterhouse Press

This series presents several text fiction stories in each issue, containing elements of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and other genres.

As an example of the stories presented, “FlyByNight” explores how a girl with the power of flight would use her abilities in the real world. J.J. Frost thinks she has found a legitimate job acting as an emergency delivery service, but the work may be more than she bargained for.

“The Hero Who Never Was” tells the story of the Dreadnought, a suit of powered armor that makes its debut during the D-Day invasion. The photographer who first captures the Dreadnought on film is asked by the military to take part in an elaborate ruse to turn the armor into a World War II hero.

Each issue of Mythic Heroes contains the beginning of at least one new story, as well as continuations of other stories from previous issues.
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September, 1996
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October, 1996
Cover Price: $2.50
2 copies available from $4.99