The Avengers (Marvel UK) #55

Marvel UK     October 5, 1974

Iron Fist cover; Reprints Marvel Premiere #16; 1st appearance of The Scythe; Death of Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov); 2nd Appearance of General Yuri Brushov; 2nd appearance of Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov); Origin of Red GuardianI (Alexi Shostakov); Origin of Black Widow (Natasha Romanov); Origin of Red Guardian (Alexi Shostakov); Origin of Iron Fist (Daniel Rand); Avengers #44 pages 11-20 with new splash page; Strange Tales (1st series) #167; Avengers story miscredits George Roussos as inker; Redone cover of Marvel Premiere #16; Magazine-size; B&W

Avengers: Captain America Unleashed!; Dr. Strange: This Dream — This Doom!; Iron Fist: The Sound of the Scythe!

 Roy Thomas, Denny O’Neil, Len Wein

 John Buscema, Dan Adkins, Larry Hama

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