(Brave New Words, 1991)
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Dressed in a long flowing coat and ragged jeans, Polis is a mysterious street person who inexplicably appears when someone needs help. His motives appear to be purely altruistic, although the person he comes to aid usually receives an unexpected lesson. A text piece, ostensibly written by a newspaper reporter, relates Polis’ long history and inexplicable powers. The word “polis” comes from the Greek and means “city” which is appropriate since he seems to be the conscience of the city, appearing where and when he is needed.

Artist Al Bigley displays a fine sense of design and layout, with pencil art that is pleasing and professional. However the artwork is not inked and is reproduced through the use of a halftone screen which unfortunately only serves to diminish the contrast.

— George Haberberger
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Cover Price: $2.50
3 copies available from $2.75
Ed FuquaAl Bigley

Cover Price: $2.50
1 copy available for $1.99
Ed FuquaAl Bigley