Archie Digest Magazine #46

Archie     February, 1981

Christmas Cover

The Archie Doll; Old Stand-By; Reggie: Snowmobile Snojob; Little Archie: Sail íEr Boy; Grand Opening; Mr. Weatherbee: Merrily Yours!; Pat the Brat: Snow-Manís Land; Sabrina: The Spell of the Season; Liíl Jinx: Good Timing; Veronica: No Waiting; Betty: Star Stunt; Wrap to Me; Liíl Jinx: Think Ahead; Jughead: The Dress; Liíl Jinx: Christmas Daze; Sophomore Scandal; Little Sabrina: A Winter Trip; Veronica: Merry Misery; Betty and Veronica: Christmas Color; Jughead: Sad Shack; Temptation

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