The Best of DC #48

DC     May, 1984

Reprints from Action Comics #421, 428, 444, Detective Comics #449, Superman (1st Series) #268, World’s Finest Comics #226, 236; Superman Team-Up

Superman: Wild Week-End in Washington!; Superman: Beware the Hero-Killers!; Superman: The Fantastic Feats of Captain Strong!; Elongated Man: The Mystery Man Who Walked on Air!; Superman and Batman: The Freak Who Never Fails; Green Arrow: The Plot to Kill Black Canary!; Superman and Batman Featuring the Atom: Killers Come in All Sizes

 Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates, Mary Skrenes, Bob Haney

 Curt Swan, Dick Giordano, Dick Dillin

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